Google Play Services 4.4

Google Play Services 4.4

welcome to this video, where we will show you all the new
exciting stuff we have added to Google Play services 4.4. And as you know by now,
Google Play services rocks. This also means that when you
use Google Play services– ah, morning coffee. Let’s get started
right away, shall we? Here are the highlights
for version 4.4, new activity
recognitions have been added to the locations API. Yay! And for Google Android
Maps API, we’ve got some extension to
indoor maps and– shh. That’s right, shh. It’s a blockbuster thing, and
we’ll save that bang for later. We also got some new stuff
for the Play Games Services and Wallets. And we’ll round it off by
presenting In-app’s Promo Ads for Mobile Apps. But let’s get right
to it, and start off with Activity Recognitions
in the locations API. As you hopefully
already know, it has previously been
possible to detect if the devices on a bicycle,
in a vehicle, if it’s still, if it’s being
tilted, or on foot. Well that’s a lot to begin with. Well we decided
to add some more, and we are now happy to
introduce two more activities, FEMALE SPEAKER:
Walking and running. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: Thank you. That’s right. We added walking and running
to the activity detectors. But we thought now, why don’t
we go a little bananas here and try those things out. So what am I doing now? FEMALE SPEAKER: You are walking. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: That’s right. That’s very, very good. So what am I doing now? FEMALE SPEAKER: You are running. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: That’s right. That’s very, very good. FEMALE SPEAKER: Keep running. It is good for you. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: So
what am I doing now? FEMALE SPEAKER: You
are riding a bike. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: That’s right. That’s very, very good. FEMALE SPEAKER: No. Don’t stop running. You are very close
to Googleplex. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN:
Whew, let me tell you. That was both
exhausting and fun, and that was just a demo app. Imagine what your
apps can do with that. Now let’s look at the Google
Maps Android API, starting off with indoor maps
where you can select a floor programmatically,
detect if a new building comes into focus, and, of course,
also get the active building and floor. This is, for example,
the second floor of D Gates at San
Francisco Airport. All right, moving on to–
and ladies and gentlemen, that’s right, we’ve got a
big announcement to make. Let’s welcome Street Views to
the Google Maps Android API with a round of applause. MALE SPEAKER: Get back to work. MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: Yes, sir. You can now embed street view
imagery into an activity, enabling your users to explore
the world through panoramic 360 degrees views,
programmatically control the zoom and orientation
of the street view camera, and animate the
camera movements. Wow, that’s a major extension. Imagine all that cool stuff and
what it can do to your apps. Over to Play Game Services. In the 4.3 release, we
introduced Game Gifts, which allows you to
request gifts or wishes. Now we have extended the
request with a new API so you can select multiple
game gift recipients. For games, this means
that more collaboration and social engagement can
happen between your players. Which brings us
to the Wallet API, where we added Wallet Fragments
to the Instant Buy API. Wallet Fragments makes
it extremely easy to integrate the Buy with
Google button in your app. Just configure these
fragments and add them. And just for fun, let’s
see how shopping can now be done in 10 seconds. The user logs on to an app using
Google Plus Sign-In, selects a Google Adjustable
Bike to buy, using Buying with Google to
complete the purchase and get it shipped
to your home address. Voila. A bike in 10 seconds. And wrapping it up with the
mobile ads, where we have added in-app promo ads. This is an API
available for publishers to display in-app
promo ads, and it enables users to
purchase directly, advertise goods in the app. With these extensions, users can
conveniently purchase products that interest them,
and advertisers can reach consumers, and
your app connects the dots. A Win-win-win, in other words. That’s it for this
time, but stay tuned because we’ve got
lots more coming up. Now it’s your turn to go out
there and create great apps. And don’t forget to
tell us all about it. Oh! FEMALE SPEAKER: You need
to be more careful when you are climbing.

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  1. Google Play Services 4.4 Now Released
    /with @Magnus Hyttsten  #android   #developers   #playservices  

    Google Play services 4.4 has now been rolled out to the world. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

    Street View and Indoor Maps (new!) – Embed Street View imagery into your app & extensions to Indoor Maps.

    Activity Recognition – Two new activity detectors have been added to the Location API: Running and Walking.

    Mobile Ads – In-app promo ads enable users to directly buy virtual goods.

    Wallet Fragments – Make it extremely easy to add Google Wallet Instant Buy to an app.

    The rollout has now been completed, and the Google Play services SDK is now available through the Android SDK manager.

    For the DevBytes video please see:
    DevBytes: Google Play Services 4.4

    For API details, please see:

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    I really hope more talks like this in Google IO 2014

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    Thank you

  11. Switched to android for about a year now. Find it painfully hard to use, disorganised, absolutely disgusted. Will never use android products again. 

  12. the may be all the new features but i cant use them because it drains my xperia z battery, not even lasting 9 hours on stamina mode and constantly dies whilst charging. I would like a reply if possible 

  13. The new Google Play Services 4.4 looks cute! Now the big question: Is working with maps going to be easier or the Googlemare of API keys madness going to continue?????

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