44 thoughts on “Control your smart home with the Google Assistant

  1. I don't know how to feel about this demo.. I'm a fully functioning adult and I love my Google home and couldn't live without these features. I guess that makes me lazy 😂😂 I love Google. Far superior to Alexa

  2. and I am the Balding, Full beard wearing, Moustache twiddling, gaming addicted Sparrow. I don't have an assistant but I do have a memory and an agenda.

  3. All "I" know is.. that, the assistant is made for a certain type of people, like, soccer moms and stuff… the game section is for their (indoctrinated) kids… yaddi yaddi yadda. And the thing, cant even direct/reccomend correctly. A free service – "I" want… "a competitor".

    G-play store and other services has a regional "priority override" (by the looks of it lucrative) and has deducted entire fields/genres of app and various types of content around the net and seems to believe "I" should be recommended the goverment taxation office app, the postal service company and many others allowed to "hack the algorithm" ouh ISS – live view of earth (educational and science section reduced to 10-15 apps of their entire [hidden] index) your business is ludacris. A joke, it makes money, stiffles competitors, innovation, negatively affects a would be technological singularity of benevolent gatekeepers and instead ties bonds with corrupt foreign entities and people…

    Just looking at YT's science news section. And so on. More than indicates "the good people" seem to be F**Ed for the and any foreseeable future – Sheesh even the word suggestion software is worse now than on samsung s3 that is software 7+ years old. Smart phone "my" a* not smart for any decent user. Haha you all even corrupted your own blog-app or perhaps that was personally tailored for "me" as the low ratings by potentially generated bots. Indicating when "the apps" officially turned to the dark side – and
    $€€₩!¿£¥ have a media black out on the subject."

  4. So there is a few things here. All those nest devices are stupid expensive. And for the cameras, the subscription is per security camera. Anyone who knows anything about having a disability knows it already is pretty expensive to live.

    Also, the door bell thing doesn't work as described. He makes it should like the person doesn't have to press the doorbell for the speakers to announce it. But in reality they do. Which means if some postal service drops off some package, then you most likely will never know if they never touch the doorbell.

  5. I'm a hard core apple fan boy, but I absolutely love the Google Assistant! I have 4 Google Home Minis and 1 Google Home Hub in my house. Going to be replacing our kitchen Mini with the new Google Home Hub Max. Stupid excited! Thanks Google!

  6. I want Google to have smarter, automatic routines based on location, motion detection, etc. Alexa’s for a few tricks up its sleeve that Google hasn’t caught up to yet

  7. Please share details on getting the Google assistant to ask for a code to unlock the door by voice. I have the nest lock, I tried it and she told me that she can't unlock the door by voice.

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  9. While everything is ridiculously overpriced with Google and Nest products, the biggest concern is when Internet goes out because your ISP is having an outage, what then?

  10. Hey google! Which door lock does he have because I thought the Nest x Yale lock (that you're closely partnered with) won't allow unlocking via any voice command?

  11. $3.5 Billion later…………my thermostat is going to run the household. I want the fridge to be in charge, I get hungry really easily.

  12. 2035 now we all know your password. This is a very nice & useful commercial. It’s done in a very professional way

  13. Get your effing Google Assistant A.I out of my phone Google! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SWITCH THE DAMN THING OFF ONCE & FOR ALL! IT'S SLOWING MY PHONE DOWN!

  14. What a FABULOUS idea! Hook everything in your life up to Google so if there's an outage or an E.M.P your SCREWED! No thanks

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