Google 日本語入力ピロピロバージョン

Google 日本語入力ピロピロバージョン

Japanese Input like never before. In short, its a “Keyless Keyboard” The theme was user-friendliness, for users who aren’t the most tech-savvy people. Its a device filled with dreams That “device” is, Google Japanese Input Piro-piro Version. Place the petite module on the piro-piro (party horn). The length of the blown stretched party horn is measured by an infrared sensor. Then a letter is entered according to the length of the party horn. This is how this innovative device works. The stretched party horn is tracked by a sensor and is converted into letter information with a microcomputer, then sent to your device through Bluetooth. I personally really like this idea. Awaji Island has long been the home to party horn production The party horn, developed in this warm environment inspired the developer team during their visit. As the no.1 producer of party horns in Japan, in various aspects, I could feel a strong commitment to high-quality production from the factory in Awaji. Google Japanese Input Piro-piro Version can be useful, when your hands are full or when you can’t voice search due to your surroundings. It’s a must-have for potter artists. If you already own a party horn, you can use that. Select the most appropriate party horn according to TPO. Eventually, we’re thinking to place a wind-mill inside the device for wind-generated energy. Also utilize the CO2 included in the air we breathe out and sunlight to generate energy through photosynthesis. The Mouth Free Version, to allow conversation and eating is also currently in development. What did you think? Wouldn’t you also like to experience the brand-new Japanese Input? Google

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  1. 普通に声出せばいいんじゃね?

  2. マニアしかマスターできないし、マニアしか手元にないだろう大人のエイプリル。

  3. マウスフリーって鼻からはダサくねっておもったら


  4. イ……………いらねぇーーー!ʬʬʬ打ち間違えたらめんどいだけだろʬʬʬ

  5. 冗談にここまで手間暇かけるのもスゴいね。嫌味のない冗談であることも含め、おみそれしました。

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