Hold on to your Britches! Things just got HAIRY ~ Strapping the Roof on the Post & Beam Barn

Hold on to your Britches! Things just got HAIRY ~ Strapping the Roof on the Post & Beam Barn

good morning modern setters it's a nice foggy morning out this morning the goats throughout the pigs are out there all nice and moist morning to come on up eggs ready for your grub goats are ready watch out it's gonna be time to move them like we're usually not out when you first get out here you left the door open last night for us good morning I've really been enjoying the building process of the post-and-beam barn kit we bought off the internet we're getting so close to get in the pin roof on guys today we're gonna get that much closer nice we got about two and a half cups of milk this morning Thank You willow little peas like alright I guess so I'll clean up the food dish hello man you don't want any of the food dish [Applause] I see a chicken out but I know I locked him up last night it's the crazy white chicken I ordered some more meat Birds the other day so when they come and they're ready to go out on pasture I'm gonna need two chicken tractors have to move the olive egg-layers and the black copper miron's into New York City what are you up to old CWC throw some feed out I'm tripping over them they're gonna be having an epic move day in the next day or two with moving New York City and moving to pasture Pig milk male they all need to get tough new greener pasture Bob Pluto I see you in there I lost my little helper today she decided that she needs to go swimming for the morning I don't blame her it was pretty warm out yesterday it must be just today [Applause] we are we working on strapping the roof I need to find 14 pieces of these and then 14 pieces of these so right here we have our RS let's see how long they are so they're 14 feet long 14 14 per side so we got 28 and then we're gonna need some shorties and I think I stacked those over here I need those these are for our fly rafters later I believe so we got 1 2 4 6 8 14 okay we got 14 extra over there so we got three extras getting seven per side so one two three four five six seven I'm thinking that these must be two feet and if that's the case you got two feet so we got 14 and 14 is 28 the length of this is 30 so we don't even have to do any cutting on our strapping we're just gonna stagger our joints so let's get set up this way you can start over here and it's not on this side because our stagings already over here and we have more working from all right get everything all set up over there then that way we can just start going to town once we get set up barn is looking good [Applause] man a big old spider Oh Mac I hate spiders yak-yak that thing was huge got him yeah if you guys are new to the channel we're building a post-and-beam barn kit that we bought off the internet in Jamaica cottage shop comm the center section right here is 16 feet wide by 30 feet long then we're gonna have two 8 foot wide Eve overhangs on each side going 30 feet back and the side Eve overhangs are gonna be for our goats and other animals and storage and then the center section is gonna be our workshop [Applause] it's nice that we have the siding sticking above so we can but are strapped in right up against it we don't got to worry about going past so now take the square I don't want this protruding past we're gonna come up a little bit hold our square like this that'll give us right there so if our strapping is sitting past here when we go to put a board on it'll interfere with it all right so if we can pull it down a smidge it does it falls on Center halfway [Applause] our little splice in here boom perfect fit guys perfect fit and I'd like it that's what I like seeing a nice snug fit so I'm pretty sure it tells us right here we want to put the next six courses 20 inches on center use a level and set the pieces so it does not interfere with deciding which we did and then we want to put the next six courses 20 inches on center so we're going to do that so let's do this let's figure this out these are 4 inches so if we go it would be 24 in between that'll give us 20 there will be 24 it'll give us 20 and that'll give us say 16 16 so if we cut a piece 16 inches or of anything and we can set that in place then we can go along and nail all about the rest of our strapping let's go get to that made about square and saw get this out of our way go they have a whole lot of scrap kicking around we could use something like this I think that would be good right there maybe we can get two pieces out of this one to make sure our ends a square let's get a couple of pieces are strapping up old spider put this one down here probably somewhere around here I'll need it I really like this nail gun cuz it's got the hook on it so I can keep it in my pocket that's always right at my fingertips that way perfect guys perfect this will put it a few down here it's all about working smarter not harder I'll use everything to our advantage that we can get that stapling pull this down a smidge there we go that's set in place and I scroll down here a smidge and pull that down and like that work our way back over here maybe hitting the hose all right that's good I like it I was just thinking we always have people asking us what's different ways they can make money or different jobs they could do you can become a you could stop building to make a cottage shop barn kits and different kits they sell all over the USA and they'll deliver them and then you could go off the plans and build them for other people I don't want to roll off that edge that would not be a good day I love it guys nice fit you know you're doing good bugs are out you know you did something right when you got a nice tight fit on every end all right so let's stagger this one now looks like you're gonna have to get up before I get up there I'm gonna get some more strap in and get the straps enough we have a few pieces first we're gonna hear the second one well need here all right let's get the nail gun over here let's jump up reason I started on the bottom like this is as we're working our way up we have the strap in to use as like a ladder I like that guys spending a little bit of extra time here and there it's been so nice it's gonna save us in the long run flushed up there nice there stay here go over here [Applause] I'm gonna love town love cat baby love tap that's where hurts a hat bummer all right hey get down fix my hose I didn't get some more strap in and we'll start this way go back that way I must say it is nice to stand on the platform every once in a while I'm gonna leave this end loose I don't know if one of these pieces is a little short or if this wall needs to start getting pulled a we'll find out next time cuz of that I'm gonna walk back down that way and start that direction and work my way back and we'll see how this last piece Falls if it falls short like this one we'll see which wall we need to pull in tippity-tap so that was just a little short then I leave it that way all right so we're gonna go two inches down from the top two inches so say 11 minus 2 would be 9 b5 of think of these at least two and a half would be way too easy guys I did not plan that at all I do that I'm gonna leave it in the center this whole layout like we're getting the suntan does that early put me two inches from the top it does that way we can have room to screw the ridge cap on let's do this just do one for now I don't feel like getting down to cutting these spacers but I will for the next one I like that nice and flush all right get these spacers in place [Applause] oh that was a close one guys close didn't wanna have to go down to get it right there's good let's get this end set in place all right let's jump down here a few [Applause] yeah Olivia picked a good day to go swimming today it is a warm one Paul for us northern New Hampshire's have had seven months worth of winter eighty degrees is pretty warm their hat looks works good ah man we're out of nails and I left them down there all right let's go back we'll start down that way anyways because that one's about a half inch short and I want to see if the next one's gonna fall that way [Applause] so I'm hoping that that one's a fluke like last time so I'm gonna leave these ends all loose and see what we run into as we keep working our way up because that one down there is tight that end was tight so it might go in the middle and if it does we'll suck it over but we'll wait till the very end to make that decision all right so this first one yes I'm gonna start bummer so I don't want to start down this end that kind of stinks have to keep walking back and forth back and forth I want to keep them all loose on one end so I'll keep them loose on this end I'll keep starting from down that way so my hammer fell out of my loop and landed directly on the hose somewhere right yeah put the odds what are the odds of that I think I got another hose in the house or cut this one we'll have to repair it later but what are the odds oh my goodness all right let's go back in the house and grab a hose all right I'm going through see what we can find I have enough had another hose for that I don't know where it is so let's see if I can find barb fitting to join the two worst-case scenario I can probably join two fittings together like that and clamp them yeah that's worst case right here guys we'll make our own you own if I don't have one here's a barb is two bars ones one size and one's another yeah we come up with all right so we're gonna go with these two different size barb fittings like that like that like this I'll bring this one out just in case because that's about the same size is that one we'll see get it we'll get back up and running today that's all that matters the thing is if we go to the store right now it's gonna cost us the rest of the day we won't be able to finish up the project we're gonna do with what we have all right so this barb that's too big I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to get it I think let's do this I don't have to do it this way put a little spit in there for lubrication I've had this hose for foof ten plus years I haven't put a hole in it yet that surprises me the nice thing about this house is it doesn't kink and in the wintertime it's cold out that's still nice and flexible all right put some tape on radio tighty lefty loosey you gotta tell me I'm putting it on backwards cuz on camera it all looks backwards don't ask me why if you don't put it on the right way when you're threading it it'll unthread that makes sense there we go here we go put this fitting awesome they're how only took us about I don't know maybe 10 minutes not bad let's see if it leaks I don't hear any leakin nope no leakin perfect and luck we added about 4 inches of hose ok let's try it again hopefully don't drop our hammer again let's go with this one out of nails of course all right so I'm gonna go down and get a ratchet strap or something because this is telling me that we have a bow and our to buy right there we want to push that in little straight in our wall out because it's straight here where it's on layout and it's straight down there where it's on let's that 2×4 just our two by six just go stand it down here and looking up you can see that two by six goes just a little bit so I got a strap and a ratchet strap let's see we can get it sucked back in try to go right here where the window is I like that we'll set it in place let's go up top all righty we got old Eagle eyes up I need some more nails I don't like getting up in the doorway there we go let's see if we can get this soaked in or how much we can get sucked in I should say no we can get it just how much she's coming oh yeah it's really tight right there down here is less but I don't think hang gonna have to call that good we got most of it I like that guys it's work down here and work up that one's good how are we space in here it's got some tension on it but at when we can come top right there I like it let's go back up we missed one nail up there it's amazing how much stuff you can do with a ratchet strap and a little determination and thinking out-of-the-box don't want to drop it on a concrete floor and make our first gouge so I'll toss it out there all right where is our other nail hole radio at least – miss – OH today was one of those days there was a lot of up and down on a ladder on stage and and climbing up and down the strapping like a roof like a ladder on the roof I could have been asking how much time we have in on the barn I think today's day 11 or 12 that we've worked on the barn and each day I'm down there for four hours I would say we I have anywhere between two to two and a half hours of actually working on the barn because idle at four hours I'm also filming flying the drone getting up and down changing the drone angle changing the shop landing it charging batteries so it's hard to say how much time we have invested in the bottle have to sit down and figure out try to kind of calculate how much time is in recording dross versus building you guys have any ideas leave it in the comments down below thanks for watching I wanted to thank everybody again that we since we just hit a hundred thousand subscribers the other day that is a huge number and we thank you for that we'll see you right back here in the next video at Alumni acres a guide to modern homesteading self-sufficiency and freedom

22 thoughts on “Hold on to your Britches! Things just got HAIRY ~ Strapping the Roof on the Post & Beam Barn

  1. At least the hammer didn’t ding up the concrete. And add a couple barb fittings to the repair box.

  2. I enjoy your channel. Only wish I had found it before I built my pole barn. I could have used some of your tips.

  3. Hello Al, the barn is looking amazing and you are doing a great job. Love the barn build videos. 5 stars.

  4. You remind me of myself when I built our barn clamps, braces, straps and plenty of planning ahead, barn still standing tall 43 years later.

  5. Dude you made that look easy, I know it wasn't tho. And you got that done by yourself without a single curse word, I'm impressed lol. If I did that it would be one long continuous curse lol

  6. Yikes! Even though you obviously survived to post this video, I was cringing every moment you were moving around without a safety harness!! One fall is all it takes to make a widow or sustain a debilitating injury. I'm guessing you are very sure footed young man! Be Safe!

  7. I don't understand how you get all this done along with editing videos almost daily. You guys must have tons of energy!

  8. Hey Al, you have about the same luck I have at times. I probably would have knocked the valve off of the tank or something crazy like that. I've been mowing the lawn and trimming brush in the evening and early morning some of the mowing in the dark using the headlights. Been having heat indexes in the 110s during the days and scattered t-storms everyday. Your moving right along on things and your doing great work. Well I'll wish you and yours health happiness and prosperity. Larry

  9. It tickles me every time you say we and our in reference to the barn building, what is your invisible friend's name? Lol I am not downgrading any of Gina's and Olivia's assistance but you are sort of a 1 man band with most of the expansion etc. of your homestead and it's very impressive. I'm so happy to see your family homestead growing and watching all of it being really amazing for you guys. Still want to borrow Al for a week Gina, pm me and we can begin negotiations! Lol I'm super new to all of this and I have struggled a bit more with the building aspect but I am continuing to learn and I'm sure that I will get it one way or another. God bless you all and I hope Livy had fun swimming.

  10. Dude, don't kill spiders. They're super useful and far more afraid of you than you could ever be of them.

  11. Very odd…..I usually allow the ads to play in order for Al to receive a bit more revenue from YouTube; however, about 1/3 the way through this video, the screen went gray for about 2:30, with the words ‘THIS IS A DEMO VIDEO’ on the screen. YouTube has gone wild with the ads, the placement, and the length of them since the beginning of May. I’ve had ads last from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, and most recently a 17 minutes ad that was more of an infomercial. I just cannot watch a 17 minute ad slapped into a 29 minute video, so I hit the SKIP button on this overly extended torture.

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