Digital Marketing Bootcamp In Malaysia

Digital Marketing Bootcamp In Malaysia

we have graduated over 300 students and what we realized is that there are a lot of people out there building great products, great services but they may not be getting the customers to pay them right away… and it’s a very important part of building companies building startups. And that is why we think that there is a gap between building a product and actually getting the customers and that is why we are starting at Digital Marketing Bootcamp and just help people in implementing different digital marketing strategies. there is a huge trend of big companies moving to its in-house marketing, Digital Marketing teams. And to fill that gap it’s very important for us to equip and empower as many individuals with the skills so that they will they will be able to keep up with the workforce as well as the trends in the industry we’re really really excited about it We are going to have some of the best instructors. The instructors have all managed six figures seven-figure marketing dollar budgets per month, to teach everyone else how they do it and how to drive results for their company

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