Designers busy?  Design Your Own Images for Social Media in Powerpoint!

Designers busy? Design Your Own Images for Social Media in Powerpoint!

You’re a smart marketer. You know that
image-based posts on social media perform way better than posts without
images, but your designers are really busy people. So how can you constantly
keep up with the frequency of social media images that you need, without being a designer? You do it yourself! Seriously. I’ll show you how you can create images
for social media using PowerPoint, a friendly software you already know and
love. First you want to fire up PowerPoint! Now
you want to change the slide size. For Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram
use 12.8 by 12.8 inches. For Twitter, you want to use 11.68 by 5.84
inches. Third, it’s time to insert a stock
photo! You do this by selecting “insert” then “photo” and then “picture from file”.
Don’t have a stock photo? Watch until the end of this video and we’ve got some for you.
Once you see your image on your slide you can resize this image by dragging
the corners of the image. Fourth, make a transparent box and select the rectangle
you want. Drag this rectangle out over the image and don’t be afraid to extend
this over the borders of the slide. To modify the shape, right click “Format
Shape” and change the fill color. Next, drag a text box on top of this
image and dragging your text out. Then voila! Just save it as a JPG or PNG and you’re done! Thanks for checkin’ out this HubSpot How
To! Your next step in image creation success will be modifying and changing
these graphics. Just grab this stockpile of free professional stock photos to get

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