How Google’s Latest Update Will Affect You

How Google’s Latest Update Will Affect You

Hi, in January this year Google announced a broad core update to its systems Here’s how it will affect your business Welcome to SEO Thursday Hi everyone, it’s John Hoey the SEO Manager here at
the marketing people Today’s SEO Thursday video we’re going to be very quickly going over the latest Google algorithm update that happened in January Now, people have been asking what is it?
How will it affect me? So we’re just gonna very quickly go over this now It’s a follow up from the Google BERT update which was released in October 2019 We did release a video on that and gave some details over it so make sure you check that out from our YouTube or our Facebook channels It’s the first update of 2020 and via Twitter, Google have stated it’s a broad core update but there’s no announcements of its impact at present Here’s Google’s analogy of its update So, what can you do to stop your business rankings from suffering? We’ve got a couple of quick points for you here Number one Understand what you users are searching for Number two Provide the best possible content for your visitors on your website And number three Get in touch with us, we’re experts in this area and we can help minimise the impact of these updates to your business So, give us a call 01543 495 752 Drop us an email [email protected] marketing people (dot) com And as well if you find this video helpful remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel Where were going to have loads of helpful hints and tips and advice across all marketing areas that we provide So thanks for watching us, we’ll see you
soon Bye-bye!

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  1. "the marketing people" are soo good that they have failed to realize that this google update will significantly impact millions of sites, thus a lot of people will be searching for more info, you somehow managed to grasp the idea that you could get some traffic due to this topic as there isn't any competition at this moment. So congrats as you are one of the first making a video on this topic, but you decided to half as it with the lamest sales pitch ever, now that is high quiality marketing…

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