5 SEO Tips for Your Church Website

5 SEO Tips for Your Church Website

Andy: Hey guys, I am Andy and it is Whiteboard
Wednesday, where we unpack information that helps your church. If you could do us a huge favor, please like
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every single week. So today I am here with Wes, our resident
SEO expert, who last week let us know some things not to do on our church website for
our SEO. Well this week, he's put together a list of
some things that we should do to better help our SEO and to better rank on Google. Wesley: Yeah, exactly Andy. So last week, if you didn't catch that video,
go back and watch that. That will help you make sure you're not doing
things that are hurting your SEO on your website. But today, let's talk about what's gonna help. So just a recap real quick, SEO–what are
we talking about? Search Engine Optimization. Things you can do on your site that will help
you rank higher when people search for your church on Google. So let's jump right in. Tip #1 is, Write good content. Now you think this goes without saying, but
some church websites, you go on, Andy, and they don't actually have very much text content
about their church. Like especially on their home page, maybe
they have an About Us page that has some text content, but it's just not really there. Maybe there's like a giant slideshow with
stock photography or something that's not very personable, and it's just not a good
idea. You wanna make sure you have solid content,
text content, about your church using images that are actually of your church. So that's really important. Also, you wanna make sure that it's of decent
length. You don't wanna just have a couple lines about
your church. Make sure you have several paragraphs on an
About Us page, and even on the Home page, make sure you have like maybe a paragraph
of just solid text content that talks about your church. That's really gonna help. And lastly, make sure it's grammatically correct. Proofread through that, make sure words are
spelled right. Andy: We've all been there, we go to a website
and it's like "Whoa, did they proofread this?" Wesley: Yeah, you'd be amazed at how often
words are misspelled. So that's #1. Probably one of the most important things. That's why I put it as #1. Ok, #2, really important that you use keywords. Now, Andy, keywords are words that people
are going to search on Google or one of these search engines to try to find your church,
ok. The most common keywords are going to be your
church name and then your city name. And people might not necessarily search specifically
for your church, but they'll probably search for something like "church in [your city name]". So you wanna make sure you're using those
keywords, cause you're not gonna rank, your website is not gonna rank for words that aren't
actually on your website if that makes sense. So sometimes people are like, "Why is my church
site not ranking? Like even if I search specifically for my
church name, it's not showing up." Let me ask you, are those keywords actually
on your website anywhere? You wanna make sure they're there. Now there's a few places you absolutely wanna
make sure that those keywords are at. Your church name and your city name. The most important one is the title tag on
your web pages, especially your Home page. Make sure that title tag has your church name
and your city name and that's gonna help you out a lot. Also with keywords, there's something called
a meta description on your web page. And that's what shows up underneath of the
title on Google, where your title will show up. Right underneath there, there's like a couple
sentences, not very long. Andy: Yeah, it's like only a couple lines. Wesley: Yeah, that's what that meta description
is. You also wanna throw in a couple keywords
there to help, and that just helps people visually to see, what is this link about,
and it will help them click through to your website. So keywords are really important then. Also in your content itself, we talked about,
you know, talking about your church, well, with good content. Make sure you're using those keywords, your
church name and your city name. Not stuffing keywords so it's obnoxious and
not easy to read. Andy: That was a myth that you talked about
last week is to not– just to use it as much as is natural. Wesley: Exactly, cause if you use it too much,
you'll actually get penalized. But you do wanna use it, don't leave them
out. It's important that you have keywords. Ok, so let's move on, #3–This is also really
important: Claim or create your Google business listing. Now, obviously, a church isn't a business,
but Google has business listings, basically any kind of local organization can claim it. And here's why this is really important: because
when people search–I just did today just to test–I searched for churches in Fresno,
and the first thing that pops up are Google business listings, but it's for churches. And you wanna make sure that you're on that
list. And hopefully you get higher in that list. So create or claim it, and then also, once
you have it, you wanna make sure that your church website is in that business listing
so that people can go to your website. Also you wanna make sure you're uploading
relevant photos of your church, you know, like your pastor preaching or your worship
team or that kinda thing. Make sure it has good photos on there. So this is really important. Andy: You don't wanna just claim it and leave
it alone? Wesley: No, if it's just blank, people are
like, "Well, this is cool, but I don't see anything about it, I can't find out any information
about it." So that's really important. Alright, let's go on, #4: Submit a sitemap
to Google. Now that sounds kinda scary, cause a lot of
people might not know what that means. It is a little bit more technical, but fortunately,
we're gonna have some links, if you view this video on ChurchHacks, there's gonna be some
links that will help you with some of this more complicated stuff. Submit a sitemap to Google–what is that? That's going to inform Google of all the pages
on your website, so Google knows to index all of them. Maybe some of your pages haven't been indexed
by Google, so you wanna get all the pages on your website indexed. Ok, let's move on. Last one: Make your site mobile friendly. Andy, have you ever been on a website on your
phone and everything's tiny. Andy: Absolutely. Wesley: Andy you can't– it's so hard to
navigate. That's because it's not mobile friendly. And so you definitely wanna make sure your
website is mobile friendly. And this is important for SEO because Google
will actually penalize you–if people are searching on their phone or mobile device,
your ranking will be penalized because Google knows, hey this site's not mobile friendly. There's a really easy thing you can do online,
if you're like, "I don't even know if my site's mobile friendly." There's a simple test. If you just Google "Mobile Friendly Test"
that link is gonna pop up and you'll be able to enter your church website and it will tell
you if your site's mobile friendly or not. If it's not, you wanna make sure that you're
using a website template that is mobile friendly, or you could hire a developer to fix that
for you, so. Andy: Because honestly, most people are searching
for churches on their phones. Wesley: Exactly. Andy: Hardly anyone does it on their computers
anymore. Wesley: That's what's crazy, is mobile traffic
and mobile viewing/browsing is actually higher than desktop now. Andy: Wow. Wesley: So that's super important. So I hope this has been helpful. Andy: Yeah, well perfect! Thanks for putting this list together for
us, Wes. I know it was helpful to me and we hope it
was helpful to you guys. And if you do have any questions regarding SEO,
please let us know in the comments below and if there's anything else we can kinda do to
help your SEO, please let us know. If this video was helpful to you guys, please
like and share. And this was Whiteboard Wednesday and we will
see you guys next week.

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  1. Hello..thanks a lot for the information!!!! Very helpful. I'm currently helping my church with revamping their Social Media presence. How do you add keywords? I know you should but how do you physically add them?

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