How the Modern World Makes Us Mentally Ill

How the Modern World Makes Us Mentally Ill

The modern world is wonderful in many ways
(dentistry is good, cars are reliable, we can so easily keep in touch from Mexico with
our grandmother in Scotland) – but it’s also powerfully and tragically geared to causing
a high background level of anxiety and widespread low-level depression. There are six particular
features of modernity that have this psychologically disturbing effect. Each one has a potential
cure, which we will only collectively put into action when we know more about the disease
in question. Here are the six: 1. Meritocracy: Our societies tell us that everyone is free
to make it if they have the talent and energy. The down side of this ostensibly liberating
and beautiful idea is that any perceived lack of success is taken to be not, as in the past,
an accident or misfortune, but a sure sign of a lack of talent or laziness. If those
at the top deserve all their success, then those at the bottom must surely deserve all
their failure. A society that thinks of itself as meritocratic turns poverty from a problem
to evidence of damnation and those who have failed from unfortunates to losers. The cure
is a strong, culturally endorsed belief in two big ideas: luck, which says success doesn’t
just depend on talent and effort; and tragedy, which says good, decent people can fail and
deserve compassion, rather than contempt. 2. Individualism: An individualistic society
preaches that the individual and their achievements are everything and that everyone is capable
of a special destiny. It is not the community that matters; the group is for no-hopers.
To be ‘ordinary’ is regarded as a curse. The result is that the very thing that most
of us will end up being, statistically speaking, is associated, with freakish failure. The
cure is a cult of the good ordinary life – and proper appreciation of the pleasures and quiet
heroism of the everyday. 3. Secularism: Secular societies cease to believe in anything that
is bigger than or beyond themselves. Religions used to perform the useful service of keeping
our petty ways and status battles in perspective. But now there is nothing to awe or relativise
humans, whose triumphs and mishaps end up feeling like the be all and end all. A cure
would involve regularly using sources of transcendence to generate a benign, relativising perspective
on our personal sorrows: music, the stars at night, the vast spaces of the desert or
the ocean would humble us all in consoling ways. 4. Romanticism: The philosophy of Romanticism
tells us that each of us has one very special person out there who can make us completely
happy. Yet mostly we have to settle for moderately bearable relationships with someone who is
very nice in a few ways and pretty difficult in many others. It feels like a disaster – in
comparison with our original huge hopes. The cure is to realise that we didn’t go wrong:
we were just encouraged to believe in a very improbable dream. Instead we should build
up our ambitions around friendship and non-sexual love. 5. The Media: The media has immense
prestige and a huge place in our lives – but routinely directs our attention to things
that scare, worry, panic and enrage us, while denying us agency or any chance for effective
personal action. It typically attends to the least admirable sides of human nature, without
a balancing exposure to normal good intentions, responsibility and decency. At its worst,
it edges us towards mob justice. The cure would be news that concentrated on presenting
solutions rather than generating outrage, that was alive to systemic problems rather
than gleefully emphasizing scapegoats and emblematic monsters – and that would regularly
remind us that the news we most need to focus on comes from our own lives and direct experiences.
6. Perfectibility: Modern societies stress that it is within our remit to be profoundly
content, sane and accomplished. As a result, we end up loathing ourselves, feeling weak
and sensing we’ve wasted our lives. A cure would be a culture that endlessly promotes
the idea that perfection is not within our grasp – that being mentally slightly (and
at points very) unwell is an inescapable part of the human condition and that what we need
above all are good friends with whom we can sit and honestly discuss our real fears and
vulnerabilities. The forces of psychological distress in our world are – currently – much
wealthier and more active than the needed cures. We deserve tender pity for the price
we have to pay for being born in modern times. But more hopefully, cures are now open to
us individually and collectively if only we recognise, with sufficient clarity, the sources
of our true anxieties and sorrows. Did you know that the school of life is a real place? With classes, events and a shop. Visit our website to learn more.

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  1. What would you change about the modern world? Let us know in the comments or we have a discussion going on right now our app available free here:

  2. That's why I have no friends. They always wanted to sit down and discuss their fears and vulnerabilities. I just wanted to discuss the previous night's episode of Game of Thrones.

  3. Got Christ?
    The Bible: I one stop shop to everything presented in this video.

    May you find what you are looking for when you least expect it.
    God bless.

  4. Meritocracy as we know it doesn't work – it doesn't accommodate those who are capable and valuable yet idiosyncratic. The standards set across the board are usually pretty rigid and one dimensional. The definition of "skilled" and "educated" is pre-loaded.

  5. this seems like an individual problem. society isnt forcing you to feel that way. this depends on the person, not the modern world.

  6. I hate people changing opinion every third minute, depending on who they are talking to and what serves their needs. It makes me aggressive. I also can't stand googlers who are up to date on facts and statistics but does not have the life-experience to know what they are talking about. The know-alls. They are beyond retarded. I tear my hair and my eyes and my ears out when they speak.

  7. That last one tho is so true my feed got full of "entrepreneurs" and monks . I remember this one Jay Shetty god i hate that bastard i remember i used to compare myself with him , i used to listen to his podcast listening to ways to improve myself and shit and deep inside myself i knew that i wasnt meant to be all happy and joyful all the time or at least the image that he is selling it used to grow this anxiety on me until i realized that as accomplished or grateful as they'd looked like ,no one ever has a ultimate answer for life , no one and that all these Buddhist monks dont know either , we all have different lifes with different struggles, but we are alove so we might as well get most of it 🙂

  8. You cannot simply brush away a lack of ambition as misfortune , you can't fail if you never try … meritocracy only affects the ambitious, many people couldn't care less , yes they want more money or wealth but they are not focused on adding value, comfort and misfortune is not the same … a better solution would be to provide a opportunites for the ambitious to grow i.e. skill development programmes

  9. I disagree about Secularism being a cause of mental strife in modern society. There are benefits to being spiritual and aware, but I’d much rather prefer a secular community than one that puts “god first” over the needs of a modern society.

  10. With narcicisstic executives and managers making absurd rules and procedures, outsourcing to cheaper worforce and other greedy manipulative tactics used in society and workplace.Technology has been improving but GREED remains the same.

  11. How? Post-truth, cult of delusion and ideologies, media bubble plus living in cities away from nature's time and reality turns people into walkers, hehehe. No news, no novelty we are laughable but think we are gods, hahahahaha. Cheers!!!

  12. Too many concepts spoken too fast for me, touch the three dots in upper right hand corner and set playback speed to 0.75

  13. Demons and Satan exist, the problem is the Lunatic(Demonic) ghost not Holy Spirit. The only cure is kindness and The Holy Spirit.

  14. In school, people are afraid to be themselves because of other stupid kids. It’s the same with being in the city, if you chose to wear something that isn’t ‘normal’ then you’d get stared at, and laughed at. It just makes people feel like they have to act a certain way, so that they don’t become the laughing stock. That’s how society is unfortunately

  15. I'd say the problem isn't modernity, most of the video is from a western world perspective anyway. Ironically enough, it's the condition of prolonged peace, (within a society, external wars don't count against this condition as civilians don't actually experience the conflict,) what people claim to want, is the issue.
    Human nature doesn't seem to know what to do with peace. Peace is boring to people, conflict gives purpose and if humanity truly desired peace then why is there so little to observe? And when it can be observed it seems to cause unity and civility to become fragile, creating optimal conditions for anxiety, depression, turmoil.

  16. yeah instead of just, going into therapy or meditation. Which I see as bs. Doesn't even actually adress our real fears and problems 😕

  17. How about ignorance? Denial, deception.
    Take the title, mental illness, no mention of the mentalis, indeed no connection made. Where half of a V is either a forwards or a backwards slash. The burnt remains of a fire. Excuse my disregard for conventional grammatical structure.

  18. Thank you that was fun and good. I'd they that we should focus on and enjoy a few valued things, and accept to miss all the rest because it's just too big and too fast and too diverse and too deep and overall too much.

  19. I no longer suffer anxiety or depression. Nor am I mentally ill, even if I refuse to conform to the standards and beliefs of a society of obedient slaves of materialism. I am an immortal spiritual being who is experiencing an illusion that most believe is a physical reality. I am eternal consciousness who observes and experiences various events. Social status and material possessions have no value to me.

    For those who suffer from these illusory ails, they can find relief only in new shiny toys, prescription or recreational drugs (Just ask your doctor). How well is that working out? Romanticism? No one can MAKE another happy, other than one's self. Best to be a loner. It is better to never have loved, that to have loved and lost. At least one has lost nothing. "Get off your knees!"–David Icke. I say, "Men, get off your knees." Why should you beg for the affection of a woman?

  20. Ensure most women are raised to be loving, good-hearted and consider sex to be a romantic thing for partners, not something to be disinterested in or afraid of, while not being intentionally revoltingly tacky/slutty.
    Increasingly the reverse of all of thus above is true.
    Isn't it more that romanticism been around for a long time and is dying in this modern age?

  21. Shut off your tv radios …stop reading the newspaper Start living your OWN life and enjoy what's around you. Rather than being caught up in technology and just plain doing what others are doing. Be your own individual and stop trying too impress others. Put away your make up !!!!!! Be yourself not someone else !!!

  22. I apologize if this comment is long, I tried to keep it as compact as possible.
    If your interested please tell me what you think I’m open to new perspectives. If we’re gonna fix this problem we need to communicate different solutions with each other.

    Currently the way humans are living we are killing the earth and each other. However nature in fact designed us to give life to the earth, the earth should be flourishing with us here. How can this be possible? By humans living in their natural state, or humans living the way nature designed us to live. What is the human natural state? To be in the IAM state of consciousness and to be able to use all the psychic abilities that the human is capable of using. The western culture has trouble digesting this, which is why I’m afraid this society may perish before we get to see this come to reality. But the human is capable of surviving without food and water, they can stop their age, teleport, fly, materialize matter out of thin air, control all the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air). Know all the information there is to know about a particular something because of our advanced intuition, such as if we saw a house, we’d know when it was built, how it was built, whats it made out of, how many people built it and who built it, just by simply looking at the house. Also we could heal others by transferring energy into them and resurrect beings from the dead. In our natural state we would possess no negative emotions such as greed, lust, fear, hate, envy etc., through meditation you naturally drop these negative emotions. There is much more the human is capable of, but I couldn’t mention it all here. If all humans were like this, the earth and each other would be flourishing not perishing. How exactly do you get to your natural state? The answer is actually very simple but not easy. Simple in the sense that it’s easy to know how to do it, but not easy on the sense that it’s very challenging to accomplish this state, but very possible. Meditation is how we reach our natural state. The type of meditation is focused meditation. Or to bring your attention to one point, focus on this point and your mind will naturally clear, this will raise your consciousness and eventually bring you to the IAM, thus you will eventually accomplish your natural state. There is a lot of information written on this meditation you can easily find online or in different books. I don’t know how long exactly it would take for a human to reach their natural state, but my estimate would be over a hundred years of meditation 20-24 hours every single day. (It’s possible to do this by becoming breatharian). But probably more likely 2-300 years (it’s also possible to do this by stopping your age.)

    If humans do not accomplish this state, us perishing is inevitable and possibly the rest of the earth also. Nature designed us to be a certain way, we cannot be rebellious to nature and do it our own way, because we will lose in the end. If you look at all other societies in the past they all had corruption and caused suffering to others including the environment, while they weren’t in their natural state. Society has accepted this as a normal way of life, but I’m here to say it’s not okay, and it’s not how we should be living. This is because the way their society were designed, their political system, culture, religions etc. doesn’t work, as you can see they all had to endure a lot of suffering and caused suffering. Our natural state is the only thing that does work.

  23. Modern world has alienated us from Nature, the greatest reliever of our agonies. It's a moral emergency, we need to address this issue.

  24. Ding ding. Right on the money. Love that imperfect person you want to spend time with because they will love you past your imperfectness.

  25. One of the faults for individual and collective behavior is they can alienate each other and it often leads to the greatest tragedies that left an impact on history even today we still see that impact in small places that you won’t notice it speaks volumes about our actions when no one follows a rule both individual and collective members of society has both agreed and planted in our foundation of what we deem the society that matters most

  26. the language you use in your videos is so hard to understand makes it less effective on the people who are watching it i just think you can explain it all with more simple words and of curse a little bit slower

  27. Corporate society's are modern societies which come from the ancient societies. The corporate society profits off the abuse, disease and deaths of human beings- the weakest human beings in the society are the first to be abused, diseased, and killed off, which weakens the next class above it, weakening it and on and on.

  28. Stay away from the TV and internet as much as possible (yes I am aware I am online) and reconnect with the real world… that will be the first big step towards getting out of our current headspace

  29. That's why I never used my phone for three years, because of the phone it makes you feel bad about yourself by social media, society with a mixture of problems.

  30. Civilization has destroyed interesting tribal societies. The times when people, family and tribes came together are fleeting or artificial ie clubs,bars, extreme sports etc. What happened to simply connecting?

  31. What's the problem? We are steered to see problems and not solutions.

    What's the solution? Don't do that!

    What's missing? Everything! That's the problem

  32. This is all a result of government indoctrination in schools, Universities, big corporations, and the corporate media. turn off your tv

  33. So many of your videos, like this one, are just meant to comfort people(in many but not all cases and not all parts of videos, after all, the best lies are hidden among complete tuths) and nothing more. Not all relative-poverty(since true poverty means merely being unable to satisfy basic human needs) stricken people are losers, but A LOT OF THEM ARE, or so I presume/think. I'd like to be convinced wrong here. Anyways, saying merely that relative poverty stricken people are to be sympathised with just makes every loser think they were simply unlucky which is highly untrue. And most your videos are just like that, not telling the truth, rather, merely comforting people, and I don't know what to say to that other than that it's pretty damn pathetic

  34. sorry but secularism? it's religion that is the source of a lot of fucked up stuff, conflicts, discrimination. religion is a tool of manipulation used by the ruling class to control the masses terrified of death with promise of eternal happiness as long as they are obedient, but the monster of religion broke loose and now there are lunatics who believe they can stop natural disasters with prayer, who think that narcissistic, sexually predatory, constantly lying creep is sent by god and people who disown their children because they refuse to follow the religion they spent years indoctrinating them into

  35. Change the world by changing yourself. If everyone can come to this conclusion we are saved. The 99% can do this but will always be conquered by those who hold the strings.

  36. I’d like to see the pace of everyday life slow down a little bit. Whenever I visit a smaller town or the beach, for example, life is a lot more pleasant. More and more people moving to cities isn’t helping either.

  37. With full sincerity, you have spoken my heart.
    People who have these values do not realize how vulnerable we are. In my opinion, it's almost as if the following 6 values were never built with human limitations in the first place.

    Meritocratic societies completely fail to realize how people who will never rise to greatness deserve all the compassion and kindness that the greatest people who ever lived in our times have too.

    Perfection isn't a noble thing, it's a disease. We must deny perfection and we shall not accept that we should be perfect because it was a disease that has been spread without realizing just how bad its symptoms are.

    Romantic love has inadvertently ruined every relationship that has ever relied on it and pop culture today keeps telling us that we should fight for romantic love as if it is some sort of fact of life that we have to accept and endure. It isn't. We need a new kind of love that is not built on romantic values.
    Extraordinary lives are all a result of luck. We have gotten lost out of touch in ordinary lives and only admire the highest of them all. Seemingly perfect lives, the joy and the glamour that all these people have, many people will never get.
    All these values promoted nowadays only resulting in oceans of tears and wildfires of anger boiling to make a raincloud that only serves to bring those depressions back.

  38. And people say, we live in a society. I don't say that society is the root of evil, but it has some fucked up problems

  39. We never feel we are good enough for anyone. Please keep your heads up though people. Life's hard as fuck but we only have one so we can only try and have the most fun and happiness as possible 😁

  40. What a load of rubbish! Secularism is responsible for mental illness? Total nonsense. Awe of the natural world more than compensates for awe of imaginary self serving gods.

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