EquatIO® for Google Introduction

EquatIO® for Google Introduction

In today’s classrooms, students are more
likely to pick up their devices rather than a pen and paper to complete an assignment. But what about math and STEM subjects? Have they been left behind in today’s interactive,
collaborative world? Teachers and students still rely on classroom whiteboards and physical handouts to do their work. That’s because writing math expressions
digitally has always been hard. Until now. At Texthelp, we break down barriers to more effective teaching and learning – for students at all levels, and now, across all subjects. And we’ve finally made digital math super
simple with EquatIO. EquatIO is a Chrome extension that takes the
pain out of creating equations, graphs and math quizzes. Simply type or handwrite virtually any expression
directly on your keyboard or touchscreen, and EquatIO will convert it into accurate,
digital math. Not sure what expression to use? EquatIO can help, instantly turning your thoughts
into clear, on-screen formulas. And it listens, too! When you dictate a formula aloud, EquatIO
is smart enough to ignore any ‘umms’, ‘errs’ and other non-math words. V=pi r squared h Time for a test? No problem! Seamless integration with Google Forms makes
it a snap for teachers to create digital math quizzes that students can take and respond
to directly on their own device. EquatIO even lets students add sketches, diagrams
and other notations to their work – so they can show teachers their thinking, just like
they would on a worksheet. Much more than a replacement for pen and paper,
EquatIO makes math and other STEM subjects more engaging and rewarding for every student. Try EquatIO today – and make math digital
in your classroom.

8 thoughts on “EquatIO® for Google Introduction

  1. very frustrating installation process, never ending pop ups that don't authorize the app, unable to actually insert math…. yikes. simply not usable at present and quite frankly very off putting

  2. Very frustrated that this will replace g(math)! Will this looks awesome – it is also expensive. g(math), while still clunky, had finally become more user-friendly and is free. Will forms (or docs or slides) that I created in g(math) still work after it is retired in Oct. 2017? Can I use the trial of Equatio and still use g(math)? I don't want to download the free trial now ( in the middle of my summer) and then lose g(math) completely. Our district has non-touchscreen Chromebooks as their 1-1 medium and I am concerned about how Equatio will work – if we even have access.

  3. I really like this as an extension for chrome as it's very capable and solves a lot of teacher issues with instructional flow.

  4. It looks like a blind student would be able to use this to create math equations because of the speech feature. Can they play back what is on the right side to make sure what they said was interpreted correctly, since they can't see it?

  5. I am an English teacher. Why can't I delete this extension. It putting itself on my google forms and is very upsetting. Is this a virus? Where is the disable/delete?

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