$300 Ultra budget content creator PC | Budget gaming PC Build Guide | AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

$300 Ultra budget content creator PC | Budget gaming PC Build Guide | AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

okay I get it
you have no budget and you’re really poor but you really really really want to get
started with a computer but for the love of all that is holy don’t run off to
Walmart and get the cheapest computer they have there because it’s probably
garbage in fact it’s gonna be garbage and I’m gonna tell you what you can
start if minimum like $300 budget get a decent computer for $300 and it turns
out it’s not all that bad and it makes a really good starting place to upgrade
later when you have more money so if you’re trying to get into youtube you’re
trying to do a little bit of gaming you’re trying to make stuff you’re
trying to start things then this is the computer build for you on an ultra-low
budget of $300 okay let’s get into the list so first things first
it’s the CPU now the CPU dictates which motherboard you’re gonna get and for the
CPU we are going to pick the AMD Ryzen 3200 G it clocks at 3.5 gigahertz and
can boost up to 3.8 but it is also unlocked which means that you can
overclock it and get even more power out of it now since it’s a quad-core
processor as I recently learned it’s a lot easier to overclock
than an eight-core processor which I have I haven’t Rison seven and the more
cores it has the more heat it produces and the more throttling it’ll get the
more of our more specifically the the more the thermal ceiling is so quad core
easier to overclock and now the secret about this CPU is that it is an APU and
has the onboard graphics now this is going to be a lot better than the
onboard graphics that are in most laptops that have the Intel onboard
graphics now those onboard graphics are kind of this is a lot better you’ll be
able to play pretty much any game at least
low settings if it’s a newer game on older games or less demanding games
especially eSport titles and you know what those are I mentioned them a lot
you you will get plenty of frame rates and you’ll be able to do 1080p no
problem even on some ultra settings depending on the game but anyway that’s
not what this is really about but I’m addressing that concern should you have
it now it will borrow from the RAM and we’re gonna start at eight gigabytes of
ddr4 we’re gonna go with three thousand megahertz 32 is really good but we’re
trying to keep everything super light so I found the GSKILL Aegeus eight
gigabyte model it’s $30 which is very cheap for one of the sticks of RAM
that’s actually pretty good you could buy another one which I would very much
recommend and get 16 and you would be a whole lot better off but again we’re
trying to keep everything as low as possible but keep that in mind you can
get more of this if you have that extra $30 which would seem likely but remember
everything adds up so we’re keeping to a price point back to the processor
originally I was gonna go with the Athlon 200ge which also has onboard
graphics but it is a dual core and the onboard graphics is just not nearly as
good as this one so I believe this is vega 8 graphics and then the Rison 5
version has the big 11 graphics which is a little bit improved but I believe the
Athlon has they get three so it’s even worse
so for $30 more, you could get the Ryzen 3200 G and have four cores which is a
whole lot better than two and even better graphics so originally this was
gonna be like two hundred and eighty dollars with the Athlon chip which you
could still pick if you’re really really cheap but I definitely definitely would
go with Ryzen 3’s 2200 G okay now that we’ve got the CPU
stuff out of the way we’re gonna move on to the motherboard
now there are cheaper motherboards than this one which is the gigabyte be 450 aurous m4 micro ATX aim for motherboard now there are some a 200 boards out
there that are cheaper but they tend to need complicated BIOS updates and a
cupca die mean if you’re really new to this and starting from scratch it’s
really difficult to get the BIOS updates because you need to put a different CPU
in there so I’m saving you the trouble by getting you a slightly newer board
that won’t need those BIOS updates when you pop the CPU in and even though it’s
you know like 15 dollars more I think it’s worth it to save you from the
hassle plus that also means that this board has two extra RAM slots so it’s
really gonna help you later on when you want to upgrade not to mention that most
a two hundred boards know a 3-2 a three 200 no what am I saying
320 man I can’t even get my words up the 320 boards do not allow for overclocking
which is gonna help you get more out of this chip so be 450 it is it’s very
common board it’s inexpensive and easy to work with you could play around with
a different be 450 if you wish but you know that this is the cheapest option I
could find on it so we’re leaving it there now for the storage storage is
important you could really cheap out and get a cheaper hard drive which is you
could get like a Western Digital blue 7200 rpm terabyte drive or even a
Seagate 2 gig can’t even talk I need lunch I’m starving but we’re gonna get
through this first Seagate has a 2 terabyte drive for cheaper than this but
when you’re trying to get the best out of a cheaper system I think 500
gigabytes is good enough to start with when it’s an m2 solid state drive now
this is going to be blazing fast and Harrison to a hard drive and it’s going
to really make this feel like a much better system by having an SSD loading
up all your programs like Photoshop and all that and even maybe a couple of
games this is a good starting place if you want to add more storage later it’s
cheap enough to just buy one later and throw one in and Bob’s your uncle
maybe you have an uncle named Bob and I just freak you out but honestly loading
your OS and bass programs on a solid-state drive especially MDOT – it’s
just so much better and quicker so go and do that so $64 for this one you
could go to Micro Center and get one even cheaper at like $50 but this if
you’re doing everything from Amazon this is the way to go power supply this
system takes next to nothing when it comes to power
so the corsair vs 450 with 80 plus certification is going to be fine at 37
98 now of course there’s a good brand you could get a cheaper brand without
the 80 plus certification but then you run the risk of it blowing up and
killing you maybe not that bad but it could kill your system which might kill
you a little bit on the inside and the case at this price get a box
just get a box Rosabelle FBM 0 1 that’ll work micro ATX
remember this is a micro ATX board so you don’t need to get anything bigger
than a micro ATX mini tower so you could swap it for a different take case if you
want but might just picked a cheap one because we’re trying to meet the price
point you could change it to whatever you want but yeah $24.99 now yeah I
didn’t pick a graphic start because we have the APU which will do that for us
and it even comes with its own cooler which is pretty good no no since this
isn’t the most demanding of systems this cooler will be more than adequate for
now so I think you’ll be fine there now that’s that’s that’s it no
I didn’t add an OS because use the media creation tool from Microsoft it will
save you money you don’t need to go and buy of the OS right away you could get
your key later and just start using Windows again the only thing that they
hold back on you is they have like a activate Windows watermark in the bottom
right corner and that’s not a big deal so just get it and then you could get an
OEM product key for like 20 bucks if you really want to so then again
yeah 300 dollars so the total price with these parts is three hundred and twelve
dollars and 73 cents twelve dollars and 73 cents over the price that I mentioned
earlier but since these parts change all the time you could probably find a
couple extra deals maybe use honey in your browser you know there’s ways so
three hundred twelve dollars and 73 cents not a bad computer to get out of
it and that is complete it doesn’t come with a mouse and keyboard but you can
figure that out you could go to five below and get them there there won’t be
great but they’ll work so that’s it that’s a good starter PC if you are on
an ultra ultra budget and you just want to get out there and start making stuff
this work gnarrk i’ve talked it up see you guys later

46 thoughts on “$300 Ultra budget content creator PC | Budget gaming PC Build Guide | AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

  1. Hey so my power LED came broken on my case (looked like it was just snapped off with only positive side being there). Should I take apart my build and replace the case or does the power LED not matter much?

  2. Dude Benchmarks will it run hit films or DaVinci resolve
    This is what I want to know as a content Creator

  3. Hello, I decided to try making a budget secondary pc after watching this video 2 weeks ago.

    I need some advice, and am not sure how to contact you, so I am commenting here. I followed this exact build, and I managed to get it set up and installed Windows 10. However, after I updated the driver (specifically the amd graphic chipset/driver) and restarted my pc, after booting up past the windows logo, my monitor would suddenly become completely pixelated, followed by blacking out, and then reverting back to normal – but only to repeat again and again every few seconds.

    By pixelated, I mean the whole screen just becomes a fuzzy rainbow-ish mess of pixels. The effect is a bit reminiscent of old televisions without a channel tuned in properly, but only black and white.

    By uninstalling the driver – which took quite some effort with the display issue – the problem was fixed.

    The next thing I did was update the bios first before trying to update the amd driver again, but the same problem occurred.

    Would you happen to have any advice? I have tried a different monitor, but it did not help either .

  4. Dude where is the GPU? And is any GPU compatible with this build? This will be my first ever PC build Plz reply

  5. Would this play a potato game like Runescape on medium to max settings? That's the only game I play and I'm wanting a new home PC instead of my 8 year old laptop.

  6. Hey Laplander Arts what if I used a Mid Tower Case instead of a Mini Tower? Would a bigger case give the pc better airflow?

  7. And i f you want and external gpu for.more power you could get an MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 for 40 bucks i guess. Actually dont do it since the ega i graphics are better so you are wasting money.

  8. Will this case work with the pc?

  9. Ryzen 3 2200g APU
    4GB 3000 mhz RAM(×2) kit
    A320m pro vdh motherboard(B450 series for future upgrade)
    240GB SSD
    430W PSu(500W for future upgrade)
    With a decent cabinet.
    The price will be around 300 dollars.
    You could spend some more bucks for future upgrade.

  10. Guys, Ryzen loves double channel ram so if you are low on caps go with 2×4 on lpx or gskill, believe me it can be the difference between 15-20 fps to 35-40

  11. I love the video. I’m very new to pc’s and I was wondering if I could use a GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H motherboard in this build.

  12. Great build! I just built one for $299.55 on my channel using just Amazon for all my parts. These budget builds make things interesting. haha

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