How To Add Social Media Icons To Your YouTube Banner 2017

How To Add Social Media Icons To Your YouTube Banner 2017

Want to know how to add links to your
YouTube banner? Well in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to add a
social media links to your YouTube channel art. Before we get started if you stumble
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release videos just like this from weekly to help businesses individuals just
like yourself to get online with video. Right let’s get started. I’m gonna jump on to
the computer and show you exactly how to add your social media links to your
YouTube banner this you should be logged on to your YouTube or Google account. I
will firstly click on my channel on the left then on the top right of your
channel art banner, click on the pencil icon it will show up after you hover over it.
Click the edit links. Go down the page and you’ll see ‘Custom links’ in this area
you can display a maximum of five links in your YouTube banner. Select the number
of Link’s here. Important! The first link basically, number one will display
whatever you write in the Box. For example in my box I have, click to subscribe if you
want to add a subscribe link, a video on how to do that is in the card above and
in the description below. To add more social list all your website click the Add
button which you’ll see here. Add the name i.e. Facebook, Twitter and then the link, Note,
if you’re adding the Twitter link to your YouTube banner when you’re copying
and pasting the link from Twitter for this particular one for the icon to show up
you need to leave out there ‘S’ after the HTTP so it should be and then your username and
then the icon will show up. If you make a mistake adding these links, you can
always delete by pressing the trash icon. Once you have added all your links by
filling in the boxes, click done, click on the home button and you’ll be able to
see the icons displayed in your YouTube banner. That’s it for this video I hope
you found it interesting and informative how hope I was able to help. If you liked
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just like yourself to get online with video thanks for watching
Youtube banner. before we get. (laughing) (noise) To help business and individuals.

79 thoughts on “How To Add Social Media Icons To Your YouTube Banner 2017

  1. Dude, you're videos are literally the best! This video is helpful, so I will give you some props. Keep making these good videos! They're great!!!

  2. mine is not displaying at all!! it just shows one link! is there something i need to do to my account to get my page looking like yours? Thank you!

  3. I see no option for custom links. Then when I go to then studio options, I can only add Twitter & nothing else. Can anyone help please?

  4. Thank you soooooo much for the removing the http S tip for the twitter link, it was so frustrating trying to figure out why I couldn't get the icon correct. You are hero of the day!

  5. I Found How To Get It On The Newest Version! Go To Your Channel- Customize Channel- About – And Hover Over The Links Section And On The Right Side You’ll See The Pen Icon. Your Welcome 😁

  6. Thanks for this video! I couldn't figure out why the Twitter icon wasn't showing up! Tricky that one. Haha

  7. Does anyone know how to make these same links available on mobile? When I view on my iPhone, those links are not there in my banner.

  8. Thank you! I watched so many other videos and you're the only one that gave me the answer, only 3 were showing up on my banner, I couldn't even find the answer on google! Good job showing the drop down menu!

  9. when I do those step   I see the following:  my channel>edit channel art. when I reach here there is no menus like about and others, I see where can I find photos to usewhat can I do?

  10. This ONLY works if you do not use Chrome as your search engine. They do not support the edit button icon. Odd as they own YT and Chrome. Google hey!. You have to use Internet Explorer. Sucks.

  11. Thank you so much for this very helpful video!!! 😊 I already subscribed to your Youtube Channel. I hope, you will also subscribe to my channel. Have a great day!

  12. The step that has changed on YouTube that you are missing is…click on the Customize Channel button under your banner. Then follow the steps in this video. Very helpful video, just has changed since this video was posted.

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