Google Photos-Your Questions Answered in Episode 175

Google Photos-Your Questions Answered in Episode 175

You Yeah, looks like we’re live here I hope you can see us Go ahead and let us know in the chat to make sure that you can see and hear us Wants to know if there’s something we should be aware of we’ve just had a few reports that people aren’t seeing their google photos when they upgrade to the Android ten it seems to be that the fix has to do with permissions somehow Updating your Android system turns off some permissions, so They’re not they’re not gone they’re just not seen being seen right You you It’s two o’clock and time for episode number 175 of what does this button do? It’s an educational show about smartphones and technology with geeks on tour Today’s beginners lesson is booble photos questions answered but first a quick tip, what do you have Chris? Well, this is one that you taught me and I use Constantly and I said gee we need to tell people about this. This has to do with Gmail and What the fact that you can just swipe messages off to delete them or snooze them or other things? So I want to show you on and I’m just using our I’m using our sample phone here because it doesn’t have any set up and we’re talking about Gmail First you have to look at your settings. So the three line menu and Settings and I’m and under general settings we’re talking about swipe action swipe meaning when you you want to push a message to the left or to the right and You have lots of choices by default. So this one has not been touched and by default when you swipe either left or right? you’re just gonna be archiving but if you tap on change I Have gotten used to swiping left to delete so that’s what I want when I swipe left I want to delete put that message in the trash and when I swipe Right, I like it to smooth meaning get it away for right now But bring it back at a certain time you tap on snooze and let me show you what that looks like then So I’m just backing out of all my settings. They’re all Alan’s settings This is Alan’s phone and if I swipe left it What did I do? Can I do it wrong? I don’t know cuz that’s news. I must have done I did it wrong. I Swipe left. It should have deleted general settings swipe action Yeah, right She doesn’t know her right? I don’t know Okay, that one I wanted to be snooze and left I wanted to be delete, okay Now I swipe left and it’s in the trash So how often do you do that ice? I do that Just to clean out my inbox all the time. I swipe left swipe left. So easy just Just say that’s garbage. That’s garbage. That’s garbage Now if you see one that you do want, but you still want to clean out your inbox You’re not ready to deal with it yet. Just swipe right and it says okay, I will snoop When do you want me to bring it back later today tomorrow next week next weekend or pick a date and time? Pretty cool. I think that is just way cool and That’s my quick tip. All right Oh Sign up for our free newsletters geeks on news subscribe to the channel and Get mrs. Geeks guide google photos at amazon All right Hi everyone, I’m Gemma here together with my wife Chris. We’re a geeks on tour Do you think your smartphone is smarter than you and you have questions about your Android phone or your iPad? And how do you learn about these amazing devices? Well, we are geeks who teach and we think that the best way to learn is constantly all the time In bite-sized pieces on a regular basis. So that’s why we do this this show and all of our content all of our tutorial videos and these shows are archived on our website geeks on Right So Chris, where are we now? I? Have no idea where are we? Foxborough, Massachusetts We’re here for a road Trek rally this week and we’ll be doing some seminars but last week we had a cool time What do we do we were in New York City? We actually stayed in the city at an Airbnb for a couple of nights in order to be rested and ready to teach at senior planet and we taught a Google Photos class and they had lots of questions, which is what Kind of prompted the topic for this week We thought it Senor planet in New York City before And we hope to teach at other senior planets around the country like maybe Denver in November Yeah, we’re gonna be out there for a Google Photos product experts. Right right. Cool What do you got? Thanks also known as propellerheads it works Okay, the backstage passes for premium members only and we’ll do that right after this show it’s an online meeting using zoom technology and If you’re a member you should have gotten an email, but if you didn’t get that anymore, you can’t find it Just log in at eeks on And you scroll down a little bit and you will see that link on the member login page, okay Let’s see bunch of people are here and we’d like to say hi Richard and Karen We will be seeing you in Boulder, Colorado Cool stuff Our beginners lesson today Google photos questions answered Chris is a product expert in Google photos and she wrote the book mrs. Geeks guide Google photos Question number one is will Google photos upload duplicates and No, but you need to understand the definition of a duplicate because that is P One of people’s biggest complaints is that they do see a lot of duplicates in their google photos library But we want to prove to you that it does not upload the exact same picture now There’s lots of photos that look like they’re duplicates, but they’re actually a different shot, right? absolutely a dozen of those My son set right and they look the same, but they aren’t exactly the same They are not the same photo file Okay what we’re gonna do here is I took a photo with this camera and I’m gonna give the SD card to Jim and tell him to put it in his computer And his computer is set to automatically in When the SD card is inserted, Jim’s computer automatically imports photos to the Pictures folder You We’re going to show how you can go to and import directly from the SD Card Mmm too much stuff going on here. There you go. There’s photos In using Google photos in your Chrome browser look at the top right there is an upload button so he can upload from the computer and Then we should see a dialog box You can navigate to the SD card You Open the DCIM folder (Digital Camera IMages) Select the photo(s) you want to upload and click Open Notice the box in lower left showing you what’s happening Take that long Dance But the point is okay You Now we’re going to upload the copy of this photo that was imported to the Pictures folder on the computer. This is a copy of the picture that has already been upload from the SD card. We are testing whether or not Google Photos will upload this again. The dialog box says “1 item uploaded” but it lies! When we view the library we only see one. And it didn’t upload it again so so go back yes, yes it You So, Google Photos did NOT upload the duplicate. Anything about it being in different locations or different file name file name means nothing to Google photos But if you edit that picture at all If you G if you just did an auto on your computer and then went to upload it You would have another picture. So any Change to that photo does identify it as a second photo to Google photos So an absolute identical picture photo will not Go up there twice. You won’t get duplicates for that But if she took a couple of pictures of the van there they would go up right? Okay, okay Back to the slides so that that was the number one and to the exact same photo selected does not and The same photo in a different location does not but a photo that looks like a duplicate Will go up if it’s not a bright file or any edits or even size if you change the size May be the exact same photo but a different resolution That’s that’s a different photo for for Google If you add a photo to an album, the second time will be album show to Know and this is really nice and I’m just gonna demonstrate that with my phone So here also is a photo of the campground that we’re at right now And I want to add that to my album for what are we September? No? I’m making so I add two album and I want to add it to my September album and If I look at my September album now, I will see that that photo is in it I passed it September And all the way down at the bottom there there is the photo I just added now if later today I’m going through my pictures and I say oh oh This picture needs to be in that album and I go and add it again You know, once again it will look like it did it ah, but this time it says zero items added oh very good and if I went and looked at that album, it’s only there once Excellent. If I use the trash can to delete photos then later change my mind. Can I get them back? Yes, yes. Yes if it has been less than 60 days and you haven’t manually emptied the trash and Here’s how you do it. So I’m gonna I’m gonna select that picture by long pressing on it until it gets a little checkmark and that picture and that picture and I tap the trash can Move to trash three items Now one of those that I just deleted was in an album, right? Yeah, if I go looking at the album now, will that photo be there? No You deleted it. I deleted it from the library if it’s not in the library, it cannot show up in an album, but then I say oops I Didn’t mean to do that. What do you do your trash is under the menu three lines trash? Find the photo Yeah, oh They go back and I’ve deleted some others since then, so that’s the photo that I did not mean to delete you have to select it not open it select it and then you have the option to Restore and on the iPhone that looks a little different or on the computer. There’s a little icon up at the top that says restore when I restore That picture is now back in my library and its back in the album let me just Yep, and it’s back in the album excellent But do not empty your trash if you want to do that Okay, can I download albums to my computer Yes, and we think you should when I take thousands of pictures in a month But I just put my best couple hundred into an album I want that album of photos on my computer and here’s how I do it and that’s Hi, this is chris gold with geek santorum. And this tutorial video is about downloading photos from google photos google photos stores your entire library of photos In the cloud so you can see them with any connected device But most people also want a copy on their local computer or backup hard drive But here’s the deal on google photos it stores all Of my photos. I have thousands and thousands and so many Similar shots. I don’t need to have all of those. I don’t want to have all of those on my hard drive I have a plan of making a monthly Album of just my best shots and those albums I do download From the cloud and google photos to a backup hard drive on my computer Let me show you how first I want to show you my hard drive it is a External hard drive just plugged into my computer and it has all sorts of stuff on it but here is one folder where I put all my backup of my pictures and I’ve been doing this for the whole time and If I show you 20:18, for example, you’ll see that I have one file a zip file for each month January, February March I also make a zip file for special occasions like a diving trip that we went on Now, let me show you my google photos so Here I am in Google photos and as you know is just one giant stream throughout the years of my 70 80 Thousand pictures. Okay, so I make an album for each month. I click on albums and this is july 2019 so here is my album for june. I open that album and Select the 3. Menu and Download all that creates a zip file and then it stops and asks me where I want to store it I want it on my Seagate backup Drive in the pictures folder in the folder for 2019 and I like the album name 2019 – oh 6 June and it’s a zip file. I click Save if Yours did not ask you where then I recommend that you change your browser settings on Chrome it’s the three dots in the upper right then settings then Advanced all the way at the bottom then Downloads and notice I have this setting turned on to ask where to save each file before downloading otherwise they all go to the same place your choice, but that’s my recommendation so now let me look at my Hard drive there is June and I’ve already done January March, but it’s a zip file now I think that’s fine. This is my backup. I don’t use my pictures on my computer This is just if something should happen to my Google photos I have my best photos for June if you do want them visible on your hard drive then you just right click and Extract all and it creates a folder with the same name as the zip file and all your photos are inside there on a Mac that you do the same thing just Double-click rather than right-clicking you double click and it will unzip Unzip your file and there are all the photos Last thing what if you don’t make albums so you don’t have an album for June but you still want to make a zip file a backup of all your June photos you can just search for June 2019 Then select you click on the first one and Then you are way down to the bottom and you shift click on the last one. It tells me 245 pictures are selected. Those are all the ones from June 2019 and I Click on download and it will do the exact same thing. I just showed you with with an album So now you can rest easy knowing that all of your photos are in Google photos But you also have your best for every month locally on your hard drive Well, I understand that we I Messed up and I did not have the sound on for Chris’s demo when I was on on the screen so we’re gonna do those over and well that it goes out for the a Now was it the computer screen it was? Indiscrete it was this screen right here Hmm Just just plain start over will it upload duplicates? No, but it has a narrow definition so if you didn’t see if when he Selected the photo that was on the SD card it uploaded to his google photos, but then the second Upload was from the photo copy that was on his hard drive and although Google photo is still reported that it uploaded a file It noticed that there was already one like it there and so it did not okay, is that Hopefully that’s good enough. So no Google photos does not upload exact duplicates even if they are in a different folder That is still the exact same file But if you have edited that photo in any way then it’s not a duplicate Alright adding a photo to an album a second time So I think that one was fairly quick we can just do that over. Well, I think that worked fine it was only when I was showing the screens of okay, is that true did people see yeah when we were on the screen it was Okay, maybe Maybe Dennis’s isn’t there anymore. I wanted somebody said that they really wanted to know the answer I don’t know Oh well, maybe we’ll get in it and if if dinner a fiza member talk about it in the backstage If you use the trashcan yeah, I think that was all okay That was just when I was showing the screen and we were not on the screen, okay? How do I add text to a photo Okay Google photos can’t add text directly to a photo now it can add a description So showing on my phone here the place you add a description is by swiping up on the picture And There’s the description right there Nice campground So at any time you can just swipe up and you can see that description on a Computer when you are looking at just this photo that description will appear Underneath it. But Google photos does not have any way to add text right on to a photo but if you add text Using some other method on your phone. Google photos will see that and upload it I’m going to use the iPhone to demonstrate this And Now I can use this app the Photos app that comes with the iPhone It will add text So I’m just gonna pull up this This was a restaurant we were at Called skippers, I think great skippers and I just want to put the word skippers right on it well edit and then more and then markup and then plus and then text So you need to know where it is, but it is there and I can just edit text And Type skippers and Then I can move that around wherever I want and tap Done and Done again and the picture that is on this phone now has that word on it? Well, Google photos sees the pictures that are on the phone So we just have to wait a minute and It is backing it up we won’t see it so There is the photo with the text on it and the Samsung has one like that and the Snapseed app So just know that You can add text to photos with some other app and then Google photos will see it if it’s on your phone Okay Very cool and that fancy text like is in the sample here that’s with Snapseed We do a whole course just on Snapseed. I love that. It has these phantoms, but just for plain text There might be better options that just came with your phone Any questions there Can you see All right, Michael. Daniel says can’t you just do markup? Well, obviously I don’t use that tool very often there there probably is an easier way. You just went straight to markup Go on snow will those zip folders work on different operating systems? Yes, yes, so if I think you’re saying when you download an album to your computer they it becomes a zip file on Windows you right-click and and extract all on Mac for example the exact same file I think you just double-click on it and it will unzip it. Yes and Chris s can, maybe put on the SD card on a Chromebook Sure yes, you know if it can be seen in the file navigation dialog box They can be put there and Richard says so in Snapseed if I make a change the photo like making it pop That it don’t consider it as a duplicate even though it’s the same picture. Yes It is a different. It is a different is a different picture after you’ve edited it Okay Good deal So Chris, how do I keep just one photo from a burst burst All right, burst fun in case you don’t know what we’re talking about a burst photo is when Israel camera up there is when you hold down on the shutter button a little too long and It starts telling you. Oh my goodness. I just took ten photos now sometimes you want to I mean if you’re At the pool with your grandkids and they’re diving in taking a burst means you have an actual photo of them at every split second as they’re going into the water, but you usually Don’t want to keep them all so notice on that burst that I just took there’s a little number ten and an image that represents multiple pictures and When I open it, I’ll see that there’s all that it’s not just one But there is one that has been pre-selected as the best one Well, what if that’s not the one I want I? mean No, there’s these I Wasn’t moving much. No, you weren’t much but let’s say that this first one I like better Well, if you notice the options down at the bottom, I’m in Google photos and the options down at the bottom have a Different button this third one in here only appears on Burst photos if I tap it I’ll get three choices I can choose just to set that one as the main photo or I can keep this photo only or I can create an animation out of them Pretty cool now if you tap that button and these don’t appear Just wait The photo has to have been uploaded before these appears. So if you just take the photo and immediately go in The options might not be there just wait. So if I say keep this photo only Then the other nine have been moved to the trash Cool a couple of questions here What to use on windows tend to add the text of Photos the the Photos app that comes with Windows 10 have I done it it does doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure it has add text the Photos app that comes with Windows 10. I’m and one says Lauren says when I add text to photo on Snapseed new photo does not retain location info true mmm, true hmm Not a good thing You can add it back, you know in google photos you can add a location a Map location not a not a geotag location Okay Can you search by file names No, no Yeah, no, you can’t sort by file names number one You know when a photo is up on the web have you ever realized that there really is? No Filing the file name is in there in the metadata of the photo, but the file Identifier as far as the web goes and as far as google photo goes is a huge main URL so it just The web does not care about file names anymore that being said I still think it’s no excuse a lot of people want to be able to sort by file names they work with the files on their computer and they change the file names and they want to be all sort if you are one of those people I Recommend that you click on settings and I mean the menu the main Google Photos menu and go down to send feedback and Put in that you want to be able to sort by file name because you are not the only one When I get a new phone, what do I need to do to be sure. I have all my photos aha You know, it’s piece of cake. That’s why I use Google products is I can get a new phone Install google photos. Boom all of my pictures are back if You do it right before you give up your old phone Check the account that is being used Because it might not be the one you think so I’m gonna show you on my old phone and then I’m gonna have a pretend new phone Here, so here is my phone menu Settings back up in cinq and There is the account that these photos are being backed up to Realize that could be different not usually but it could be different from this account here These are the photos that are being viewed what you need to know before you give up your old phone is That first of all that your backup is complete You want to make sure that all the photos on this phone have been backed up to your Google account in the cloud then Which account is it? Back up and sync. That is the account. It’s being backed up to then when you get your new phone and this is just this is our extra foam that we Wipe out and we give to our imaginary friend Alan All you have to do is install the Google Photos app Play Store Google photos mine is already installed When I open it The very first time you open it it should step you through It should ask you what account this one is just already installed and it says there’s no pictures here Well, what account am I looking at? It’s looking at Alan’s account. So I have to add My account to it and you better know your username and password And Then you have to add that username and password so it is That’s Mary And You have to be able to spell – you have to be a little too tight Now here is the real test Ok Hopefully I did that right I Have 2 step verification on and so should you And I tap the screen before I did the right thing Rescind, there we go. And all I have to do on this one is say yes And that’s all you have to do and then wait and all of my photos Will now be seen on this device There ok, and it takes a minute Yeah This is not a particularly good phone to say this is our extra phone. It’s our $69 $59 right at Walmart $59 Walmart phone just to have an extra phone for playing with So we might have to come back go on to the next question come back. So it’ll pop up. Alright, let’s see How to change the date of a photo Is that right? Mm-hmm and that’s over here Hi, this is Chris Coleman geek signs work and this tutorial video is about how you can use google photos to change the date of a photo for example on December 1st. I scanned in these old photos now luckily this particular picture Shows me the date. It was taken I’ve loved having that so it was not taken on December 1st 2017 it was in June 1962 and I would like it to show up in place in that date order rather than in December 2017 so on a computer in the web browser version of Google photos You can open the picture click on the little I and find the date For the photo click the little pencil to edit it and then you can type in It was June 1962 right now, I have no idea what day so I’m just gonna put in the first and When you click Save that date has been changed and the photo is Now in order in your timeline library of photos with other photos from 1962 So let’s do let’s do that again This picture right here I do not have an actual date It obviously was in winter time and I think that was around 1965 so I’m gonna click the Edit under date make it 1965 and January and once again, I’ll just make it the first and save and Now that picture is in order with other pictures in the early 1960s Scroll back up to the top now these three were taken on the same trip so I can select all three of them and Then instead of clicking the eye. I just click the three dots menu to edit date and time and I have the choice to shift dates in time So this is for if you just want to change the time when your camera was on the wrong Timezone or something like that or if you say no these weren’t taken today they were taken ten days ago, but here I want to set one date and time and That trip I know was in 1989 in October I don’t know the day so I’ll leave it the first and click Save and now those pictures have moved to 1989 Now a couple things to know first this can be done on the PC version I mean the web version either PC or Mac of Google photos or on the iOS the Apple version Currently it’s not available on Android. Another thing to know. Is that these dates? only affect your google photos if you Download this picture the date will still be the day that you scanned it the date that we’re changing Right here is just in the Google Photos database About your pictures. It’s not actually with the metadata of the picture but as long as you’re using Google photos This is great that you can scan pictures anytime and then you can put them in order where they really belong Okay This is something new. Yeah Google photos course But first let me I notice that Katherine Tracy in The comments says that she just edited a photo in Snapseed and it kept the location So I lied Didn’t show the location and that made sense to me So I said but I just checked mine and sure enough a photo edited and Snapseed still has The location there changing things all the time. I think that’s maybe an update it could be but in any case Hmm. Yes, your location doesn’t go away and For text on the photo. I just looked at photos on Windows 10 for a minute and believe it or not it has animated text But I can’t find just plain text So on the computer, I still use Picasa I Still use Picasa to put text on photos and to make collages on my computer and I’m using the windows Photos app on my Windows 10 computer if I need to do something like that But I usually do it on my smartphone and I use snap see yeah Yeah, I love Snapseed love using the phone or or an iPad. Are you finally gonna get to this? Alright, I Have so much material on our website and People who just want anyway, I’m starting to try to make courses Complete courses that guide you through step by step using a whole other system called Thank if ik so I need some people to check it out and and give me some feedback I plan on charging $20 for this course, but if you will be my beta tester Just use the coupon code button show and It will be free. It’s a hundred percent discount So the link to the course is at our website geeks on tour calm and then slash Google – photos and it’s right in the first couple of paragraphs there. You’ll see a link to the Google Photos course When you sign up use the coupon code button show and it will be free It probably would take a couple hours to go through the whole thing But that’s also something I would love to hear from you as to how long it takes and I’m still working on it. Okay? No, this is for the backstage. So we have a few bonus questions here that We will handle in our backstage for our for our members Half of the week zoom, this is something that we use in our backstage pass, right? Does it work zoom is for cloud meetings and It’s a free app we pay a little bit to zoom to be able to do these things for large groups and for longer than 40 minutes but it’s available on the Apple and the Android and Do you have it on one of these? We’re just talking about One of these days we do need to do a whole thing on Zoom Meanwhile, you can go to Michael Daniels channel. He’s done a lot on on Zoom But what I’m thinking is is there any reason why zoom couldn’t be used just for two people? No one video call also, it’s it’s a really cool tool It’s a little bit overkill for a lot of people but if you have it installed it’s easy to do you just tell the other person you set up a soon call and You just tell the other person or give them the links in them the link it could be a telephone number if you have the paid version and They can come on at any time. So we’re working with zoom and so we say for our backstage pass if you don’t have a computer with a Camera and microphone like a lot of desktop computers don’t have cameras and microphones you can use a a Phone or a tablet with Zune app installed it works great We do invite you to become a member at geeks on tour just go to our website and Click on join now See our website geeks on tour. Click the weekly class menu and scroll down to see all of the show archives Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the bell that’ll give you notifications for anytime we go live Any other questions Let’s see Richard I would use duo for a one-to-one call. It’s a great app Absolutely, and Michael Daniels has some more information on those I think he has some videos but duo is a Google app and it’s free and it is a good tool for chat Can I’ll see you this video calls of iOS on Android great There’s all kinds of tools to do it and screen share though is something that’s kind of special with zoom. I use it when I Cannot help somebody just in writing. I need to see their screen we can connect via zoom call and they can share their Android or their iPhone screen with me and I can see what the problem May be Well Did you learn something? True or false if you upload one photo to Google photos twice, you will have a duplicate in your photo library False if it really is the same photo If you add a photo to an album when that photo is already in the album It will show up in the album once or twice Just once that’s a good thing it gets rejected a second time when you get a new phone just install the Google Photos app and you will see all of your Photos if they were all backed up from your old phone and you know what? The account that was being used and your username and password and she can prove. I don’t think we showed They did finally show up on this old phone, right? But it’s it’s still working on I’m getting now what’s it getting because these photos are in the cloud It’s getting thumbnails. Right right these little miniature Representations of the photos are thumbnails that come down to your phone. So There we go. All right If or you can change a photos date using Google photos on a IOS B Android or C web on the computer IOS or web. I Have no idea why but changing a date is not available on the Android version yet yet tor false an extra edit button will appear on burst photos allowing you to pick one and keep and Delete one to keep and delete the rest True and that’s really handy All right, reminder a backstage pass if you are a Google geeks on tour Premium Member Go ahead and get that link and join us after the show. I think I’m gonna be drinking heavily What is the debate that? Lists, all of our weekly shows X on And then the menu is weekly class and the web page that lists all of our recent newsletters Each on and the menu item is blogs and news Our current newsletter has just been posted there cool And why do people pay nearly 60 dollars to join geeks on tour? Well, the benefits are to be able to ask us questions on our Q&A page hundreds of tutorial videos written notes from these shows and just say thank you for all the stuff that we give away for free and the backstage pass and soon courses, so those courses will be for sale for anybody but they will be Included with membership. All right next time we will be on the road So we will not be doing a live show, but we will have a encore presentation for our weekly class and if you have an idea for a topic Let us know leave a comment on the YouTube video click on like down there – That’s it for this week i’m jim i’m chris and we’re geeks on tour and we’ll see a nose button I have to find somewhere where we can do all of this stuff, huh? You

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  1. I have a Galaxy. When I took a photo, my camera wouldn't work again for several seconds, I assume until the photo had been sent to Google Photos. Too many missed pictures, so I un-installed the app. Thanks for your channel. You're both so generous, sharing your time, knowledge, and talent.

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