Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Future-Proof your Facebook Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Future-Proof your Facebook Marketing

hi this is Krista Neher CEO bootcamp
digital and I want to talk to you about how to future-proof your facebook
marketing every now and again probably every three to six months Facebook comes
up with an algorithm change and the internet goes crazy these would change
their algorithm again and you see all these awesome linkbait posts about how
you can better rank for Facebook’s new algorithm changes or how your page is
dead because organic reach doesn’t exist anymore because Facebook changed their
algorithm again and honestly I’m so sick of reading these stupid articles because
it’s actually not that hard to create a facebook strategy that’s future proof
against any changes facebook makes to their algorithm since facebook started
with the edge rank algorithm however many years ago it was like five years
ago what they really have been focusing on doing it’s just making the content on
Facebook or meaningful to consumers and trying to get brands to pay so there’s
two themes to every status update give people stuff they care about and make
businesses have a little bit of a harder time getting in front of people so
hopefully that hit advertised if you actually just sit back almost every
change to Facebook’s algorithm has been about those two things so guess what if
you want a future proof your Facebook strategy all you need to do is think
about those two things so number one create great content brands that
consistently create amazing content still get great organic reach I’ve seen
pages that have over ten percent organic reach how do they do it they post stuff
that people actually care about if you post or incretin to you from what people care about things like
shorter posts using images using videos all of these optimization tips are
religious ways of saying make your posts optimized for the way people want to
consume your content so if you optimize your posts for the things that people
will respond best to and that they actually want your facebook content will
automatically be huge approved because your updates are going to be things
people care about secondly be prepared to pay a lot of people think Facebook
should be free well newsflash there’s no marketing that’s free including social
media so guess what you’re probably going to need a bit of a budget now
here’s the thing there’s some businesses that are able to reach tens of thousands
or hundreds of thousands of people with paying zero dollars you may or may not
be one of them either way facebook ads are so targeted and so cheap they’re a
no-brainer in your marketing strategy so bottom line stop obsessing over small
changes to Facebook’s algorithm stop reading these silly little packs that
come out on how to get better results on Facebook and focus on great content
people care about and getting a budget together and you’ll be future-proof for
all of Facebook’s changes now and in the future thanks for watching I’m Krista
follow me online at Kristin Air Care is ta NEA TR or my company Abu pantich at
all thanks for connecting

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with watching myself on video. But seriously – stop buying into the *the sky is falling* articles and build a solid strategy with no gimmicks.

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