1. The most money I made online in a month was from google ads on one of my footwear fashion websites. I think it was like 250 dollars. Plan on reopening it in November. Gonna be applying many of your tips too

    Your vids are so helpful. No wonder people sign up for the master class

  2. 1500 bucks. I stopped because between facebook ads and parasites hijacking my links it was becoming impossible to make a profit.I will be starting a youtube channel in a few months as soon as I can afford to get a desktop that can fully support adobe suite specifically animation along with all the other things I need to create my videos. I have killer idea and a unique take on a certain niche that will hopefully allow me to absolutely dominate in one genre on youtube. fingers crossed and patiently waiting to enter the game.My imagination is wild and I am a content creator on steroids.

  3. Great video Roberto! The most I made was about 600-700$ by selling products on Amazon. Still working on it. Also I started a YouTube channel, but that doesn't help with money (not yet) I am learning more and more about photography and video editing and working on my skillset right now. Really need to get into freelancing and make some extra money while working on my YouTube channel growth.

  4. I was on upwork for a full year. Every time i applied i never got a response so deleted my account. Should I remake one? My skills are video editing and Photoshop.

  5. Another greatly helpful vid👍 do you have any thoughts about the new streamlabs merchandise program? Similar to teespring. You can create custom products. Thanks Roberto 🤗💖

  6. Kit.com affiliate?
    Meaning you promote using kit? Or getting commission from products the same way you would with Amazon products in your Kit profile?

  7. Made close to $400 in a month, I design brutal logos for metal bands and do it via Facebook with just my personal profile. I should probably make a page.
    I'm gonna try make some t-shirt designs for t-spring.

  8. Thank you so much!! I’m trying to make extra cash just with graphic design and I’m so glad you posted this! Your always so helpful with all your advice! Thank you so much!

  9. Not sure if this counts or is what you're looking for, but I've used social media and online advertising to build a home bakery business and the most I've made in a month is about $1,200. I'm planning on working on digital info products in the future.

  10. I've used S'more and Slidejoy together to make an income of about $5 total a month. Not the best income, but it was better than having no income at all.

  11. I've made a few hundred using Amazon Mechnical Turk. Not sure how much of that was in a month.
    It worked, but it was painfully tedious. I think there are much better ways to make money online.

  12. This was a good one!!! Going to really think about teespring! As a freelance writer and side hustling photographer the most I made in a month was around $2,800! Thanks for the motivation!

  13. As far as online opportunities I'm still very new to the game, probably on a monthly basis I have made $40.00 bucks from send earnings. I truly need help!

  14. Thanks Roberto! This video was helpful. I have never made any money online, but I have some ideas to start making money online. I have most of the tools and I am working on developing a few more skills. I need to put my ideas into action.

  15. The highest I made in a month was about 10-12 years ago from a single client it was about 10 – 15K but that was at a different time when the pickings better. The popularity of visual communications has boomed over the past decades and it is harder to find clients paying like that unless you are in an industry and know people that don't mind paying you the price you ask for your work.

  16. Great video thanks! My best month was $500 off YouTube and another $85 that month from Amazon. Currently working on getting my website up and running to sell merch and small wood projects that I hand build, also my comedy career. Quit my "9-5" jobs a few months back but honestly it's tough in the beginning (now) to scrap things together. So thanks for this as I'll check some of those out. Have to remember this a marathon not a sprint

  17. The most I've made online in a month was probably around $1200. It was a customer service job I had for over 2 years. I have done freelancing, but never made more than that. But, it is very possible.

  18. Thanks so much Roberto! I really need something to supplement my photography and youtube channel and usertesting.com seems like the ticket. Just signed up and I’ll try it out tomorrow!

  19. The "poor artist" myth is a huge fallacy. If your art matters to you then you should get your finance covered first so you could then dedicate yourself to your craft fully

  20. Most money i make in a month is $1300, all from working on Upwork,
    i take break for few months to learn new skills and now struggling to get more work, but i am sure i get more work soon.

  21. Be careful with Amazon. They can delete your account at any time. They made a mistake and deleted mine but simply said I will have to start with a new account and never paid me. They said they would pay me but never did. They were really hard to get a hold of too to get the matter addressed. So, use caution.

  22. This is a long shot but I wanted to let you know how absolutely encouraged I am by you. You're doing what I want to do in the future. Right now I'm working for a company and building their digital marketing presence. I am being paid low but it's stable work and hourly. It's just a stepping stone. I can't wait to show the world what I can do though.

  23. around 400 dollars a month, but thats through adsense and youtube, using only one ad per video…and through teespring i think i made a total of 155 dollars all-time. so, not bad i guess, but could be much better.

  24. Ebay and Mercari, I started about 2 months ago, made 450 first month, a little more this month but it does require a little work shipping things.(get some Poly bags and a roll of bubble wrap, ebay gives a 15 dollar coupon, if you spend 10, shortly after sign up, use that to get shipping supplies, also go to USPS and get free boxes for priority shipping) People say "Oh I don't have anything to sell" about anything sells on there, I had some old motocross and bicycle mags-catalogs, I cut ads out of the mags that weren't worth much. eg I had one old race program with missing pages, I sold 1 print ad out of it for 15 dollars. EBAY also has an affiliate program, I've made a couple dollars pinning stuff from ebay onto Pinterest.

  25. Roberto. Who is the one person you would recommend to make you an eCommerce site? I want to hire them badly. And immediately. Please respond.

  26. I discovered an online earning technique last week. This technique is incredible! The name of the method is 4NetJobs. Com . The technique will present to you the proper sources that can help you gain $152 daily at the comfort of your own house

  27. On Teespring I've made five dollars so far, and for my self published book I've made eleven dollars. I love writing so I'm still studying up on honing that skill.

  28. Thank you so much what is video! Have you ever heard of spreadshirt if so is it similar to Teespring and which one would you recommend?? Side note I like how you said I'm here to share some information with you not to sell you my program like how most people do you can click on their video and then they don't tell you nothing about how to make money but they send you to a link to their website cost in $100 a month in order to find out what you thought you were going to find out in a 5 minute video

  29. I've had a couple of decently successful videos on YouTube, and I've brought in a few hundred dollars from ad revenue and affiliate marketing within a month a handful of times. It's a nice pad on the pocket, and it's helped me really learn what kind of expectations to have. (HINT: don't expect much and prioritize quantity and evergreen when you're starting out, all those little passive pennies add up to passive dollars if you play it right!)

  30. I got accepted into Hirewriters, but they had like 9 jobs listed poorly formatted. I was only able to complete one that looked like a kid's homework assignment. Not sure if you unlock more later.

  31. I do art commissions and have a webcomic which I use as a sales funnel to my store. At most I make is $50-$200+ a month.

  32. Zero. My parents are old school when it comes to income, which has put a hesitation and skeptical outlook on it, but, i'm tired of not earning while at school, so I'm doing the research.

  33. AT 10:48 re: User testing. THey are not accepting new reviewers till Dec 2018, I went today 10/15 and the apply is there but a popup says "we have lots of applications, so not accepting further applications till Dec 2018" and then it won't take your email.

  34. i love your content…you are so real…can you do a video on how to become a freelancer im really intrested in that…thank you so much..

  35. Roberto how did you get into public speaking? I have a big passion for it but not sure how I can monetize it or even get gigs.

  36. I haven't made any money online yet. But I just started youtube and I think I will be submitting to adobestock as well. Now that I can't do a 9-5 job, I will return to the three things I love and share it to the world with those two sites.

  37. $32 dollars in a month using amazon👍😱 … ohh and can you please expand a bit more on the topic of freelance assets thank you 💖

  38. After watching probably 30+ 'work at home' videos, someone said "go to Roberto Blake" so I did and am glad to have found some GENUINE advice on this. Thank you.

  39. Thanks what's the qualifications for amazon affiliate. I wanted to make money with stock photos from phone. Didnt understand the changes they wanted me to make to them. Not tech savvy

  40. What about "VIP Scanner" android app? It is pocket money, but still it is proven and it is entertaining, not boring at all

  41. Your video is really informative and the way you explained earning is outstanding, I wish you best of luck in all noble deeds.

  42. Your video is really informative and the way you explained earning is outstanding, I wish you best of luck in all noble deeds.

  43. Mine is $200… This was from freelancing.. But I got comfy and lost my momentum. So I'm not earning any at all.

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  47. Around £150 during a 24hr stream I think dunno how, but in the long run I'm possibly looking to go into freelance editing

    Hopefully building a repertoire of videos on YouTube will help showcase what I can do (still learning, but I know how to add GIFs into content now)

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