Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 253

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 253

Unknown Speaker 0:00
should be live. Alright, cool. And we are welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts today
is the 11th of September 2019. And we’ve got almost everybody here. We’re going to do a
quick, quick little introduction. But and then we’ve got some really good announcements
before we dive into the questions which looked and it looks like you’ve already got some
really good ones today. So we’re going to dive into that. But start with Bradley on
the top left. How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 0:27
I’m good. Happy to be here. excited because we’re about a month away from hopefully live.
So excited but nervous at the same time because I can’t stand flying and I have to fly again.
I know for you guys is no big deal. But for me, I hate it. So I can start getting nervous
about a month out. But it’ll be a good event. So I’m excited about Unknown Speaker 0:46
say, Denver’s a little bit of a drive. Definitely want to fly there. Yeah. Well, somebody had
a birthday this weekend, I think right. Unknown Speaker 0:54
They shall remain on mentioned Unknown Speaker 0:58
smoothly over that Bradley did not have a birthday. I repeat. Unknown Speaker 1:03
Again, well, you know, in case somebody did have a birthday, happy birthday. So Chris,
how you doing? Good. Doing good. Little, some of it is we’re Unknown Speaker 1:14
going into autumn. Unknown Speaker 1:16
But yeah, like same as you excited for TOEFL like it’s going? Definitely. And for those
of you who are new, that’s awesome. Thanks for watching. If you have no idea what we’re
talking about, it’s gonna be our second year running live event in Denver this year, you
can go to pro food live. com to find out some more about that. And we’ll talk a little bit
about that in just a second. But last and certainly not least Marco, how you doing? Unknown Speaker 1:39
What’s up, man, I’m excited. We have a webinar tonight with Peter Drew. And he’s he’s been
I’ve been we’ve been doing his stuff for quite a while. And now we’re going to go into his
group and and share some of our knowledge. And you know, I’m going to be sharing, actually
one of my clients, you know, you guys know that like, doing that. Not Not Not the name.
But but but the numbers and, and, and like, for example, without giving the farmer whale
or what the webinar tonight is about, you know, 2000 actions or whatever Google calls
it. With over 1000 visits to the website, almost 200 calls are just incredible shit
that’s still going on. With GMV. It’s not dead, I hasn’t died. It just the verification
is is very difficult. But if you can get a client who has a legitimate GMB that you can
work on, you can still get phenomenal results. And this is someone going back a year that
the Lord is going back now what two years is it? Since this came out almost. So I’m
not I’m not sharing those numbers. But those are even bigger. Maybe I should have but I
don’t know. I didn’t want people to think I was lying. Like, like I’m lying if I share
that, but But anyway, it still works phenomenally well, everything we do still work. Imagine
that. Imagine that? What What is it six years in for Semantic Mastery. And they still work? Unknown Speaker 3:25
On that’s good. Gonna go talk to Peter Jews people, show them what’s up. So definitely
be a good webinar for them. For anyone who’s interested in what they’re going to be covering.
It’s going to be stuff that you know, we talk about a lot. So if you’re interested, we could
either get you a replay, we can point you in the direction of some other content that
we have that’ll that’ll help you out over there. Unknown Speaker 3:48
Really? Join us for the webinar. Yeah, it’s at eight Eastern. Unknown Speaker 3:54
Yeah. You parents tip will drop the registration link. Unknown Speaker 3:58
Yeah, drop the registration link and join us and it’ll be fun. I might give something
away. I don’t know. I might just get loose mouth. Unknown Speaker 4:08
All right, real quick, everyone. Thanks for being here today. If you are new, you’re in
the right place. We’re about to hop in and start answering your questions. you’re checking
out the replay, you can always ask questions ahead of time and go to Semantic
slash HD questions and ask them there we’d love it if you’re live but we get it life
gets in the way, you may have to step away you got a client call whatever it is you’re
doing. But you can always ask your questions we just ask that you limited try to ask one
question. You know, we get like those really crazy long, like five part questions, we sometimes
have to skip through them to make sure that we get to other people’s but then you can
come check out the replay on our YouTube channel. And then where to start with Semantic Mastery.
This is definitely a question we get a lot. And you know, people are like, Well, what
do you do if you have a new site? Or what do you do when you’re setting up a YouTube
channel or you have an age domain. And all of that stuff is covered in the battle plan,
right? It’s a step by step, battle plan for processes for getting results and all those
different areas and a bunch of other stuff that I haven’t even mentioned a bunch of crazy
frickin bonuses that are really awesome that we put together over the years and we keep
this updated. You know, we update it from time to time we don’t you know, relaunch it,
we just put it out once a year for a huge update, but throughout the year we’re constantly
updating it if you don’t have that yet, highly recommend you go over to battle plan dot Semantic
Mastery. com, pick it up. And then the next step from there if you’re ready to grow or
start your own digital marketing business, then join us in the mastermind, right that’s
you hear us talk about it from time to time it’s great not only for the information but
to the access to other people you get, right it’s people who are serious about as Marco
would say, doing the do or walking the walk and you want to be around those people as
well as learning from them. And so if you’re interested in that Find out more at mastermind
dot Semantic Mastery calm. And then last but certainly not least save time and money. We
tell people to do this regardless if you’re doing this with clients if you’re doing it
for your own projects. But you know user done for you services, if it fits into your project,
go over to MGYB dot CEO, find out what can help you get started there in terms of syndication
networks are always strive to x press releases link building embeds whatever, right, we constantly
preach us, this is the stuff we use for our own projects so that we can speed up results.
So we’re not down there in the trenches doing it all the time. I’m on my end, I think that’s
about it, guys, do we have anything else we want to cover besides telling people to come
to poke who live in October, we really want to see as many people there as possible, and
you can grab your ticket at Whole Foods Unknown Speaker 6:36
I just want to mention that quickly Marco, I just want to mention that, you know, perfectly
live is is is about kind of a multi angled approach to getting results for your business,
whatever that business may be, you could be a digital marketing consultant, or own an
agency or even just own your own business. For that matter. It doesn’t even have to be
you don’t even have to be a marketing consultant, you just want to grow your own business and
could be offline business or not online business. What we’re going to be talking about is a
combination of, of course, digital marketing strategies. That’s what we primarily taught
for over all the years. But through my own experience recently, with my new business,
I found more of a holistic marketing, which actually has a significant impact on digital
presence, which I would have never known had I not started this business of mine that has
a traditional marketing component to it. And so it’s really interesting to be able to see
results with my own new business, how much how you can create a strong brand, very, very
quickly using a combination of marketing methods, not just strictly or purely digital marketing
methods, which is what I have been using in preaching for even my own clients for many
years now. And it’s on, it’s very interesting to see the results that I’ve been able to
achieve in just a few months it’s in and also implementing with some of my clients now because
of the significant results I’ve seen. But on top of just the in the marketing training
that you’re going to get, it’s also the mindset training and the networking along with others
that are, you know, savvy business owners of their own. And it’s just creating that,
that kind of that all encompassing environment where you can really learn and grow and learn
how to get better results for whatever business you may be in. So I would encourage you guys,
if you’re really in need of, you know, an edge in your own business, you see, you’re
kind of stagnant, you want to see significant growth, growth we live is probably your best
opportunity. Come check us out. Unknown Speaker 8:34
For people who are on the fence. Right? And I don’t know some people, is it really going
to be worth it? Should I go to Denver? Why should I go to Denver, I would say go to the
sales page, watch the videos, those are people who were at at last year’s powerful live event.
Listen to what they have to say because this some seasoned marketers in there guys that
are saying that that it was a lot of stuff shared that they just didn’t know or or would
never have thought of. So even if you’re a seasoned marketer, you think already know
what I need to know, I would say Come join us, come join us because I am going to especially
what I’m going to talk about, its to me. And my approach, it’s life changing for me, and
how I see things and how I look at things and how I deal with things. So I mean, it
could be what you need to get you not only on the path to powerful, but even closer,
whatever your post food is, right? Doesn’t have to be mine doesn’t have to be bread,
you should have you should know what your goals are, you should know where you want
to be, what your revenue monthly recurring revenue should be or where you want it to
be. But you need a way to get there. And that’s what we want to do for you. We want you want
to help you stop that path and keep you on that path. Unknown Speaker 10:06
Okay, very well said should we jump into questions or what? Yeah. Unknown Speaker 10:11
All right. Let me grab the screen. Unknown Speaker 10:17
Okay, you guys should be seeing my full screen. Correct. Unknown Speaker 10:21
Please confirm? Unknown Speaker 10:25
Anybody? Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. Thank you. Alright, so we’re going to start with
Greg. And then we’ve got this very long multi part question. Unknown Speaker 10:36
Guys, we’ve we’ve tried to tell you remind you guys on a regular basis. We can’t assume
everybody’s heard it, though. But please, Brett, split your questions up? You know,
ask one. If it’s a question that has maybe one or two parts to it. Ask that and then
allow some other people to post questions before posting your next question. Because
that’s a lot. That’s going to take a few minutes to get through. But we’ll, we’ll try to run
through it. We can. Or just Unknown Speaker 10:58
just break it up. We can come back to it. Yeah, we might have to. Unknown Speaker 11:01
So we’ll start with Greg though he’s first up. He says, Marco when you are testing a
new strategy? How do you verify it works? How do you ensure it is because of that new
strategy? And how do you track results these days with Google showing everyone individualized
search answers or search results? Unknown Speaker 11:19
All right, come me It’s very simple. Does it affect the bottom line. The end result
to me is increased visits to the website, which means more form feels more, and especially
if I’m in GMB, it means more phone calls, means more visits from GMB to the website,
it means more requests for directions. And that should reflect month to month on how
much the client is making. From my efforts. I keep a really close eye on my clients I
it has to be transparent, right? I have a really good relationship with clients. When
I take on a new client. It’s a must. It has to be be transparent, I have to be able to
see, if you try to hide something from me that it means that you’re trying to fuck me
out of money. And there’s no way that we’re going to work. I don’t care about Google showing
people individualized search results, simply because at the end of the day, it transfers
into a metric that I can measure it. For example, another thing about GMB is that it affects
organic. It has a cause and effect relationship between what you do in GMB and your organic
sodas. RYSF. Like everything that we do, it’s like a domino effect. One pushes the other
until the very end. And at the very end, what you see is results. You know, we call it paper
result, right? Unknown Speaker 12:52
Or performance Unknown Speaker 12:54
Paper Paper is on a paper performance, PvP PPR, however you want to call it, how is my
client going to know what my performance is. And whether I’m getting results? Well, I’m
going to track everything I’m going, I’m going to track that phone that I’m going to have
access to it. So I can track it. I’m going to track that GMB, I’m going to have them
in analytics, I’m going to have them in Google Search Console, I’m going to know the keywords
that are pushing up on them, I’m going to know the traffic that’s coming into the website,
I’m going to know what happens to the traffic when it gets to the website. And I am going
to know where that traffic drops off. So it’s an overall approach. Now, I know month to
month, what’s happening with my client, when I try something new, it has to have either
a positive negative or neutral effect on every day, but it does not affect and I track it
over several months that you can’t just be one month, because that could just be a bump.
But if there’s a steady, steady growth or a steady drop, I know I did something right
or I did something wrong. So it’s so to me, it’s very simple to keep track of I don’t
need 1000 SEO tools and 1000 thing to keep track of what’s happening with my clients,
or to know whether I’m getting results. Now, if it’s on something new that I’m trying,
then I might just try that that one thing. So that’s isolation, right? That’s not a single
variable test, because it could have several variables involved. And so that but but that
test is going to be done in isolation so that it’s going to be absent everything else that
we do and in Semantic Mastery, so that I know whether we can add it to our arsenal, which
is how GSB came into being right. It’s just for me testing and seeing what I’m getting
results in isolation meaning within the GMB ecosystem, and I started seeing a bounce in
Search Console Webmaster Tools, whatever you want to call it. And so I knew the only thing
that I was doing was I was working inside the GMB. The only thing that could be happening
is my whatever work I did had the effect that I wanted that I wanted to have some of it
is just serendipity. Right? It just happened. You come across you stumble across it, and
you say, holy crap, this is the day I gotta go see what’s happening, what’s going on?
What did I change? What did I do? But that’s how I do it, Greg, Unknown Speaker 15:36
thank you for that answer. And I agree with that i same. For me the same thing. It’s more
about what is the end result? I don’t really, you know, I still do provide rank reports
for clients. But rank reports are typically I’ve conditioned all of my clients to understand
that rank reports are just an indication of what their search presence looks like. It’s
not like law, like it used to be years ago because of more individualized or personalized
search results being displayed now. Because what we track more is analytics, and traffic
and conversions. Essentially, that’s what we’re those are the primary metrics. And those
all affect the bottom line. So what we’re looking for is number of leads generated number
of visits to website, but not even that it’s more or less, I mean, we still look at that.
But it’s more about the conversions, number of conversions created, whether those are
phone calls, or web form submissions, or whatever the conversion goal is, obviously most of
my clients are looking for leads. So we track basically number of leads, however that lead
came in whether it was a phone call, or web form, submission, or whatever the case is.
But that could also apply to people that are you know, for example, e commerce or when
you’re looking to make sales online or whatever that is that those same type of metrics. It’s
not necessarily for local businesses, it’s more in my opinion, it’s not necessarily search
results. It might be for e commerce, but not necessarily for local businesses. And I don’t
know why this thing is making me reconnect. Let me see if I can get it to load. As far
as what do I do for testing? To determine if something Why is this not loading son of
a bitch if I can’t read the questions, um, when it comes to testing for for me, I’ve
got a ton of lead gen sites. So I usually do testing on my lead gen sites first. And
once I’ve discovered something that works, then I repeat it and try it or try to duplicate
it on another lead gen site. And if I can duplicate it and get similar results from
the same process or same method. And as Marco said, it’s not really an isolation because
there are other components, other methods that have been applied. So it could be a combination
of the the thing that I’m testing, in association with other things that have already been applied.
So what I try to do is find another property that has, you know, had similar things done
to it. And again, I’ve got a ton of lead gen property. So I got a lot of testing sites,
or testing projects, in other words, that you know, projects I can test against, and
then I apply the same thing. And if I’m able to get similar results, then I will start
to apply those to client sites as well. So I usually prove everything prior to applying
anything to a client site. Those are good questions are great. So the next one is from
Lloyd. And it’s actually it’s, it’s actually seven full questions squeezed into there.
So we’re not going to go through all seven. It looks like it’s only three. But three.
Part number three has got four parts to it. It’s seven questions. So we’ll, we’ll come
back to and Lloyd, if we have time. We’ll start with the first two. How about that?
So the first one is which of your done for you services, would you recommend for the
following scenarios to rank fast local lead gen. Number one local lead gen for an agent
working within a certain radius rank for a main keyword and subdomains for each city. Unknown Speaker 18:55
Again, it done for you services, and we would recommend are the same that we talked about
in battle plan. You know, there’s and I mean, I kind of all kind of run through them right
now very quickly. But it’s the same process and eat, whether it’s for local or for even
national type terms. It’s just for national type terms, you’re typically going to require
more of the some of the things whatever they are, right so but for local, I always recommend
a syndication network that’s branded for the brand name of the company, period. It You
know, that’s that’s the first thing we do is syndication network, then once that’s delivered,
then we end up ordering us a DR stack and RYS Dr. Stack because that’s how you can build
that association between brand name and keywords that you’re trying to target and or locations
as well. And then blogging to your money site if you have a money site blogging to that
to feed the syndication network, but you’re going to include the syndication network URLs
in your drive stack order. So that does get built into the profile, press release announcing
the new business. And then what I like to do is use blog posts as an excuse to publish
new additional press releases. For example, you know, if you get on a on a regular basis
of maybe let’s just use an example of two press releases per month. So you you’d highlight
or promote two different blog posts per month with a press release, if that makes sense.
Because then you can do a whole bunch of what we call PR silo stalking. If you don’t know
what I’m talking about, just go to our YouTube channel and search PR silo stalking, or press
release SEO. Either one of those will work and you’ll be able to find a webinar where
we talked about that. From there, you’ve got you we got the embed packages, especially
for local it works really, really well. If you go to MGYB dot CEO and you can embed your
GMB map URL or your map excuse me, and do an embed blast for that and and link building
to that that works really well link building to your drive stack, the ad ID local iframe
loop, that’s something else that works very well. So just putting all of those components
together, and then being consistent, again, blogging consistently. If it’s GMB, you want
to be doing GMB posts consistently, those are all things that once you get the Get Started,
you just keep them going. It’s like keeping your foot on the gas, and it starts to build
momentum. And once you piece all these, once you put all these pieces together, then you
should start to see significant results. My timeframe for getting significant results
with it with the GMB, it depends on the competition, if it’s kind of a, you know, suburb area with
low competition, I can usually get results within 30 days. But if it’s a more competitive
area, then I usually tell a client they act, the timeline to expect significant results
is three months. But I usually end up getting results within about 60 days, just putting
all of those pieces together. And those you know pretty much the same. And I’d rather
under promise and over deliver, then try to tell a client, you know, I can get your results
in 60 days and have something happen where I don’t get results in 60 days, and then i’ve
you know have not delivered upon what I promised. So I always try to set expectations for 90
days. And just by putting all those pieces to gather and start to build momentum, then
it ends up usually within 60 days I get significant results only the most competitive areas does
it take usually 90 days to get significant results. Marco would say you on that Unknown Speaker 22:12
I say that local a relative? We do the same thing. For both for anything, the foundation
is the same just how much of it is is the only question right some some some need more
power. And even at the local level, I’ve come across keywords that are just a bitch to get
to that that man, it’s just rough, but then you just have to keep hammering it. I you
know, I brute force it. So if if something doesn’t work the way that I want, I just give
it more of it and force it to work. The way that we do it though is how we approach the
entity at a local level. And at the National global affiliate, whatever it is level, if
you have to at a little bit different. And that’s all throughout our training. We did
a webinar, the entity webinar in MTI be right, it’s one of the update webinars, we did that.
And we showed how it’s done. So I suggest go start going through, start going through
our stuff, take a look at everything, we have tons of resources, our YouTube channel is
a great resource for free information. And we have I don’t know how many thousands of
hours of training in there and webinars and just things that we go over and maybe we update
or we’ll do a training webinar, whatever it is that we do, plus, the mastermind, doesn’t
matter Mastery mastermind, that’s where we really get down and get to the nitty gritty
and give people the best tools and the best way to approach whatever it is that they’re
doing. But at this level and what you’re looking to do, I don’t treat them any differently,
man. That was the only thing that my approach is a little bit different as far as the entity
that I’m going to show Google. Unknown Speaker 24:02
So number two is National lead gen for so he’s asking about which MGYB services would
get the best result quickest results for a national lead gen for a keyword like life
insurance or Life Insurance Quote, again, I stand by my first comment and so so well
Marco, I’m sure in that it’s the same thing, we still build the entity as you met. That’s
part of like what I call an entity loop. We’ve talked about that in various locations, and
pretty much any one of our paid member paid courses, we’ve talked about the iframe loop,
or entity loop, pretty much the same thing. And and that’s it’s just building that out
first, and then it’s how much power you inject into it. So whether you’re I mean, now remember
life insurance life insurance, quote, that’s going to be a bitch to rank for, you can do
it, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of work because those are very,
very, you know, competitive terms. And they have been for many, many years. So that’s
like going after gold or you know, gold IRA or something like that very similar in that
it’s going to be very difficult for something like that. But it can be done with enough.
Enough power, right and enough effort. So again, say is pretty much the same common
as number one, it’s just a matter of how much you put into those, that when you’re building
that out. Again, Mark, you want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 25:21
Yeah, I would just caution that you have to gauge the time and effort, that it takes time,
effort and money versus the return that you’re going to get on it sure. Because if if you
have limited resources, and you’re trying to rank for life insurance, it’s likely not
going to happen, although it can be done if you do it correctly. And it’s something that
we would only guide you through again, in our Semantic Mastery mastermind, we had that
a case study that Darya presented, and he explained exactly how he got the result and
what it took. Right, which included Of course, our methods. And in it, they’re available
in MGYV be that CEO so that you don’t have to do it. And so that it Believe it or not,
although people see it as an expense, ordering something from MGYB, you’re actually investing,
right and it saves you It saves you money in the long run, because you don’t have to
spend all that time first. Trying to figure out how to do it. Second implementing it.
Third, are you doing it correctly so that you could follow the battle plan? Right. But
that that only takes you so far? I always tell people look, if you want to know how,
if you want direct answers, if you want to go in depth, if you want us to look at your
website, the mastermind is the place to be there is no other place where we’re going
to give you what you’re looking for, which is information on how to rank locally and
nationally outside of the mastermind. Although we do give you a lot of information, you put
it together. And we’ve had people Paul Fussell is one one of the people who created a an
entire business, just from our Hump Day hangouts where we sharing in Hump Day Hangouts, we’ve
had people come to us with business already that they built from listening to us and Hump
Day Hangouts, and going through our free training. So I mean, that’s one way of putting it all
together. But imagine how much time and effort that’s going to take versus joining the mastermind
with which, to me, the price that we’re charging monthly is ridiculous. It’s not enough, but
it is what it is, and get the guidance that you need, get the done for you services, and
learn how it’s done. Once you once you know how, then it’s just lather, rinse, repeat.
That’s the Semantic Mastery way. Unknown Speaker 27:44
Alright, so Lloyd, if we have time, we’ll come back. But we spent a lot of time on your
first two questions. And there’s several more. So I think the same answer goes from number
three. I’m not going to read the question, but it’s pretty much the exact same thing
that we just mentioned for number one and number two, if we come back for A, B, C, and
D or whatever, what if we have time? We’ll come back to that. Okay. Kyle says is that
a bad idea to build out an existing Dr. Stack and G site if the new Dr. elements and G site
pages are based on other businesses, brand name keywords, for example, you have an affiliate
site and one of your money sites pages is Bowflex review, or Playstation review? Thanks.
I don’t see why that would be a problem. I mean, that’s, it is a brand name. But it’s
also cute. I mean, there’s a brand name part of it, but it’s also a keyword, right? People
look for that kind of stuff. There are sometimes you can’t create ads when you’re using a trademark
name. But as far as and again, I’ll let Marco clarify what his error put, you know, tell
you what his thoughts are. But in my opinion for SEO, I don’t see why that would create
any problem, especially within a drive property or Google, you know, drive stack and NG site.
Marco, what, what do you think Unknown Speaker 28:54
it’s only a problem when you’re trying to run a trademark ad, I can’t do you can’t do
it, you have to get around Google’s Terms of Service. And they’re going to probably
block that ad from showing because you you’re using something that’s trademark. But if you’re
if you’re doing a review of the product. Now, here’s the caveat. Unless you’re doing a bad
review of the product, if you do a bad review, you better make sure that you write in case
they come after you. Because if you can’t show how you write about your bad review,
you could get into a lot of trouble that way. Otherwise, if you’re just trying to sell Bowflex
through Amazon, or whatever it is, or sell a PlayStation through Amazon, Playstation
welcomes you selling for them. Why not that they’ll pay that glad that Amazon will gladly
pay the commission, could they make money both ways, so they don’t care? Yeah, Unknown Speaker 29:52
just keep in mind that if you’re using those for like affiliate, you also got to check
the affiliate agreements for for those types of products, guys, because sometimes they
will be you’ll be in violation of their affiliate agreement. If you’re using their terms in
like SEO titles and things like that, you have to look most of the time, it’s just for
ads for paid traffic. However, just keep that in mind, you really need to read the affiliate
agreements for that kind of stuff. Because if you put time and effort into building out,
you know, a website with that, that you’re going to put se you know, a bunch of time
and effort into SEO as well as a Dr. Stack and all that other stuff. And you are doing
something against their affiliate Terms of Service, by using their brand name and your
titles and things like that, then you can end up getting your term your affiliate agreement
terminated, or suspended from being able to promote that. So just keep that in mind. You
want to be real careful about that. I don’t know that that’s the case with either one
of these examples. But just make sure that you’re aware of what’s in the affiliate agreement.
Okay. Gordon’s up he says, Hey, guys, can’t thank you enough for all the help you provide
on hump days. Thank you very much. You’re welcome, Gordon. He says I’m sure you probably
know this already. But Google is now limiting the total number of GMB listings shown to
just 20. You must mean within the Manage locations part of your dashboard. Isn’t it just page
needed? Like in other words, it doesn’t just restrict you to 20? Maybe I’ve got some grandfathered
accounts, then because I know that I was just in my jammies today, a couple of them that
have well over 20. So I’m not sure what that means. Maybe newer accounts, I’m not sure
what that means exactly what you’re talking about. But you should even if it only shows
20 as far as I know. Hey, Bradley. Unknown Speaker 31:32
Oh, it’s it’s it’s not in the UK. He’s talking about it in in search results. But that was
just something that was published the other day by some idiot who jumped the gun. It’s
back. Google is always testing Google’s always putting, Oh, you mean in front of people showing
their wish? When you when you did, the more? It was, it was limiting it to 20 rather than
the endless scroll that you were getting? Yeah. Night or pagination, as you said. But
is there back to normal? As far as I know, because, guys, I never jumped the gun when
Google does something. I again, talking about the mastermind. It’s something I always tell
it my my mastermind, people. When Google is out there changing shit, you don’t do a fucking
thing other than what you usually do. Because there’s usually Google out there looking for
idiots. We just I’m sorry, I’m not that I’m calling Kyle. I’m sorry, Gordon an idiot,
but not by any stretch of the imagination. Because you’re always here. You’re always
asking questions. I appreciate you coming in here and asking the question, I’m talking
about these idiots who jumped the gun, put out information that that you know, it could
have been just a glitch in Google that happens guy Google is so huge. It’s unimaginable how
huge Google is there bound to have glitches. When that happens? You do? Nothing? nothing
other than what you usually do. You let things settle once they settle? And you know for
sure, that’s what’s happening. That’s when you say, Okay, let me go and figure out what
it is that I need to do. Since Google is limiting. so so sorry for interrupting, but for interrupting
you. But I just had to get that off my chest. Because I saw that I saw that. Look at this
idiot. No, no, no, give Google a chance to work it out and see how this is going to settle
before you start talking about what Google is doing. Unknown Speaker 33:31
Yeah, well, you know how writers on these big magazines and blogs and stuff are they
they need, they need, they need shit to write about. So as soon as they see something, they
say, oh, Google’s made a change. And it could just be like Marco said, a lot of times Google’s
testing different layouts and things like that when it comes to the search search or
the search results. And a lot of times, that’s just it’s just a test. So it’ll it’ll be here
today and gone tomorrow that that happens a lot. Speaking of which, how many of you
guys, and this is just kind of a rhetorical question, but how many you guys are seeing
now two ads in the maps three packs. So the maps three pack is turning into a maps five
pack with the first two listings being ads. Those are advertisers, people paying for Google
ads, search ads that have the location extension enabled, which means they have a GMB that
is connected or linked to their Google Ads account. And I’m starting to see more and
more to AD placements above the three maps pack. So in other words, in the maps pack,
it’s now a five pack, where the first two placements are ads. So even if you’re in the
number one organic spot in the maps, pack, you’re still in number three position. Think
about that. And so that’s why again, I’ve, I’ve really pushed most of my clients. Well,
I pushed all of my clients with some of them won’t have any part of Google ads. But I’ve
pushed most of my clients into letting me manage an ads campaign for them whether they
wanted to or not, because of that reason, it’s just guys, Google’s pushing us more and
more into the average a space where we got to pay for the pay to play basically, and
I’m not going to fight it anymore for strictly SEO, because I feel like the, you know, and
again, for mostly local, I feel like we’re losing, we continually get pushed further
and further down the page with just strictly SEO results. And so I’m, again, I’m mentioning
to all of my clients to do a blend of both SEO as well as paid ads, because also the
results that it can produce are phenomenal. So anyways, back to Gordon’s questions. He
says anyway, since YouTube is a Google property with lots of authority power, I guess I’m
guessing that it would be a good idea to include it as a backlink source to help a GMB listing
rank in the three pack. Is that correct? And if so, other than updating a few niche related
videos to a up other than uploading a few niche related videos to a niche optimized
YouTube channel and including the GMB URL in the descriptions, what else if anything
can you do to use YouTube to help rank AGMB listing, run ads, run ads and push traffic
in your GMB listing through YouTube? You know, that’s one of the things you can do you can
you know, also like you said, you putting your GMB your NAP your name, address and phone
number in the video description. As well as a link to your GMB maps URL that not the share
URL. I mean, it’s going to be a three on one through YouTube in the description area anyways,
but grab that www. google. com slash maps question marks the ID equals version of your
maps listing right and use that in the description. As well as put that in the comments the first
comment underneath the video and then pin that comment as the channel owner you can
pin comments, right so put that link as the first comment, then run traffic via Google
ads to that YouTube video targeted geo targeted and preferably audience targeting relate,
you know, relevant, relevant audience targeting as well. So because now what happens is, you’re
going to get traffic to that video that are good signals. And in that the description
of the video and then in the comment link underneath, which is a do follow link. Although
that’ll be a topic for another day where we talk about nofollow stuff. Unknown Speaker 37:14
Based on an article that was released today, actually, Unknown Speaker 37:18
by getting geo targeted traffic and prop and preferably audience route, you know, relevant
audience targeting traffic to it as well, you that’s going to help get help the video
to rank better. But that’s also a good signal to the link within the video description.
So in other words, it’s a good signal to the GMB and some people especially like I said,
if it’s geo targeted, and it’s a relevant audience, what you want to look for in market
audiences or life event audiences if possible, then a small portion of those viewers the
video viewers, which is what you’re buying, you’re buying views will actually click through
and those clicks are are extremely weighted, because they’re relevant clicks. And Google
knows it because you’re buying those that traffic from Google. So Google knows which
audience buckets you’re buying traffic from, again, geo targeted, and topical or excuse
me, relevant audience buckets. So those types of engagement signals as Marco was calls it
art, right? activity, relevance, trusting or excuse me, authority, activity, relevance,
trust and authority art, right. So you’re, you’re you’re actually providing two of those
first two signals, active activity and relevancy through those engagement signals that you’re
buying from YouTube. So remember, yes, that on a strictly SEO basis, building links from
YouTube can also help especially to other Google properties. But it’s also the activity
and the relevant signals that you can buy directly from YouTube. And plus, you’ll get
some organic, maybe some organic traffic, which will be helpful to but you can buy it,
and really kind of force everything. What do you have anything to add to that? Unknown Speaker 38:56
Yeah, actually, YouTube ads carry all three activity, relevance, and the trust and authority
that you’re you’re moving from YouTube, to your website, through that, through that visitor
right through that person clicking on that ad coming through. Google is trusting you
with that person. And then when that person if if they finish the goal that you’ve set
for them, then that just senses the trust and authority transferred over to your website.
And the more that that happens, the more trust and authority that you accrue. Unknown Speaker 39:28
Wow, we’re getting a hell of a storm brewing out there, guys. So we’ll try to get through
another 20 minutes without losing power. We’ll see what happens. Okay, so the next question,
he says, By the way, you mentioned previously that the order of the GMB listings that show
up after you click the more places at the bottom and three pack is primarily based on
their proximity to the searcher and not as much on the ranking signals. But if ranking
signals are a significant factor and getting into the three pack, why isn’t it the same
for the listings that aren’t in the three pack? And how do we check if our ranking efforts
are having any impact on moving the listing closer being a three pack? Well, again, it’s
it proximity is a significant issue. So there’s only really the only way that I know of how
to do that is to check is if you are using a Rank Tracker that can simulate a location
based search, like for example, bright local does that. But as we talked about in the past,
even a simulated location based search is not going to be the same as somebody searching
from a, like a mobile device that’s actually in the area. And again, it’s because of the
history, their browsing history, their preferences, their you know, the where they’ve traveled
within that area, you know, all those kind of things, because Google has built a profile
for that searcher, those results are likely going to be different than what you would
see in a local in a search that was simulated from within that particular area, from you
know, servers, if that makes sense. Because the servers aren’t going to have a Google
profile built a local, like a relevant profile built for that particular area. So it can
give you an indication of your ranking of what type of if you’re getting any movement.
In other words, if you are doing SEO work, and you’re using something like bright Look,
I know there’s other rank trackers out there guys that do location based rank tracking.
But remember, it’s still just simulated, so it’s not going to be 100% accurate, there’s
just no way they can be anymore. But it can still give you an indication as if you’re
if you’re getting if you’re improving the rank positioning of whatever it is you’re
working on, because you should see it start to move based on you know, whatever keywords
it is that you’re tracking. Although, like I said, it’s not likely going to be exactly
what somebody’s searching from that particular area is going to see on a mobile device. That’s
a real bona fide you know, genuine person, it can still give you an indication of if
you’re getting results or not. Right, if you’re moving the needle, so to speak. Unknown Speaker 41:55
And come comments on that, or Ki Moon Unknown Speaker 41:57
Yeah, art Trumps anything Gordon, active read was trusted authority. It can even Trump proximity
if you push enough power. So don’t don’t just you’re isolating, you say one versus the other.
And actually, one includes the other take take two listings, that are in close proximity
to the searcher, the one who has done the better job of optimizing and giving Google
the right the right signals will probably be delivered to that person. I mean, it’s
all it’s an all in one, it or I don’t know it’s a component with many different parts,
one of the most important being proximity. But if I had GM bees that weren’t optimized,
and with no activity, no nothing delivered to a person, simply because of the proximity.
But then once you start fleshing it out, once it starts getting activity, once you start
getting posts and images and everything else in there that you’re supposed to, it gets
even better better. So you know that that an optimized GMB will probably get more action
than something that’s not optimized. Unless, you know, it’s just right next door to the
to the searcher, and it just makes sense for rank rank to deliver that search to the person
doing the period. Unknown Speaker 43:21
Amen. So the next question is, and this is fun, it’s kind of when I started talking about
earlier, how our press releases affected and change changing with the new tags sponsored
or UGC tags, which stands for user generated content in search quality, rather guy Raider
guy, excuse me search quality Raider guidelines Google just introduced. Did you update your
submissions already? Hell no. First of all, that was just announced that that it for people
that don’t know you can do a search on this. Google, I’ve just announced that starting
today, they’re going to start treating nofollow links differently. And they’ve introduced
to New Relic equals or, or essentially tags for LinkedIn tag, tag links with they called
one one sponsor to one UGC, which stands for user generated content. First of all, was
just announced today. And because Google announced it, I’m no way what I ever recommend anybody
go out and start changing shit that’s already been published on the web, because Google
published a new announcement. Like if you do that, you’re just setting yourself there
fishing. Google is oftentimes fishing when they announced stuff like this, if you marker
just talked about this, if you freak out and go start changing based upon some changing
stuff that’s already been published based upon something that Google announced, you’re
literally raising the red flag and saying, hey, come look at me, come look at me. I’m
an SEO and everything that I’m touching right now has been SEO. Right. So it’s like you’re
inviting penalty, or scrutiny anyways. Right? So again, I would never after one single announcement
when I go out and start changing shit. First, I want to see what kind of effect it has by
not doing anything. Right. If If I start to see significant drops or changes and existing
projects and things like that, then I’ll start working through what the fixes are, what the
recommendations are, but as Margaret just said in an earlier comment, to an earlier
question, don’t we don’t we don’t want when somebody makes an announcement, whatever it
is, even penalties or new algorithm updates, things like that, while everyone else is scrambling,
we recommend and we’ve been in this game for a long, long time, recommend waiting and letting
the dust settle and letting it kind of the process play out. Because a lot of the times
there’s an initial overreaction, like a knee jerk reaction, and that’s what ends up causing
more harm than good. If you just wait and see what happens. A lot of the times you can
find start figuring out logically, if anything changes at all, just Just so you know, knock
on wood. For the multiple, multiple updates. We haven’t seen any for using the methods
that I know my team and I use and the same ones that we teach, haven’t seen a lot of
time, we don’t even know, an update has occurred until somebody comes on like Hump Day Hangouts,
for example, and says, By the way, what did you think? What kind of changes? Have you
seen because of the new update? Oh, yeah, there was an update, because I don’t read
a lot of the SEO blogs, because I think most of them are full of shit, you know, based
upon, you know, their proprietary metrics and all this other stuff. So I just honestly,
I don’t stay plugged into that stuff until somebody comes to me with, you know, and brings
it to my attention. And if I see any differences in any of my existing projects, then I’ll
dig into it and try to figure out what, you know what occurred Exactly. But again, I would,
I am certainly not going to go out and start changing stuff just because of an announcement
that Google made today. First, I want to see what kind of an effect it has, if any, before
I try to determine what changes to make, and it was at that time, that’s when I would start
to make suggestions. But right now, it’s way too early to tell. And honestly, I’m not I’m
not really even concerned about it at the moment. Unknown Speaker 46:55
Firstly, what we have, we have six months, we’ve been given some six months to see how
to implement any of these changes, if at all, because Google didn’t did not say that you
had to make changes. And the only thing that’s different about nofollow links is that now
they’re being considered a hint. And in quotes, but if you’re using nofollow so that you don’t
pass a vote or trust and authority over to somebody else, then you don’t worry if that’s
how you using your nofollow, then why worry about it? What are you worrying about? There’s
nothing to worry, go read the article, again, go to Google, don’t read somebody else’s fucking
opinion about what Google said, or what somebody said that Google said or what somebody might
have said, about what Google could have said, That’s bullshit. Go read the blog post in
Google. It’s very simple and straightforward. If you need to change the tags, at some point,
go change them. If If you have people it might affect you’re doing, what a blog comments
and all that bullshit, we don’t do any of that we this post to be, I saw it. And because
I didn’t think that it was worth my time. I just blew it. I’m sorry, I blew it away,
because it had nothing to do with anything that we’re doing. Because we don’t do any
of that we don’t go and do blog comments or any other chit. We do our own links and our
own link building. And it works perfectly well. It’s not user generated content. We
don’t get into any of that. We know follow, we use that strategically. But we’re mostly
looking after day after do follow. And that’s just how we do it. Unknown Speaker 48:47
Or you go as one more thing, I think it was mostly related to press releases if I understood
the question correctly. Unknown Speaker 48:54
Well, he was asked, yes, yes. Okay. Unknown Speaker 48:58
I press abandoned. The fabulous thing is that Jeremy wants to know a lot about SEO, we’re
in constant contact. He’s, he’s developing some awesome stuff for us. And it’s based
on my training right on on RYS and the principles behind RYS, so we’re not even going to worry
about it. Because Because if he changes the the tags, or if he has to change the tags,
because it’s a press release service, and it falls within the categories that Google
is going to look for, it’s not going to make any difference, because we have some awesome
shit in our press advantage. Press releases that are workaround guys, we got to realize
something Semantic Mastery, two minutes fast three steps ahead of everybody else in the
game. That’s how we do the dude, you haven’t realized it, that you better start really
researching and understanding what it is that we teach, because we don’t care. How long
have we been out? Six years syndication Academy still working? Or is Academy still working?
Everything that we teach is still working through every update and penalty, whatever,
you could think of Google roll something out and oh, yeah, really? Now we didn’t we didn’t
see anything happened to whatever it is that we’re doing. That’s our usual answer. Now,
that didn’t happen. So we go and we test. So yeah, Google’s doing that. But it doesn’t
affect what we’re doing. And it hasn’t yet. And I said Bradley said knock on wood into
the future. We’ve created an SEO shield. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 50:36
Okay, so the next question is Brian, he says, Can you show us how to get the embed code
from the GMB Mini website? So that’s the Google My Business or the business site. And yeah,
that’s very simple. Just go to iframe iframe dash generator calm and just put your, you
know, you can set some parameters here as to like, how, why do you want it and all that
kind of stuff, I this is all I use, we never got to create an iframe. This one I use, it’s
very, very simple. So for example, here’s a Semantic Mastery, GMP website, all I would
do is come here, paste this in. Again, this is iframe dash generator. com, I would put
my keyword or my name brand in there, depending on what it is that you’re trying to do. So
in this case, I put Semantic Mastery. Usually, depending on where you’re going to embed it,
you can adjust the width and the height. If you want for a scroll bar, you can show a
scroll bar, all of that doesn’t really matter. Again, you can just adjust those parameters.
And you click Generate right there is your iframe embed code. That’s it you can use for
embedding wherever you want. Really, I mean, it’s really very simple to do. OK, so again,
I just use iframe dash generator calm, very easy. Alright. The next question Unknown Speaker 51:47
is, by the way, BK doses can’t wait for Boku. Awesome, glad you’re coming. Unknown Speaker 51:54
Where can I see? Wait a minute, I thought there was another question I just missed. Unknown Speaker 52:02
Okay, another one is down here. I saw it. I was trying to figure out where I read it.
Where can I see a recent webinar you did for agencies who want to ramp up I couldn’t make
it it was hoping for replay. That is probably the Semantic Mastery mastermind webinar. I
see that you talked about down here the growth solution I believe that’s our mastermind webinar,
where basically we are non walks through why the mastermind is going to help you to grow
your agency so if you need to get a replay just contact us at support at Semantic Mastery.
com again support at Semantic Mastery calm and we’ll get you a replay for that specifically.
I’m not sure where her non has that replay. Boyd is getting it is pounding out there.
Alright, so the next question is Ernest says what URL should I use for GMB when ordering
the RYS deck, and this is why I brought this up as well. So I’m going to give you a quick
way to grab this the best the best way to do it that I know and the quickest way is
either go into your GMB and on the right, and on the Home tab, or so the management
dashboard, your Google My Business dashboard, and you can right click where it says view
on maps or view on search. If you click right click on view on maps and copy the link URL,
right and then paste it into a notepad file. It’ll give you a specific version of it that
then needs to be edited slightly. I’m going to show you how to do that. Or the other way
that you can do it is using this pretty cool tool. Excuse me, let me let me pull it up
and I’ll show you what I mean. It’s called GMB reviews or GMB reviews maker com. GMB
dot reviews maker calm if you go there. And then you just go visit the GMB that you’re
wanting to promote right this all you guys got to do is this one time and then you know,
put this URL correctly formatted in your workbook or your spreadsheet for that particular project.
And that’s the URL you want to use for link building and for everything else. So guy,
because it’s a straight, it’s not even, it’s not even a redirect URL. It’s really crazy.
It’s the straight URL that once the page loads, it turns into this big long, ugly maps URL.
And so let me show you what I mean. If you go to GMB dot reviews maker calm. And you
see over here, you can either start to type the business aim, and if it comes up, you
can click on it. Or you can just click DD code place ID right there. Just go visit your
maps listing, right, so you can search for it in Google and then click on the map icon
when you if it pops a knowledge panel and it will open in a maps or you can just go
directly to maps and search for the company or the business. And then you want to copy
that long, ugly URL, right. As soon as you do that, you’re going to come over to this
click decode place ID paste that in and click decode place ID will take a second. Then you’re
going to scroll down to this part here where it says review generation review generation
URLs where it says maps URL, copy that link address. And then what you do is put this,
I just put it into a notepad file, because this shows you this particular format. However,
if you take a look at this format, in a redirect checker like where it goes, for example, you’ll
see that this is actually a redirect URL also. So it’s still not a good, it’s still a 302
redirect. So what you want to do, and you can see that’s the final URL that it redirects
to. And then once the page loads, it turns into this big long, ugly URL. So what you
can either come to where it goes and just paste that in and then just copy this version
of it or a quick edit in a text file would be this, this is the correct way to do it.
You just changed the subdomain from maps to www, and then you add maps to just be on that
first. forward slash and there you go. That is the straight URL direct to your maps listing
is not even a 301 redirect, it’s for whatever reason, like I said, just when the page loads,
it turns into the ugly. But look, you’ll see it’s a no redirect, see how it’s just says
trace complete. And if we go take a look at open up Firefox, and we paste this in, you’ll
see it’s going to go directly to Semantic Mastery. And then once the page finishes loading,
it’s going to switch directly to that long ugly URL, as you just saw. Okay, so that’s
the best URL to use. And again, the easiest way to do to get that is either go into your
GMB dashboard, right click on where it says view on maps, and then copy link address,
paste it into a notepad file, change it from maps dot google. com to forward
slash maps, see a question mark, see ID equals and then it’s your basically your see ID code
is your maps identifier code. Right? And that’s all that’s all it is, is that that particular
version of that URL is the best format for you to use for link building for Dr. Stack
orders and all that other stuff. Okay. Unknown Speaker 56:56
All right. I think we’re out of time. Unknown Speaker 57:00
old school way. Yeah. Brian Marco, does it the old school or he just creates an iframe
on his own? You can do that too. Last question, or last comment really is Duke says yes. I
have seen two ads in the GMB section, especially for services that have Google certified services
like plumbers. Yeah. And what’s crazy is the Google certified service keywords where the
keywords that will produce the certified services or the Google guaranteed services, right,
that has a carousel of ads at the top, then the maps pack which will have to paid ads
before it gets to any organic and organic maps listings, so to speak. And so I mean,
it’s like the whole top of the page is nothing but paid ads. So that’s why I said you know,
I think it’s it’s silly to not also be doing paid ads, guys, in my opinion. I think you’re
missing out on a lot if you’re not doing a combination of both. So all right, any final
comments, guys before I wrap it up? Unknown Speaker 57:57
powerful life. Join the mastermind. Unknown Speaker 58:03
Alright guys, thanks for being here. We will see you guys next week. Unknown Speaker 58:07
Bye, everybody. Bye bye. Transcribed by

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