Gary Vaynerchuk’s Social Media Secrets

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Social Media Secrets

100 thoughts on “Gary Vaynerchuk’s Social Media Secrets

  1. Favorite social I'd say YouTube.. The level of engagement (as viewer) is great, especially through the recommended videos: easy to spend a lot of time jumping from video to video 🙂

  2. My favorite social media platform is you tube because it as a tons of content and a millions of people who got talent and by the way u can make money so it's both win and win u made a group for u and by the way u r earning so you tube is my choice

  3. yootoob is easily my favorite platform. No two ways about it. Allows me, a stupid 17 year old kid, to build an audience and have fun making videos.

  4. Youtube and Instagram are my favorites! because they are search platforms, and I can express my self there in video format ;]

  5. Instagram & YouTube. Because I am attracted to visual. And I think these platform made greater impacts to me (and people in general) because of the contents that people like Gary and you created.

  6. Current favorite platform:Instagram
    Why: Its hot🌋getting allot more attention on Insta then on the other platforms recently☺

  7. YouTube and instagram. YouTube because of the horizontal video and possibilities to reach around 2 million people and influence their lives while making money. Instagram because it is easy to use and requires little investment to start building an audience.

  8. I love Instagram. My goal is to spread love, light, and help people heal from depression or any mental hurdles they face

  9. Great video. I personally love Instagram. It’s the perfect blend of short-format writing, photo, and video; all in one community.

  10. My favorite social media platform is Facebook for general purposes. I line this because everyone and their grandparents (possibly great grandparents) are on that platform. Instagram, Twitter, and YT are at times cumbersome for much of the population, especially the older generation.

  11. Love Gary's work. I inhaled "Crushing it" in a matter of three days. It was that good. great talk here guys!! I find him to be so inspiring and you guys too! You've helped me so much!

  12. Love this summary of GaryVees wisdom! 🙌🏼
    This last month I’ve finally started posting native on Facebook.

  13. My favorite social media platform is "Instagram"
    Reason is pretty simple it's clutter free than compared to any other platform it has the most diversity of content and its a great business tool as it creates good amount of brand engament..

  14. YouTube is my favourite platform, as I can use my passion of filmmaking and share with people around the world,

  15. Great video as always !! At 1:26 Sean states Facebook will destroy YouTube links. David Walsh of DavidWalshOnline has a video ( ) demonstrating the RIGHT way to get the YouTube videos viewed by Facebookers and still get YouTube credit. Is his information no longer accurate ? Still learning YouTube but improving from the knowledge gained from your videos. After YouTube which platform would you consider the next best to use ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  16. Instagram! Great tips!!! Just finished listening to the audio version of Crushing It. Love all of Gary's ad libs and enjoyed hearing Amy Landino make an appearance as well by reading the female portions of the book. 🙂

  17. My favorite social media platform is Instagram. Because it was through this platform that I got in contact with legendary people like Garyvee and other such entrepreneurs and leaders. It will always be close to my heart.❤

  18. For me it’s Instagram as I can find people to follow in an easier and more effective way that are closer to my interests and it’s easier for me to bring them value in return ( and to receive value from them). Great video guys 🙂

  19. My favorite platform has to be instagram since I love fashion and inspiring others by providing them value. Also, it's a great platform to grow your personal brand and network with people within your niche ✌🏼

  20. My favourite platform is YouTube I believe it's one of the best platforms for making a successful business online. Great video as always 👍👍

  21. My favorite social media platform currently is Twitter because of Crypto which is the space I am in, soon when launches I will be there!

  22. My favorite social media platform is Instagram because the mobile user experience is super smooth easy and everyone pretty much has one., so it's an incredible communication platform.

    Lol I even use it as a search platform sometimes.

  23. My favorite social media platform is instagram! I love to browse but I need to start doing more posting! Hope to win this signed copy!

  24. Instagram because I remember when it first came out and no one was really using it and it was a place to post memories of photos and as years pass… it’s crazy how much it has advanced. 😱😄

  25. You guys are one of my inspiration and motivation for starting my channel. I am a newbie and I would like to thank you for all the valuable contents that you are sharing.. You deserve all the success.. Salamat! Sending this message from the Philippines..

  26. Youtube definitely is my favorite platform.. It can solve almost every problem I have on a day to day basis.

  27. Favorite social media platform would be YouTube and Instagram. Reason being youtube you can upload long videos that can provide true value and really get people to understand your content and you as a person where as Instagram you can have this aesthetic where your brand truly sticks out and redefined itself without you having to say much.

  28. guys i have a question
    i have a youtube channel even though i am in school please suggest how do i stay consitent. im trying my best to cope up with exams as well as my videos

  29. Favorite social media platform's gotta be Instagram bc of its uniqueness and bc of the personality you can convey and relationships you can build. Also, thanks for the info, guys. Awesome as always!

  30. My favorite platform is Youtube. In second place is a tie between Pinterest & Instagram Thanks guys for the amazing content. In the process of getting started with my own Youtube channel and your tips have been a great help!

  31. Hey guys! 😄 YouTube is my favorite platform for many reasons.. Mostly because of the wide variety of information available at all times. I cant wait to get moved so I can start my channel! You and Gary have helped me prepare in so many ways! I am more confident going into it knowing what I do now. Thank you so much!

  32. I've been listening to "Crushing it" on audio book, loving it, super inspiring and have watched many of Sean's video. My friend and I started a channel almost a year ago and we are having a blast. I feel like we have been more successful on Facebook than we have on you tube. Would love and appreciate some pointers on how to bring some of that to you tube? Thanks for all the Info and inspiring videos!

  33. My favorite platform is YouTube! I learn a lot from it, I'm able to monetize more easily because of it, and I've built a supportive community because of it.

  34. Instagram: the visual appeals to me. It's also filled with positive, and not all the negative, and rubbish that that seems to sprawled throughout my news feed in Facebook. However, i seem to spend the most time, and get the most ROI on YouTube.

  35. I'm building presence everywhere, having had my website and blog for years. I'm LOVING You Tube! Loving your work, totally agree with giving value. I recently bought a tripod after your review, it's awesome! I'm reviewing every book I read on my channel, so adding this Gary Vee book would be a great way to build my presence. I want my own URL!!!!

  36. Hey guys, did YouTube take away the ability to see the number of search results there are for any given search?

  37. Youtube is my favorite platform because it's the closest this to real interactivity. You can do so much with video it's amazing.

  38. I love the idea of YouTube as it is a very personal social media platform. Being able to talk to people who look at me (even when I don’t see them) makes communication even more personal and real.

  39. Look at all of the value first 😀 Thanks guys. Always a pleasure learning from you and watching your vids. My favorite might be Instagram JUST EDGING out Youtube a hair.

  40. I follow Gary on multiple platforms and everything that he says is so inspirational! You guys are also very helpful and definitely bring value to your viewers and other creators out there. Mahalo for all of your help!!! I love YouTube since I'm able to use my creativity to grow my channel 🙂

  41. Man, I wish I stumbled upon your guys' video before I created my Channel. I learned a lot from your content and wish I could've incorporated some strategies when I broke down Gary's book 😂 That being said, Gary's social media tips are🔥🔥🔥

  42. I’m really loving IG and FB equally because my older generation connections are on FB and IG is new for me with so much to inspirational tactics to learn. Great vid guys! I love GV!

  43. Hello! What did u guys mean by facebook takes the reach? About tip #1
    Does it mean the views on facebook wont go to the youtube video?

  44. My favorite platform is Facebook Live. If I have an idea for a video, I can do it right away and not have to wait for the right time, place, and setting, which leads to loss of inspiration.

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