Advanced Google AdWords Shopping PLA Structure (Video #2)

Advanced Google AdWords Shopping PLA Structure (Video #2)

13 thoughts on “Advanced Google AdWords Shopping PLA Structure (Video #2)

  1. Hey there, I enjoyed this video and actually came across it searching on you tube which led to me subscribing to your channel. Looks like lots of good stuff here! My question is regarding the campaign 3 set up. If i only use "bad sku" terms as negatives then what is stopping my ads from showing for the Generic and branded terms in this campaign. Is it simply because the priority is set to low? My concern would be that we have set our bids at the highest level in this campaign.

  2. I have a campaign that I need your assistance with asap. Are you willing to take a look at it and give me a quote ? This is a very serious and time sensitive inquiry.

  3. Great video. Thanks for sharing the 2/3 campaign strategy. How do you introduce new brands/products without impacting your best sellers or converting SKUs? I've run into an issue where new products that have not yet been "vetted" eats into my budget and takes away impressions and clicks from my converting SKUs. Thanks in advance.

  4. A thing to add is that one should probably consider creating a shared budget for those 2/3 campaigns, as this makes sure that all campaigns are showing at the same time, and that a higher level one does not drop out of the auction.

  5. Hi 🙂 I used your method over the past 4 days but the champagne with low priority does not get any impressions or klick. How can I change this?

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