Don’t just design websites, build them.

Don’t just design websites, build them.

I used to just design
websites for my clients. Now I design and build them. Ooh. That’s the old me. Going through round after round of wireframes, mockups, client revisions, and developer handoffs. Now when I wanna build a site, I just create it. With Webflow, I can bring my designs to life without writing a single line of code. And its capabilities are limitless, so I’m not confined by
uninspired templates. It’s got all the professional design tools I’ve come to expect. Webflow takes care of the code for me, writing clean, responsive HTML, CSS, and Javascript automatically. So, no annoying setup time for me, and no need to bring in a developer unless there’s complex backend work. And, if I ever need the code, it’s available to export
at the click of a button. Once I’m finished, I can send my clients a
fully interactive site so they can preview it live on the web. Oh, and when they give me feedback, I can make changes instantly. And it’s live again. After final handoff, my clients can continue
to make simple changes or write blog posts right on the page, without breaking the site. Which means I can go back
to doing what I love most: design. If you can design it, you can build it. With Webflow.

11 thoughts on “Don’t just design websites, build them.

  1. I feel like I'm gonna be shadow banned for saying this, but I'll just say it: You took me a hot second to realize your a women. There. You still look nice.

    Also, nice program. Works really well, from what I've seen.

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