Growth Hacking Strategies | Tips to Get More Traffic, Customers and Traction

Growth Hacking Strategies | Tips to Get More Traffic, Customers and Traction

so how are you guys doing today awesome
that’s great it’s so funny I’ve been to Vienna before and it’s actually one of
my favorite places to visit I love the weather it’s great in the US everyone
thinks about like California you know it’s sunny I was born in London and I
lived a lot of my life in Seattle and the weather is just like this so I love
it because you know as a start-up when the weather sucks like Vienna no offense
that means you’re gonna work more you work more you make more money if it’s
nice and sunny you want to go outside you’re not gonna work you don’t make as
much money it’s the same reason why you guys all play a lot of online poker
during the winter it’s alright let’s get started today I’m gonna teach you guys
all about growth hacking you guys all familiar with the term all right well
now you’ll actually know how to do it for your business I’m gonna give you
actionable tips my twitter handle they also have a twitter handle here I have
no idea what it is but you can use theirs as well before we get started I
want to tell you one quote from a guy named Adam Nash and it’s very important
in which growth is important and all good companies take it seriously
you’re not gonna increase your revenue your traffic your sales unless you take
growth seriously for example you know Facebook you know what their internal
metric when they first started out was how many more users were they adding per
day and they weren’t just looking at it as a pure number so if they had a
thousand users the first day and the second day they had another thousand
users and then the third day they had another new thousand users that’s
slowing growth percentage-wise you’re not growing as fast so their goal was to
grow a faster percent and than the previous day right if you take growth
seriously you can actually do quite well but there’s three main things you need
to know before you start hacking your way into growth one who are
your customers if you don’t know who your customers are there’s no way you’re
gonna actually make any money it was funny when I created a KISSmetrics from
my co-founder we’re just like yeah we’re analytics company anyone who
has an online website is gonna pay us that is our customer we failed miserably
when we did that marketing approach why everyone is not our customer the local
shop on the corner that sells pizzas is not our customer right it’s not useful
it you got to be very targeted for us it was companies that do at least roughly
what seven eight million euros a year and they’re in e-commerce or software as
a service or subscription so you got to get very particular how do you reach
your customers do you reach them on Twitter Google Facebook whatever it may
be you got to figure out what channels your customers are actually using and
most importantly when you’re trying to grow you can’t just look at the most
popular channels these channels get crowded very fast now let me give you
example of this you guys all know Dropbox right so when Dropbox first
started out there worth over 10 billion US dollars now that’s a lot of cash but
when they first started out did you know they actually try to acquire customers
on Google AdWords before they tried doing any growth hacking or anything
what’s the problem with that well their product is only $99 a year when they’re
trying to acquire customers off of Google they were spending two hundred
and thirty three to three hundred and eighty eight dollars do those economics
work out no not at all why not one and they’re paying way more than the
customers paying them and two just because the customers paying them $99
doesn’t mean they make a $99 there’s cost for that customer there’s support
costs there’s development costs there’s cost to host their files right so what a
Dropbox do they realize that paid ads don’t work for them but they realize
that they can hack their way into growing
so they did this thing in which they did a distribution hack want more space on
Dropbox invite some friends tweet it out connect it to your iPhone refer a friend
right when they started doing all of these things it actually worked
now I’m myself I’m a Indian Asian in descent in which Indians are very frugal
right I have a lot of Twitter followers I myself was so cheap that I didn’t want
to spend ninety nine dollars a year on Dropbox that I myself tweeted out to
over a hundred thousand people it works that’s kind of silly of me I should have
just paid in 99 dollars because eventually after I did all the tweeting
and stuff I still use up all my free space so I had to spend the $99 but they
got me to do it why because there was like hey click a button it’s really
simple you’ll get more space I was like ok more
space yay right it works out for them and it worked out for me
it was a great distribution half so there’s 5 strategies that I’m gonna
teach you one integrations to emails 3 and beds 4 powered by badges and 5 free
stuff now let’s get started integrations right are you down with other people’s
platform the more people out there that you can target right the bigger your
market that means there’s someone else already out there with those customers
for example if you’re targeting a very small niche there may not be a lot of
other businesses with your exact customer base but if you’re going after
something broad someone out there who’s not a competitor also has some of your
same customers for example KISSmetrics is analytics a lot of our customers use
google analytics a lot of them use Dropbox there’s all these other tools
our customers use and instead of just saying hey let’s do AdWords to go and
get them let’s do Facebook Ads why not actually partner with some of these
other channels so if you look at Shopify they have over 30,000 plus businesses
paying for Shopify Salesforce has over a hundred thousand
these businesses may not seem like a lot of businesses but sales forces customers
spend a lot of money right there worth what I think 40 plus 50 billion dollars
that’s a lot of coin box over a hundred and twenty thousand businesses 37signals
has over 150 Yammer has over 200 thousand Constant Contact has over 400
thousand github has over 1.9 million MailChimp has over 2 million Google Apps
over 4 million fresh books 4.5 google analytics over 30 million businesses are
using Google Analytics that’s a lot Evernote also has over 30,000 people 30
million people using them right and last but not least Dropbox over 50 million
people are on Dropbox so what does this tell you if you leverage their user base
you can actually grow yours so how do you actually do these
integrations one these integrations have to make your product better and the
other person’s product better for example Evernote has a lot of users
I saw analytics does it make sense for me to integrate with Evernote a place
where you just take notes what do you think yes or no no it’s ok the reason it
doesn’t is someone who’s on Evernote is just making like to-do lists
oh I need to do this or I need to buy groceries or I need to go to the mall
today I need to go put some more petrol in my car right there using Evernote for
that kind of stuff we’re selling to b2b but integration with Google Analytics
makes sense why because if they’re using Google Analytics we can say hey Google
Analytics will show you or shows you what ok me your website or and
KISSmetrics tells you what happened right in which we can actually give them
more data on top of Google Analytics that benefits them and it benefits us
because more people get more out of their Google Analytics plus it allows us
to get their user base in which why market to our own user to random people
online when we can already tap our ideal customer right so that’s an example of
an integration that benefits both parties you also want to discover what’s
valuable and you can do this by asking people as your users ask your customers
what other services what other products what other tools do you use what other
websites do you go on this will help you identify what solutions you should
potentially integrate with because you don’t want to just integrate with the
business because you think it’s the right fit you want your customers to
tell you hey this is the right fit this is what I use
you should integrate with these guys that way you’re not wasting your time
right I know I have problems with development and they bet you every other
startup does too why there’s not enough developers out there especially good
ones so you want to make sure that you’re only integrating with tools
services products applications websites that your users feel that would be very
beneficial and it has to be a win-win once you do that you need to make your
partner pages awesome you can’t just integrate with Dropbox Shopify whatever
it may be and expect people to just come on board and sign up it doesn’t work
that way so when you integrate what you need to do is a few things one create a
partner page letting people know that they can integrate with Shopify or
KISSmetrics or whatever it may be right and your product to most these big
companies I have a lot of users have very popular Facebook fan pages so what
you want to do is you can create Facebook campaigns targeting their users
so people who like Dropbox you can show them ads and you can actually show them
as to integrate with your product and once you start getting attraction 3 you
need a head up the companies are integrating with and try to get them to
promote this integration to their user base and you’ll be shocked they actually
want to promote it why because the more integrations their users do the longer
they’ll end up sticking around and paying them so it’s a win-win situation
next emails you guys all log in the Facebook every
day you guys use Google write search engines you know what the one thing I
bet that everyone uses more than anything else
emails right the world revolves around it especially the in the working world
everyone has to have an email account well there’s a gmail or hotmail or at
Microsoft you know your company that you work for or whatever it may be
everyone has emails if you can figure out how to tap it you can actually get a
big customer base quickly this is how people like Facebook and Twitter growth
even currently LinkedIn example write a lot of them all grow through emails
here’s an example right of podio put in your email here’s another one from
Yammer put in your email right join your company’s free social network you can
use it for almost anything when people put it in an email that’s good next
there you go so another one box right but when people put in an email you want
to try to entice them so for example box says hey the more emails you put in of
your colleagues the more free space we’ll give you right it’s enticing them
to invite their friends Facebook knows that within the first seven days I
believe you need is either 10 or 30 friends I believe the number could be 30
30 friends they know if you have 10 or 30 friends within the first 7 days
you’re very likely to keep using Facebook forever so they push really
hard on getting you to put in your email and inviting friends now the thing with
emails is you got a optimized onboarding it’s actually not that difficult to get
people to put in their emails and just say hey sign up invite some friends but
if the onboarding isn’t good then their friends aren’t actually gonna use a
product so good onboarding for example is you sign up for Facebook and you say
all right cool now that you’ve signed up let’s connect you with your friends put
in your email so we can see which of your friends already on Facebook if none
of them are it’s like all right invite your friends
to Facebook and then after you do that then they say alright let’s create your
profile add an image and you know your info add your bio add your birthday etc
but you got to optimize the onboarding and continually tweak and test it
without doing that what you’ll find is you’ll get a big drop-off from emails
it’s all about the onboarding it’s very easy to get people to invite and the
cool part about the email addresses too is when you’re doing this whole process
you don’t even have to ask people for their name and email anymore most people
watch look at this room how many of you guys have a Facebook account raise your
hand a lot almost everyone how many have you a
gmail account almost everyone again how many of you have a Twitter again see you
don’t have to ask people for their name email or password what you do is you
just say hey sign up through Twitter sign up through Facebook cuz then they
just click a button your conversion rate will go up by roughly 30 plus percent
which is huge and then you can tap into all their contacts and etc really
quickly so that’s a quick trick then when you’re doing the onboarding you got
to let them know who should they follow this actually helps the whole process it
creates that circle right if you don’t have that circle there’s gonna be a
drop-off you got to get them to keep connecting and inviting etc it’s a never
ending game you also need to utilize invitations on onboarding process
Dropbox is a great example of this right in which they try to get you to invite
more people more people you invite more storage you get that’s why they you
total is it you got to measure the number of people in every company or
every person has in their contact list this will help you determine what the
potential you can actually go for because if your average user has 200
people in their contact list and they’re only inviting 10 of their friends to use
your service your product whatever it may be that means you’re not doing a
good job with the invitation flow and the onboarding because you may be able
to get 40 50 of them to invite right instead of them inviting only 10 people
you also need to figure out the engaging interactions in which when someone signs
up there’s things that they do within the first five six seven days that makes
them actually want to use your product your service and invite more people if
you can figure out what these actions are you’ll get more people to stick
around for a lot longer the next one and beds you’ve seen this one everywhere
YouTube right why do people embed these YouTube videos most people actually do
it because they’re funny these videos are very silly like they’ll put a
picture of a cute cat I know they’re really popular in the US like oh look at
this cat it’s so pretty and then people share it and that’s how
they get millions of views because everyone’s embedding them SlideShare
another example right you can take presentations like mine right here and
share it due to the fact that it’s all embeddable when you’re doing these
embeds you have to give people a reason why they’re gonna embed
you can’t expect someone to bed something on their website for no reason
I remember when I was starting out crazy egg years ago it’s one of my earlier
startups and it’s another analytics tool that shows you a heat map of your
website I wanted people I was naive when I started out as entrepreneurial as 16
I’m 29 now so I’m quite old but when I started out I wanted people to embed my
company’s product on their website I was like yeah show your data to the world
show them you know how much traffic you’re getting which company would embed
that do you guys want to show people your traffic your sales your revenue
probably not right but there was no good reason on why they should embed it I
just wanted to do it you can’t get people to embed your product or service
if there’s not a good reason people embed YouTube videos because they want
to share something whether it’s informational whether it’s humorous
whether it’s an emotional roller coaster they want to share those videos because
it benefits other people it’s a win-win situation in which
YouTube ends up getting more traffic plus they’re providing value to other
website owners you also want to make it easy as possible to embed make them
quick uh you know box it automatically highlights it all they click a copy link
and they can embed it on to their site right copy paste you can even create
little widgets like hey have a wordpress site click here to get the WordPress
version have tumblr click here to get the tumblr version those are all
examples you also want to track how well these embeds convert in which just
putting these embeds on people sites doesn’t mean that’s gonna drive more
traffic YouTube actually discover this when they did embeds at first it was
just a video player in which you would watch a video and that was it eventually
they started rolling out features such as you embed a video on people’s sites
and after they’re done watching the video they say hey you like this video
here’s some other videos to watch and then you end up clicking back onto
YouTube site and it helps them get more visitors right
you gotta optimize you got a track they were also testing relevant call to
actions they found that showing relevant videos where the best call to actions
but you got to figure out what works for you having these as beds is one thing
but getting people to actually click through go back to your site purchase or
embed again or sign up whatever maybe is a whole different thing right you also
want to optimize for search but don’t obsess about it a lot of people when
they do these embeds they’re like oh we kept backlinks do you know why backlinks
are valuable it’s because you can get more search engine traffic’s higher
search engine rankings what people are doing though with these embeds is
they’re actually putting keywords in their keywords that they want to rank
for on Google but if you end up doing this eventual become penalized so you
don’t want to be too greedy make the call to action or the links relevant
don’t try to manipulate the search results but instead the more embeds you
get assuming you use relevant anchor text instead of keyword rich anchor text
you’ll notice that your search traffic will go up in the long run
next powered by right you’ve seen all of these powered by badges they’re
everywhere the thing about powered by widgets
is etc is people end up clicking through on them and some will sign up so alright
swish with these powered by badges people need to know what you’re powering
I remember one time when I was creating my first website it was a consultancy
website I spread marketing services and I would try to get people like
TechCrunch foot-powered by neil patel and people would be like what the hell
why would we put a powered by badge on our site did it make any sense right
your powered bys need to be relevant in which if they know what’s happening for
example if you do a survey tool like camp i’ll it goes on people’s websites
people who like survey powered by camp i’ll user voice is another example
feedback provided powered by user voice or support powered by user voice etc
right those are all good examples of making it very clear on what people are
powering you all seen you test your call to actions we thought that putting like
powered by KISSmetrics etc would be powerful it wasn’t that powerful instead
doing things like analytics by right so-and-so company or conversion
optimization by so-and-so company i actually converted better than just
putting the word powered by because so many people had powered by and they
didn’t know what they’re getting so you actually had to test it and try
different ones you need to track the views on these powered buys the clicks
the conversions and even the LTV by measuring the effectiveness of it
overall you’ll be able to fine tune it last but not least and then we’ll get
into some QA and I’ll actually give you guys growth examples for your businesses
free stuff HubSpot has a greater they actually recently went public they’re
valued at almost a billion dollars and they provide a free grater that tells
you what you’re doing wrong with your marketing how sauce says hey you’re
doing this isn’t this wrong and they’ll be like oh by the way sign up for hot
sauce very effective it’s a free tool that tells you you’re screwing up right
that’s a great example of a good free tool another one new relic
how fast is your app compared to others they do benchmarking another one Kitt’s
ebooks PDFs all good examples of free stuff that you can end up using when
you’re doing this free stuff you need to map it out to the customer decision
making in which you can’t just say I’m gonna give free marketing information
and people will buy my marketing product doesn’t always work that way
HubSpot realize companies buy their product to improve their inbound
marketing to get more leads to get more sales so what they did is they created
free stuff that showed you what you’re doing wrong and why your business isn’t
growing as fast that caused more people to sign up and pay them you also have to
think about what you can repurpose you don’t necessarily want to go and create
something from scratch and spend a ton of time and money on development if you
can test something that you can that’s already out there and repurpose it and
launch it get it right you’re pretty much doing a minimal version and if it
starts working then you can adapt it then you can make it better over time
and then invest dollars into it but you don’t want to do too much of a
commitment at first you also want to educate your prospects a lot of the best
free stuff out there is ebooks and information how to use products how to
actually get more value out of a service whatever it may be anything that
benefits your user it actually built a lot of goodwill and it causes them to
spend more money with you tell other companies friends about your product and
service and last but not least you want to measure and optimize for revenue the
free stuff can convert it can make you money example Dropbox they give you free
storage they’re making money write a shit ton of it free has worked out
really well for them so when you’re doing all of this there’s two things I
want you to keep in mind 1 figure out what’s best for your product growth
hacking isn’t just about driving more users it’s about providing more value
benefit to your customers if you can do that they’ll continually use what you
have to offer and tell other people about your company you also have no
excuse to make money just because you see
companies like Pinterest snapchat being worth billions of dollars without making
any money doesn’t mean you can do that as well those are very rare cases even
in the US are very rare cases even in Silicon Valley they’re rare cases focus
on actually making money that’s the one thing that’s valuable no matter what
part of the world you are right so now let’s get started in some QA and let’s
go over some questions you may have if you also want examples of growth hacking
for your business you can tell me the type of site you have and I can give you
live examples but first let’s have some applause for a great talk thank you good
so we have again two ways of questions the digitized way using the pioneers app
clicking on interacts and posting questions you can also upload questions
there or the traditional way you just raise your hand and I go around and we
already had a few questions lined up I highlight them so the question is growth
hacking in b2b markets it works extremely well in b2b and b2c a good
example of b2b is signals they change the name it’s a product by HubSpot in
which they give you something for free you can use a product small bit it helps
track how many people open the emails you send them right and what they do is
they only give you a certain amount for free if you want more you got to keep
inviting more and more users and every month that resets that’s how it grows
it’s a great example of b2b growth hacking talking about examples what is
the best b2b growth hack you’ve seen recently so that one is actually one of
the best ones I’ve seen recently HubSpot uses it wealthfront uses it
these companies are actually doubling their user base through these growth
hacks in which one user that they acquire through Adwords or whatever
channel they acquire the user from becomes two with this invitation process
and the trick that these guys have all learned is you reset it every month in
which every month you make them invite more and more people so once they invite
it yeah you may give them more space or more and
but they give it to them for 30 days and then it resets back to the default and
they got to keep inviting more people or pay to upgrade an interesting question
why do you eat my phone number when registering for KISSmetrics so our sales
team can call you and sell you on our product we want to get your money so we
get your phone number we know if we call you you’re gonna pay
us more than if we email you okay what kind of growth hacking techniques would
you recommend to boost pre-orders or crowdfunding boosts pre-orders or
crowdfunding so one thing I’ve actually noticed with a lot of these crowdfunding
campaigns this is actually a very unique way in which I’ve seen some companies
offer discounts for multiple purchases and what they’ve actually done within
their crowdfunding campaigns is saying hey you know you can spend X dollars on
one pre-order or if you get five you’ll get a 30% discount and what they say is
don’t need five yourself well bundle it together with your
friends make a big order tell your friends about it and this actually been
a very effective process and you should actually check that out when you’re
doing the crowdfunding campaigns encourage people to do group buys versus
doing it singularly and you can actually try to make it if you’re doing it on
your own website in which they can invite a few people and share the cost
and split it so that way they don’t have to collect the money Oh some are there
any questions in the audience in a traditional way raise your hand if so
over there we have a winner can you stand up hey we’re a b2b analytics
database there’s usually like 9 to 12 months sales cycles and anything that’s
really expensive has a huge sales cycle so what I’ve seen is a lot of examples
for quick or short you know less expensive sales what if it’s you know
your average sales 500 thousand a million nine months 12 months sales
cycle any ideas or tips yeah so with you the
way even though your cell cycles long the more leads you get the more business
you’ll eventually get you would agree with that correct yes perfect so what
you would actually do is you would optimize for leads not the sale part
because the cycle is too long and if you’re in the b2b space the best way to
actually generate leads from what we found is you do guest post so you know
like there’s ink magazine Forbes on for what’s an example of a business magazine
in Vienna let’s call it the vin Vienna Tribune right I’m gonna make it up I
have no idea what you guys have here so if I’m reading the vienna tribune what
you should actually do is and this is a long growth hack but it’ll work i’ve
tested this out so i would email the vienna tribune author that writes there
because not all authors on these big sites actually work for the company some
are actually just guest contributors i would email them and let’s say their
name is John I’ll say hey John great article on growing you know your
business through analytics I noticed you actually did it head on X Y & Z topic
you hit on a B and C which is great but have you considered you know modifying
and talking about XY and Z just a friendly tip keep up the great work
I love reading your content don’t ask for anything you just shoot an email
over like that next email you said next time you writes another article
John wow what an amazing article I learned a B and C from it keep up the
great work I’m a big fan right and you signed it your name
cheers Stan third email you send hey John I realized you haven’t actually
written on a B and C topic I’ve looked through all your posts and I haven’t
found anything on it I think I ought to be really beneficial to your fans your
followers just like me right I’m one of your fans but I know you’re busy
so if you don’t have the time to write no worries you’ve already done so much
for me if you want I can just write the article for you right and what you’ll
find is John will be like yeah you would really write it for me I’m like yeah
right up for you I’m also gonna throw in a link back to my website but I’ll write
it for you right you don’t tell them the link part just write it for him
and what you’ll find is he’ll introduce you to the editor of Vienna Tribune or
whatever the paper is called you’ll get your account and then from there when
you write articles cuz now you can publish your own you can link from the
article let’s say you wrote an article you’re selling analytics so you roll
your article 10 ways analytics can help grow your business and then what you
would do at the end of the article you would say hey click here to download the
checklist so your credit image have a developer on Fiverr right I think that’s
a Israeli company fiber $5 is cheap and they can create a like a PDF that has a
checklist of the 10 ways it can benefit the business and they put in a name and
email to get that on your website now when you have the name email you can
even ask for a phone number your then your sales guys can follow up email see
if they’re interested you’ll collect a lot of leads a lot of them won’t be
qualified but a portion will you’ll actually make a ton of revenue for this
and this strategy works just look at me I blog on Forbes now entrepreneur
magazine Inc Fast Company all these sites because I use this strategy but
I’ll give you one little advice don’t try to do that tactic with me I know and we have a question from a slider
which is growth hacking in two-sided business models check that problem yes
when it’s a chicken-and-egg problem you’re gonna have to go after both sides
but you can’t go after both sides right away it’s funny in which companies will
try to get people to let’s say if you have a two-sided market you’re looking
for advertisers and publishers it’s very hard to growth hack for both of them so
you need to focus on one side of the market first and you artificially
inflate the other side for example air B&B growth hacked by taking listings
from craigslist putting them on their site that’s how they started getting the
first listings and then what they did is they spent money on google adwords to
get visitors to their website to view those listings and apply so what I’m
getting at is it’s is two-sided in which they need people to list and they need
people to come and pay for the listing right like to go and stay in someone’s
place but it’s hard to grow target for both sides so pick one Airbnb decided to
pick two growth hack for the listing side and they bought the traffic once
you figure out how to growth hack one side and you start getting more of a
user base then you can work on both sides eventually but pick one at the
beginning here can you stand up sure hi Neil how do you growth hack of
lines of physical products like socks for example oh my god I actually have a
great example of socks I used to buy a shitload of socks I had like a five
chest drawer socks like I was obsessed with them and most people send them for
free cuz on my about page I used to put how I like fun happy socks no more I
just wear it great now but I used to have like all these socks at different
patterns and I think over time people sent me around like a thousand two
thousand two hundred three socks which is a lot but I actually forgot the trick
to hacking the sock market Instagram it’s super popular right you
know how many do pee by your socks or girls
guys guys guys okay you know how many guys are perverts and creeps on
Instagram oh ha they’re just looking at pictures of girls and there’s going like
like like like like and you know a lot of the guys even if they have wives or
girlfriend the look at the pictures they won’t click like but the look look look
look right so what you can actually do and
I’ve had a buddy test us out a lot of these models on Instagram don’t make any
money they just take pictures selfie these girls made selfies popular right
they just take selfies of themselves doing a duck face in the mirror like
picture okay give them free pair of socks I’ve seen people do this like nice
laundry and even like five dollars ten dollars they like oh my god you gave me
socks I’m gonna post these socks on my website on my Instagram profile and they
mention it and my buddy started doing this he started getting a thousand six
hundred visitors a day from Instagram just by giving girls free socks and in
sales I think he was making something like a extra like twenty six twenty
eight thousand dollars a month and profit from sales from Instagram try it
out it’ll work he could scale it up you can probably get a few hundred thousand
now cuz there’s so many more perverts on Instagram and hot girls next question sorry are you laughing cuz
that’s what are you on Instagram video no thank you
No so the next question had like 22 uploads how do you grow heck a grow fact
2 app download to the App Store do you want the legitimate answer the shady
answer Shady Shanee through Mechanical Turk you can
get a shit ton of upvotes for dirt cheap and you’ll actually skyrocket to that
top of the abstract check it out Mechanical Turk have you guys heard of
that it’s a place where there’s people all around the world who are looking to
make a penny literally one penny and they’ll you can pay them like a fraction
of a penny I don’t know what you call it in Europe I know in in London it’s a pad
right pence or something like that sincere sense okay so it’s a sense you
can give people like one cent for five upvotes like it’s that dirt cheap and
people will go and just like your product upvote it download it etc all on
the App Store check it out look a legitimate way I don’t want to sound
shady so I’m gonna give you the legitimate way as well with up boats it
comes down to actually partnering up with other people some people think oh
you get a lot of press you’ll get upvotes and stuff like that usually an
app usage creates good uploads so as you’re using your application you say
hey have you uploaded if you upload it will give you more coins will give you
more more features whatever it may be the other thing you actually want to do
is there’s other applications out there in which they’ll promote your product
and uploading it and rating it and leaving comments if you pay them and
that’s a great way to skyrocket your App Store ranking it’s expensive though
Mechanical Turk is kind of the cheaper solution
I hope this is not recorded and I hope don’t worry just a live street but okay
even better hey now I’m Peter do you have any grocer King tips for b2b
hardware businesses yes what kind of hardware it’s called mini break it’s a
remote control bike break for kids we plan to go to retailers and get into
their business like bikes like a bicycle I’m going on the street pedaling yeah
yeah that’s right as a kid why would I want a bike break I
want to keep going faster it’s not for the kid it’s for the parents too to keep
them safe yeah that kind of sucks I was that kid like who’s going up at jumps
and stuff I saw the scar from the tarmac like the road oh I was watching X Games
and my I don’t wear helmet and I just my chin kept scraping on the pavement this
is totally safe don’t turn yeah I should have probably used it my bone was
showing it was bad but I loved it if my parents had a break I would have been
crying but I like getting hurt and having fun nonetheless in the b2b role
bicycle shops so you’re a customer you want to get more bicycle shops to
include your product correct what I would actually do is there are companies
with your user base for example Yelp right I don’t know if Yelp is popular in
Europe they have a big directory of bicycle shops I would hit up companies
like Yelp I would hit up other bicycle fan bases there’s like bicycle groups
Amsterdam bicycles are really popular did you know bicycles have the right of
way in Amsterdam I was walking in a bicycle guy ran me over and got mad at
me and I was like shit that’s a whole different time I wish you know I could
push a button and he was braking but what I would actually do is get to those
people who have those groups bicycle groups shop groups the yelps who have a
list and I would actually crawl them scrape them and actually get the email
addresses for all these people or make a list Mechanical Turk someone you can pay
someone like three cents for every hundred emails that give you a Buy
sickle shop-owners and then what you do is you mast email up and you’re saying
hey this is a good product to have for upselling it can help make you more
money it’ll actually work check it out I’ve done similar things for like my
buddy had a cleaning business I did similar things like that he was selling
cleaning products other cleaners and we went to Yelp scraped them all for if it
was a fun experiment went to Mechanical Turk got a list and people got us the
email address we sent out I think it was like 16 17 thousand emails and he
generated over a half a million dollars worth of sales over the next 12 months
from it so try it out it’s more of an unconventional growth heck but it’ll
work but we’re out of time yes the clock say there’s no Clark okay so there to
wait because there as you can see there lots of lots of questions alone I’m not
even counting people who raise your hands so there are two alternatives III
leave you a choice option ace because the next session is actually lunch break
we can do a few more minutes your call already a lunch so I’m good
it’s also the audience called abuse that’s your call for any questions that
we don’t answer now would you be willing to if we send you an email saying these
are the unanswered questions can you just write like short you know lines we
post I can do either one all right so you guys pick what did he say now of
course if you ask the audience you always get the he wrote it down like
okay only a few more minutes right is it fine okay what are some underrated
channels to use right now to promote your products I know you guys all know
about Facebook and you think oh it’s already saturated it’s not Facebook on
mobile ads one of the cheapest channels I’m killing it from that YouTube man
there’s someone in here already sells analytics but I’ll tell you nonetheless
YouTube I try to spend a hundred grand a month on YouTube ads I not only am
spending money on youtubes but within the first thirty days I may
enough revenue to pay for more than my actual costs YouTube is one of my roi
wise YouTube advertising is my number one channel and do you know why it’s
underrated because those videos that people put in front of other videos no
one wants to create them it takes a lot of work so we just go to demo duct and
we would pay companies to make the videos for us and we just shove a
shitload of pre-roll ads works like a charm
even for b2b like we’re killing it from that all right then I put it nine times
growth hacks for developers target audience developers yeah growth hacks
for developers as a target audience focus on github do integrations with
them I would also hit up all the hackathons the hackathons have big email
list of all the developers partner with them cuz muslim’ don’t make any money
and you can actually do some sort of promotion or something with them and
part of it they have to give you their whole email list and they’ll actually do
it and then you can blasts out to their emails alright they one more question
from the audience two away hi great presentation what ask how would
you address a niche market of urban professionals a little bit on the verge
of a burnout people who are suffering from symptoms of mild depression so
pretty much people who work nine to five jobs yes no overachievers almost on the
verge of a burnout suffering from mild depression so you’re trying to figure
out how to go after them and get them yeah we have a great solution to help
them I found that a lot of these professionals also spend a ton of time
on who actually got a good one have you heard of rescue time no it’s a free app
that helps people track their time and helps them optimize it it’s for
overachievers kind of like your audience okay so rescue time has a free tool you
can probably partner with them because they’re not that big of a company but
they have hundreds of thousands of users and say hey we would love to do a
campaign with you to target all your users that are
using the application in the most because the ones that use it the most
are probably the most overachievers because they’re trying to optimize our
work output productivity and work get the most done for the amount of hours
and then you can solve products Ximena can you can partnership and give them a
rough cut check it out I would do that all day long cool things I’m getting
design here to close the session is that fine for everyone i but got to be killed
or something all right so do you first of all take your watch know your
audience makes about today so if you like this video like comment
share I do appreciate it and if I can ever do anything to help you out
genuinely even if it’s you know giving you some advice I don’t care for the
money just leave a comment below and I will do my best to try to help you out
and answer all your questions thank you for watching

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