♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (Finebros) Okay, so we’re doing
something different this time. – Oh, good.
– (Finebros) You’re not watching a video. I’m not? (Finebros) Instead,
you are reacting to this device. Oh god. I’m supposed to take it? Okay. Kinda weird. Looks like a science fiction movie. I think you can see a screen up here
when you put it on. No, that wouldn’t work. Well, I know that you probably… – (Finebros) Not like that.
– No? That looks like…
I’m part Robotron. Oh, it’s the Google Glass! – (Finebros) It is!
– Oh my god! Spaceship 12, calling Earth!
Spaceship 12, calling Earth. (movie reel rolls) (Finebros) Do you have
any idea what it is? This looks like my hearing aid. It looks like some kind
of a video game or something. I would venture a guess.
It’s something like Google Glass? This looks like a model
for Google Glasses. – Google Glass.
– (Finebros) Yes! Oh my god! I’ve never seen one in person. (Finebros) How did you know
about the Google Glass? ‘Cause I’m hip. (Finebros) So, go ahead.
You can put it on. Oh my. – (Finebros) Other way. They’re upside down.
– (laughing) (Finebros) It’s already on.
How do you get it to work? I’m trying to see if there’s
something to plug in and download. What can I press? Okay…(laughing) Um…hmm. There’s gotta be at least an on/off switch. – (Finebros) Well, it’s already on.
– It’s already on? – (Finebros) It’s already on.
– Then I have no idea how it works. (Finebros) So, the way to use Google Glass
is you’ll actually speak to it. You’re kidding. – It’ll do anything I say?
– (Finebros) No, it has specific commands. (Finebros) So the first thing
we’re gonna have you do – is take a picture with it.
– Whoa. (Finebros) You’ll say, “Okay, Glass!”
You’ll wait for the beep, then you’re gonna say,
“Take a picture.” – Whatever I’m looking at?
– (Finebros) Mmm-hmm. Well, where’s the mirror?
No, I’m just kidding. Okay, Glass.
Glass, okay. What was it? – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) Okay, Glass…uh…take a picture. “You must sign in.” “You must sign in.”
How do I sign in without a pen? La plume! – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) Take a picture. Okay, Glass.
Take a picture. – (Finebros) Do you see the picture?
– Got it! Yay! There it is. Holy smokes, that’s awesome! – (Finebros) What’re you thinking?
– I’m thinking that this is incredible! I gotta get these. This modern stuff is crazy, man. How much do these things cost? That’s pretty cool. Mmm-hmm.
I don’t like it, though. (Finebros) So, next, let’s
have you take a video. Okay. (Finebros) Instead of saying,
“Take a picture,” you’re going to say,
“record a video”. Okay, Glass.
Take a video. – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) – Record a video.
– (beeping) – Hi!
– Hi, Rhoda! – Hi, guys.
– Are we on there? Fantastic. Oh my god. (laughing) – Hi!
– (laughs) Elastic [bleep] video. (laughs) – (Finebros) What does it say?!
– That’s what it says. – What? (overlapping speech)
– Watch elastic [bleep]… Oh my god. Porn mobile video
on your porn phone. (Finebros) You went
to the internet accidentally! (laughs) (Finebros) Let’s move on
and have it send an email. – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) – Send a message to…
– (beeping) ..the Fine brothers. “Sent message.”
Good god. That is amazing. You know what I think
is next after this? Implants. (Finebros) Now we’re gonna show
you how you can use Google Glass – as a phone.
– Awesome. – Uh…call.
– (Finebros) No, start with “Okay, Glass.” – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) Make a call to Rafi!
Oh, you must sign in. – Okay, Glass!
– (beeping) Make a call to Rafi!
Oh, it says “call failed”. – (Rafi Fine) Hello?
– (Rafi’s voice on phone: ‘Hello?’) Yes? Hello. – (Rafi Fine) Can you hear me through there?
– (on phone: Can you hear me through there?) Yes, I can hear you! I can hear you in here.
Where am I hearing you? – (Rafi Fine) Hello?
– Oh my goodness. It’s right in my ear. You gotta admit, it’s pretty remarkable. It’s like I’m in a different
world, all of a sudden! Technology just rolled over me
like a big ol’ steam roller. (Finebros) We’re not done yet.
Next thing we’re gonna have you do is you can ask it a question.
You can ask it for the weather, – or anything.
– Anything, basically, you do with Google – on the internet.
– (Finebros) Exactly. – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) Um…no, back to homescreen. – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) – Google?
– (beeping) I’m gonna ask you a question.
What’s the weather like tomorrow? 84 degrees and partly cloudy
in Burbank. Thank you. (Finebros chuckles softly)
It doesn’t talk back. Oh. (Finebros) So back and do that again,
and then ask it whatever you want. Okay. – What time is it in Singapore?
– (beeping) (Google Glass) The time
in Singapore is 8:41 A.M. How does this Glass know?!
How does it know? (Finebros) You can play music on it,
you can set reminders that, while you’re wearing it,
it’ll pop up and remind you – to do something.
– Uh-huh. (Finebros) And there’s even apps
being made all the time, everything from recipes,
turn-by-turn direction navigation… So what do you think about
all the things Glass can do? This is cool, man. This is the kind of stuff
that was fantasy when I was a kid. Took me a while to get used
to my smart phone, or the laptop, or the computer before that.
It takes a while to get used to them, but I’m sure that I
would love to have a pair. Boy, I think there needs to be
some rules on when and where you can do this, because–you know what–
I hate people on their cell phones. (Finebros) Do you think
that this is practical? It might be a pain in the ass
to really use at all on the street, but at home, maybe alright. Well, I couldn’t wear it all day long.
It’s too uncomfortable. Well, you might have an accident or two.
You know, driving? Or you might get so involved in this,
you step off the curb and get hit by a car. I think it’s practical now.
I think it’ll only get better as most technology does. (Finebros) Do you think this type
of technology will become commonplace? Probably. I see my grandkids buying these right now. Yes. I do. I wonder how secure other people
will feel when you’re wearing glasses like this,
and recording something they may not know about. Way back in the ’50s,
when you had comic strips, we had Dick Tracy…
and his Dick Tracy communicator. And that was so far-fetched.
Look at it now! (Finebros) Can you share
your overall thoughts from where technology
was when you were kid to now? Well, I’ll try to give some perspective…
I can remember the first time I saw a television,
a little black and white screen. We had dial-up heavy phones
with party lines, and the cameras were
instamatic film cameras. I remember trying to call
this guy I had a crush on. He didn’t have a phone
in his apartment, so I had to call the manager of the apartment,
who had to go upstairs to get him, and he would come to the phone! But, you know, the same guy and I
are now connected with Facebook. (laughs) – (Finebros) That’s amazing.
– He still lives in Uruguay. You don’t know how much we’ve come!
You’re taking it for granted. (Finebros) So, finally, if you could
have one, would you get – a Google Glass and use it everyday?
– No. I probably would. I don’t think so. I have no need for it. Yes, I would. Yes, I would. I’d rather not. Yes. Probably not. If this is the next phase
where business and life takes us to where if you don’t have it,
you’re gonna cancel your account. You can’t go to the bathroom anymore,
and you can’t register your car without one of these. You know?
Then you say, “Okay… Pick it up and turn it on.” Thank you for watching. Let us know in the comments
what technology we should react to next. – Okay, Glass.
– (beeping) Subscribe to the channels. See you later! Bye, Google eyes! ♪ (ragtime music) ♪


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