YouTube is one of the best tools for
your business video marketing but when starting out it’s very easy to make
mistakes, which will slow your growth and your return on investment.
I’ve worked with many businesses who have tried to start a YouTube channel
themselves and I’ve seen the mistakes that people can make! So today I’m giving
you my 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make on YouTube so you don’t
make the same mistakes in future. Before we get started with the first mistake
let me know that you’re paying attention by clicking the like button below. The first mistake is not starting. So I
go to a lot of networking events and when I tell people what I do, which is
video production for businesses and helping optimize those videos for
YouTube, I often then get the same response “Oh yeah, we really should start doing
that”! So what’s stopping you? Is it the equipment? Well you’ve got a
phone in your pocket and that’s perfectly good to get started with. Is it
not knowing what subjects to make videos on or thinking that people won’t want to
watch them? There will always be someone who is interested in what you do. If
there’s a popular channel on YouTube about making bird boxes out of old
pallets then there’s going to be an audience for your content. Do you not
have the time? Then hire a professional. A good quality video offers a great return
on investment and it’s going to put your ahead of all your competition who are all
saying that they don’t have the time. The biggest way to fail is by not starting
at all! Mistake number two, not being patient.
Don’t expect massive numbers from YouTube straightaway. You may be looking
at successful channels and saying “Why isn’t this happening for me?” Well, first of
all, look at how long that they’ve been active on YouTube. No one is successful
on YouTube overnight. The point of YouTube is to build up trust with your
customers and trust takes time. If you are consistent, produce good helpful
content and optimize your videos properly then you will find your fan
base. With no external advertising like Facebook Ads, it can take 6-12
months before you really start to see your channel grow. One of the biggest
reasons successful YouTube channels are successful is because they kept going
when others gave up. On to number three, using your channel to
overly sell your products or services. No one wants to be sold to in a traditional
way anymore, especially not on YouTube. People come to YouTube to find answers
to their questions and problems. As I said in my last point, it’s all about
building trust and you build trust by consistently producing good helpful
videos that are going to enrich your viewers daily lives. The example always
use is the plumber that I produce videos for. He does videos on topics like ‘What
To Do If You Find A Leak’ or ‘How To Bleed Your Radiator’. He is helping people with
their general plumbing problems. So how does this benefit him? First of
all, when a viewer needs his full services, like a boiler install, he is
going to be the first person that they think of because he’s been helping them
all along. Secondly, after the trust is built he can start selling more of his
services through his videos. So that could be a boiler service or he might
want to open an online store selling spare parts. It’ll be a lot easier to
sell to people now that you’ve built that trust with them. The last two points are SEO based. Mistake
number four is not doing keyword research to find your video topics and
titles. Keywords are used to deliver YouTube search results and they work
much in the same way as Google keywords. With free tools like TubeBuddy it’s
really easy to research your keywords to find a gap in the search results where
your video will fill. For example if I type ‘how to fix front door lock’, there is
a fair amount of search volume but the competition is good meaning there aren’t
too many videos on this topic and the current videos aren’t well optimized. If
I was selling door locks online then I could target these keywords, use them in
my title, description and tags, get to the top of YouTube search results and then
include a link in my description to a replacement door lock on my site. The last mistake, number five, is to not
set up your YouTube channel properly. So it’s really easy to create a YouTube
channel, put a thumbnail on there, put some channel art on there and start
uploading videos. This is not using YouTube to its full potential. Do you
know what you should include in YouTube channel art? Do you know how to
customize your YouTube channel so it shows more than just your uploaded
videos? Do you know how to create a compelling title and a clique worthy
thumbnail? To be successful on YouTube you need to fully use all of its
features and I bet your competition aren’t. So the five biggest mistakes
businesses make on YouTube are not getting started, not be patient and
allowing your channel time to grow, using YouTube as a sales platform straight
away, not doing keyword research to find out the topics and titles of your video
and not using all of YouTube’s features to their full potential. If you’d like to
know how to specifically improve your YouTube channel I’ve just started a new
series which is all about reviewing business YouTube channels. So leave a
link in the comments and I’ll make a future video about it which will
include really helpful tips and tricks to improve your specific channel. Have
you learned a mistake that you now know not to make? Then make sure you give this
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  1. Okay. I will be watching. Interesting stuff. I am joining your family now. I hope you come take a look at my garden channel and become a new friend as well. Take care.

  2. Came over from your FB post. Your video tips are SOLID and on point. Here are more tips that worked for me:

    Publish what your audience wants to see instead of what you like to record.
    Upload on a regular schedule so your audience will have something to look forward to
    Create a strategy for your channel – why are you starting the channel?

    Wishing you continued success on your channel. 👍👍

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