Boom Deflection & Shock Loading | Sims Crane Minute

Boom Deflection & Shock Loading | Sims Crane Minute

Hi I’m Bob Berry And today we’re going to talk about Boom deflection and shock loading Some of the basic functions of a crane include lifting and lowering a load and swinging a load in a horizontal motion however, when these functions are applied improperly catastrophic failure of the crane structure may result a crane lifts a load by distributing the weight of the load along the structure this redistribution of the weight is called a compression load as the load is applied to the structure the potential energy of the boom increases as the crane lowers a load the potential energy is slowly released as the load is landed cranes are designed to lift loads that are free from the ground and unobstructed when a load is attached to the ground or a supporting structure the compression load is substantially increased this results in a potential energy being many times in excess of the crane’s safe working load and may cause the boom to buckle or fail or explode in some cases furthermore if the load suddenly breaks free of the ground or supporting structure the quick release of potential energy will result in a shock load applied to the structure it may also cause a catastrophic failure of the structure when lifting or removing poles or objects partially buried it is very important to dig around the object so it may be lifted freely the surrounding soil around the base of the pole creates suction and applies forces which add to the weight of the load in addition, any concrete or material used to secure the pole in the ground must be identified and calculated as part of the load weight or removed to reduce the weight of the load it is also important to remember that the swing functions of a crane are not designed to pull or break free objects attached to the ground or in a structure the swing function of a crane should only be used, to horizontally move a freely suspended load the boom of a crane is intended to support a vertical compression load only when the swing function of a crane is used to pull a load in a horizontal manner side loading occurs and again will result in catastrophic failure of the structure as a reminder, it is never safe to exceed the safe working capacity of a crane as defined by the load chart there is no such thing as a safety factor in addition to the capacities listed in the load chart although exceeding the load chart capacity may not always result in immediate tipping or structural failure of the crane serious damage can occur to other components of the crane such as the hoist line or the boom and remember Proper planning, proper training, and good communication always makes for a safe lift look for our next Sims Crane Minute, coming soon! [Sims Crane rentals offers certified operated crane rental service throughout Florida] [Sims Crane specializes in safe, reliable crane service and rigging operations] [Call Sims Crane today for a free on-site crane rental estimate] [888-972-7263]

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