GOKU vs SUPERMAN –  The Animated Movie

GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie

Goku vs Superman Starring Goku Starring Superman Really, that’s your super power? You change your hair color? Alright, let’s do this I think this belongs to you. Catch! My god. He’s insanely strong I can’t rely on trading punches with him Alright then. Let’s use a plan to beat this guy You’re clearly outmatched. You should just give up now If I can’t outrun it, I’ll just have to punch it back! You’re stronger than I, but my skills surpass you in every way! There’s no way you can defeat me. Yeah, there’s just one thing about that. I never give up. Is he invincible? I landed a direct hit! What’s going on? I have the advantage a minute ago Wait a second. When did we get so high up? I get stronger as I get closer to the sun. It was my plan all along to bring you up here. My power is draining at this rate. You were a worthy opponent. But this fight is over! What the hell? This is the end! KAIOKEN What the Damn! When did he get so strong? He’s too fast, I can’t even defend myself! That’s enough damage. Now I can end it! Kamehame HAAAAAAAAAAAAA That’s not good! Time for the final blow! What the hell? It can’t be. How is he still alive? I have to be careful. He still has enough power to kill me. Never did I think I would find an enemy that would push me this far. What’s he doing up there? Allow me to show you real power. [Superman Screaming] This is really bad! What is this strange ki? Superman One Million Prime Such enormous power Unfathomable power I’ve never felt anything like this It looks like I am going to have to try it I don’t know if it will work again [Goku Screaming]

100 thoughts on “GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie

  1. This is hilarious now Superman can power up to Superman prime. Unfortunately Superman doesn't have the skill set to defeat Goku. Goku is a martial artist who battles all the time. Goku trained very hard to reach his level of strength. Superman lived in the Sun and that how became Superman prime lol just because you absorbed the suns power means you can fight better lol

  2. Superman would win we all know that Goku fight methods doesn’t work you would need Superman’s weaknesses which he doesn’t have so that makes him stronger

  3. You know I like goko and all but Superman has grown way past his reliance on our sun to the point that I have no idea why the first person to be called to that Omni war wasn't Superman oh wait East vs West

  4. Bullshyt goku at super saiyan would beat super man hands down super man hasn't even trained a day in the art of fighting, krillin would give super man a good go, now super man 1 million prime that's what I'm talking about


  6. Wait Superman don't know martial arts plus only imagine how much stronger Superman would've became if he screamed more…

  7. Esto está muy mal echo Superman para conceguir ese poder se tubo que pasar más de mil años en una estrella y está de mas decir que ya goku en su ssj2 tiene el poder para destruir una galaxia entera

  8. Hahahaha Kiaa Mazaq He Bhaiii Superman Goku K Super Saiyan 2 K Saamny Kuch nh Tum Ne Goku Ko Blue Me Larhwaya :-/ Uper se Goku Kehta He still has Enough Power To Kill Me hahahah nice Joke 😛

  9. Goku will not win. Superman is much faster than Goku. Superman I so fast that he can turn back time. How can you say that superma. Cant keep up with Goku?

  10. Super Man is no match Goku!!! Goku would only have to go super saiyan to beat Super Man. Goku has allways been stronger and more power full than Super Man!!!!

  11. Excellent animation but if it's going to be a fight like this on Goku's level use someone stronger than Superman like Vegeta or something. Goku at Supersaiyan 1 is enough to destroy Superman alone. He wouldn't beed blue, omni, or ultra instinct to beat Superman who can't fight consistently on the same level, speed, and power that Goku does.

  12. Why do people keep putting Superman in the same league as Goku? Goku is way stronger and faster than superman. Supes wouldn't have lasted a good minute against Goku.

  13. I never really saw Goku being able to beat Superman. I think a great fight would have Goku's perfected SSB form fighting against Superman, where he's able to hold his own a little but Superman's power and especially is stamina outlasts Goku. Now if it was MUI Goku which he can't use anymore anyway, he might win. I had thought a good fight would involve SSB Gogeta fighting Superman. I could see Gogeta going toe to toe with Superman.

  14. Pity this was made before Goku achieved Ultra Instinct at the end of Dragon Ball Super. Now that's fight I'd like to see. I get that Supes is strong, but I seriously doubt he'd be stronger than Goku at any power level. He would have way more stamina, and since the Sun recharges him, it'd be practically limitless. But Goku has shown time and again that fighting strong adversaries only pushes him to greater heights. Superman has limits, Goku, for all intents and purposes, doesn't.

  15. Lol ssblue Goku could literally destroy a universe by himself, this wouldn't even be a challenge, Goku would destroy superman easily

  16. So we just gonna ignore the fact that it takes supes YEARS in the sun to reach one million prime form? How you gonna be letting him transform in seconds 😂 I'm a fan of both but goku wins this hands down without superman in one million prime form, if were lead to believe they just started fighting ten mins ago in this video supes is a gonner.

  17. Iv commented on alot of these vs matches between these two but honestly they would become freinds after awhile best crossover idea ever the battle will also be brutal for both fighters but there level of power would destroy everything so they would stop and find a safer place to spar

  18. I like both characters. However, I will always believe that Superman will beat Goku because of key differences in their very characters, and also because of difference in ability. Superman’s strength is seemingly limitless, his speed is nearly so, his durability is so great that he could probably survive universe level explosions and come out more ticked than anything, his heat vision DOES kind of lack against the Kamehameha Wave, his intelligence is off the charts, he was trained in hand-to-hand combat and pressure points by Black Canary, Wildcat, and Batman, and he does not have any limits. Now, I understand why diehard DB fans will always argue my points. They will, and they will call me names, and that’s okay. I can take it. However, I believe that the reason they cannot understand why Superman beats Goku is for four reasons: #1, no character in DB is limitless, only limitless potential, so they believe Goku can find some way to surpass Superman, even though he cannot. #2, they are both made to be the pinnacle of their respective multiverses, so while DC fans cannot picture Superman losing, DB fans cannot picture Goku losing. #3, Goku was made to be a character fighting to be the best and the strongest, while Superman was not, because he already is, thus his story is not about a warrior but rather an immigrant in an alien and foreign place. #4, Goku’s tenacity and unwillingness to give up always overwhelms an opponent in the end, but those aspects just cannot bridge a gap as wide as the one between him and Superman, plus Superman is also tenacious and unwilling to give up.

  19. I now there shiud be a point where goku surpass sup on speed u can defend sup but if u think of it there is a limit to to sup

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