How to Cold Email Custom Video Pitches to Sell Your Services?  – 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

How to Cold Email Custom Video Pitches to Sell Your Services? – 📧Cold Email Teardown📧

On today’s Cold Email Teardown, I wanna talk about how to use
video in your cold emails. I got this email from
Alex over at Verio Video, where he wrote this cold email. It’s very short, and then he linked to this two minute personalized video, so first let’s take a look at what he has. Hi Aaron, I came across
the Laughlin Associates YouTube channel and enjoyed your videos. I made this video for you as we have a few ideas on how we increase leads to your business with video marketing. Link to the video. How would you feel about
discussing further? Let me know and I can send
over a few times for a call. Thanks in advance. So this email’s fine, and
that’s why I don’t really wanna talk too much about
the email in this video, but when you click the personalized video, I wanna talk about what you guys can do to help increase your sales from this, because we’ve made a few sales with our personalized videos, as well. – Hi Aaron, I came across
your YouTube channel Laughlin Associates and I
really enjoyed your video The Common Myths about LLCs. I wanted to ask you if you’re planning to create more video
content in the future. – So this is where we
run into the first issue. You’ve got a solid cold email, but then when you jump into
the actual video itself, it’s almost like you’re
reading a cold email out loud. – I came across your YouTube
channel, Laughlin Associates, and I really enjoyed your video, The Common Myths about LLCs. I wanted to ask you if you’re planning to create more video
content in the future. If so, maybe we could help. My name is Alex and I run Verio. It’s an online video marketing agency where we work with our partners to create engaging video content and content strategies that
will convert to results. There’s a huge opportunity
with you right now in your organization to
really establish yourself as a market leader. You’ve been around for a very long time, and your videos are fantastic. – So the issue I have with this is it’s a two minute
long personalized video, but he’s still reading from a script. There’s no reason that he
has to actually be reading from a script when he’s
riffing on this video, and I’ll go through this in a second and I’ll have a better version of this exact video at the end of this. But if you compare this
to one video that we did that actually got a client,
The Teardown of Soften. Mobile apps shops are a dime a dozen. You are going to face a lot of hurdles with your cold emails. What I’m doing here is one, we start with a bunch of personalization. So you’ll see in that clip
that it’s extremely customized. There’s no way I’m reading
off of a script in that video. I’m also looking directly at the camera, so let’s keep watching. – Platform to be able to really engage with potential prospects,
help attract more clients, create more brand awareness, and ultimately grow your business. If this is something that
is of interest to you, I’d love to have a quick chat
and discuss how we could help. We have a few ideas in
mind that we can help with your content strategy currently by looking at your channel, and yeah, look forward to connecting. – The main thing that Alex
does with his company, Verio Video, is they do YouTube marketing, so they look at YouTube channels and give feedback based on the channels. All of these people by
definition have YouTube channels. So what I would do if I were
Alex is actually go over to the YouTube channel for
each person, pull it up, probably takes just as long as
it takes to read the script. Maybe a couple seconds
longer to pull this up, and then riff something
for them, so basically, use Screen Flow or something
like that to share your screen and make a simple video,
maybe something like this. Hey Aaron, I know email’s not
the best way to communicate, so I came across your
YouTube channel recently and I just had a couple
points of feedback. I’m from a YouTube marketing
company called Verio Video, so this is the kind of stuff that we do. Obviously you pay a lot of attention to your YouTube channel. You’ve got 358 subscribers,
which is decent for your niche, but if you look at the type
of content that you’re making, there’s a couple improvements
that I would make off the bat. For instance, you’ve got a
four minute long opening here that you’re obviously using
for YouTube advertising. I would cut that down and
show a better example. Instead of showing an ad for Laughlin, I would show a better example of the type of videos that you make, so maybe more of these talking
to camera videos up here. And then also, when you look
into these talking to camera videos, one improvement
that I’d make here as well is, one second, give it a second to load. – You’re not on the hook. You’re not the one that’s
responsible if that enterprise– – So one improvement that I’d make here is you’re obviously hitting
it hard with SEO, right. You’ve got all of the subtitles down here. You have a solid description,
but if you look at the amount of views that you have,
it’s not solid, right? You could get thousands
and thousands of views on a video like this through
targeted advertising. That’s the type of stuff we help with. Would love to hop on a quick
call to discuss further. I can also send this as a printed out sheet of ideas if you’re interested. Let me know. Thanks. Notice how long it took
to make that video. That was in real time. I did not research on Laughlin Associates, and I’m not in video marketing. So Alex and his background
with video marketing should be able to even riff
something stronger than that, and think about that for your
videos that you’re sending out if you’re doing this in cold emails. How can you create
something that’s customized for the client while
also being easy to scale? And as you learned from today’s video, that doesn’t necessarily mean
writing a script word for word and reading it from every client. Sometimes it even takes less time to riff and create value for somebody live. Thanks for watching the video. Feel free to like this video to encourage this type of content on YouTube. Subscribe for more B2B sales training and if you need marketing
support for your digital agency, check out Thanks.

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  1. Hey man, nice video, useful info.
    Are business meetings required in this industry ? What if i want to pitch a client who lives in USA if i'm from Europe ?

  2. Hey Alex, I'm Alex's business partner for Vireo Video. He just shared this with me. I appreciate you taking the time to review this, and your feedback was really helpful. I've seen your content before but now I'm subscribed! Thanks man!

  3. Hey, Alex! I wanted to ask about the efectiveness of using a video testimonial from a successful client for a massive cold email campaign. The campaign will be super targeted. Wonder if you have some experience with that 🙂 Thanks! Amazing content! I've been trying to support you on Patreon but I have some issues with my PayPal account at the moment 🙁

  4. So I was looking for instructions on how to cold pitch using videos. And here you are giving me the exact answer. Wonderful! Thanks!

  5. Great video!!!! I can't believe I had this idea LONG TIME AGO, and never did it because I thought it would take too long, and opted for the generic method, which never produced ANY RESULTS…lol

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