How are you going to succeed on YouTube in
2020? That’s what this video is all about. I’m diving into the 10 steps that you really
need to know, in order to succeed on this platform in 2020. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a channel
right now, if you’re just thinking about starting a channel, or if you have a channel but you’re
like, “It’s kind of stagnant and I’m not growing.” This is going to tackle all of that. So, super excited to dive in, if you haven’t
subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button. Click the bell to get notified every single
time we post a new video on this channel, which is twice a week on Tuesdays and on Fridays. All right, let’s dive in. So the first thing that you need to know in
order to win on YouTube in 2020, is you have to define your authority and your keywords. What the heck do I mean by that? What I mean by that, is that YouTube has to
know where to put you, period, end of story. I’ve talked about this before, that YouTube
is a machine. It’s an algorithm, and it’s not a bunch of
human beings working behind the scenes figuring out what your content’s about. You’re basically talking to a robot. So, you have to let YouTube know where to
categorize you. And the only way to do that is to figure out
what keywords work best for you, and where you really want to focus. So I made this video on the three secrets
to passive income. And I touched on something in that video,
where I talked about the most profitable niches. And that’s a really good place to start looking,
is where do you think you could make the most money off of YouTube in using this platform? Because at the end of the day, you can totally
do this as a hobby, and that’s cool too. And these will still apply to you, if you’re
doing this as a hobby. But if you really want to start making money,
you want to look at the niches that are going to be the most profitable for you. So some of those niches are tutorials, similar
to what I do on my own channel. Why? Because it’s attracting a business entrepreneur
audience who actually has money to spend. Other niches that are really profitable are
things like tech channels or product reviews. So those are really good places to start and
to start looking around. Now if you’ve no freaking clue where you want
to start, where you want to build your authority, you want to watch this video on How to Grow
on YouTube without a Niche. Because I know that you might not have your
niche picked out right now, and that’s okay. I made a whole video breaking down exactly
how to grow without a niche on YouTube. So because YouTube is an algorithm because,
it’s a machine, because you’re talking to a robot, you need to figure out the keywords
where you’re trying to build authority or the topics where you’re trying to build authority,
because as you do that, you will gain subscribers. It kind of works in a cycle. You make a video on a certain topic. That topic does well on YouTube. You get the subscribers because of that topic
and because of that video. And then when you make another video on that
same topic, you already have all these subscribers who subscribe to your channel, because of
that video topic, which means you’re going to get more views and engagement on it. So that’s how it works. It’s basically, like free remarketing to a
very targeted audience. And the more that you can stay in one space
and one lane and niche down to blow up, the more you’re going to win on the platform. So first thing first, learn how to talk. Second thing is making sure that you know
where you want to build your authority, and which keywords you want to dominate on. Once you know that, it’s going to be a lot
easier for you to win because you just double down and stay in that lane and focus on that. The second thing is pay attention to what’s
working, and I don’t even mean just on your channel. Of course, you want to pay attention to your
analytics. Watch this video all about how to Dive into
the analytics and use them to your advantage on YouTube. But what I mean by that is actually pay attention
to the whole landscape. So if you know where you want to win on YouTube,
what category you want to be in, whether it’s entertainment or inspiration or whatever that
may be, pay attention to the winners. Pay attention to the people who are killing
it in that space. Don’t copy what they’re doing, but pay attention
to the videos that are taking off for them, getting the most engagement and the most velocity,
because that is a solid clue for you as to what your audience is looking for. Even if you have an audience of zero right
now, if you’re trying to attract that kind of audience from people who are currently
winning on the platform, and I guarantee you no matter what space, niche, kind of video
you want to make, there is someone who is already winning in that category. And that’s awesome for you because you can
look at what they’re doing and use it to your advantage and use it in your own strategy,
in your own unique way by being yourself and bringing your own experience, your own expertise
and your own unique personality to those topics. So pay attention to what’s working on your
own channel, but also with the winners in your category and follow their steps, follow
in their foot footsteps of what’s working and follow in the categories and content topics
that are taking off for them, because your audience will eat up that content as well. The third thing is go left. You’re probably thinking, “Sorry, what now?” What I mean by this is when everybody else
is going right, you want to go left. The reason being is that I’ve talked about
CTR being hugely important on YouTube. That’s your click through rate. Because if people don’t click on your video
from seeing it in suggested or in the search results, then they’re not actually going to
watch the videos. Your click through rate is the biggest barrier
to entry. So when I say go left, I mean, I want you
to look up the video topic that you’re going to make a video on take a look at the top
10 ranking videos for that topic, and take a look at the top 10 ranking videos in suggested
results. What are the common themes with their thumbnails? What colors are they using, what’s their brand
sort of look like, overall and how can you stand out? If everybody is using black, you should use
white. If everybody’s using pink you should use blue. So try, and figure out how you can differentiate
yourself just aesthetically in your thumbnail, in your title, and in your description. And that’s really easy to do, by doing an
audit of what’s currently out there and paying attention to what everybody else is doing,
and do the opposite by going left. Step number four is build your own audience. You knew I was going to say this. So this means diversifying your audience. If you’re only relying on YouTube to push
out your content, you have a problem, because the algorithm is not always going to play
in your favor. As much as you can know all the analytics
and look at the data and all those things, you need to be able to build your platform
off of YouTube. So you know I talk about the sunny system
a lot, and what we mean by that is that you have your profitable content, your content
on YouTube in the center, and then you use all the other social platforms to push out
your content, and build your audience on all those other platforms. So I use my YouTube channel, you’ll notice
I have my social handles like Instagram on all of my videos, so that people on YouTube
are going to find me on Instagram and follow me there. And YouTube has been one of the biggest drivers
in growing my Instagram account. And you’ll see in this video how I grew without
posting on Instagram. A big part of it was because I promoted my
Instagram account on my YouTube channel. And the reason that’s so important is that
people go from YouTube to Instagram, and then when I publish or promote a video on YouTube
from Instagram, that Instagram traffic is already super interested in my YouTube channel,
because that’s where they came from. So it becomes this cycle of people finding
you on YouTube, and then discovering you from YouTube on all of your other social platforms. Also, signing up for your email list, and
then using your email list and all those other social platforms to drive traffic back to
your video so you can beat the algorithm. You’re not solely relying on the algorithm
to get eyeballs on your content. And to follow up on that point brings me to
my next step, which is you have to distribute your content. Again, this is probably one of the biggest
mistakes that I see with YouTubers, is that you’re publishing your videos on YouTube and
then hoping, crossing your fingers that people are going to see it just through suggested
search or the algorithm. That’s just not how it works anymore. Yes, that is where a lot of your traffic is
going to come from, but you also have to distribute your videos. So the first 24 to 48 hours are the most vital
in getting seen on YouTube and getting success with your videos. So if you’re not distributing your videos
to your email list, your social platforms, any audience that you can, Facebook groups,
forums, et cetera, then you are not going to get the momentum that you need. And that momentum in the first 24 to 48 hours
is so vital, because the more engagement you get in the first 24 to 48 hours on your YouTube
videos, the more it tells the algorithm, “Wow, this is a really good piece of content. Look at all the engagement, watch time, likes,
views, subscribers this video is getting, we should push it out in the search results
and the suggested.” So that brings in the longterm, evergreen
traffic because of the work and the distribution you did in the first 24 to 48 hours by sending
it to your warm audience and people who already know, like and trust you and want to support
your videos. So distribute, distribute, distribute. The sixth step is community. I cannot stress this enough. The community that you build on YouTube is
vital, and paying attention to that community is so important to your long term success. If you’re just starting your channel and people
are starting to subscribe and comment on your videos, that’s such an exciting time in your
journey. Don’t take it for granted. Because those people who are there when you’re
at zero subscribers are going to be there at a million subscribers, because you actually
were loyal to them, paid attention to them and listened to them. And those people, your early adopters, before
you got famous, before you got big, they are your ride or dies. So pay attention to that community, listen
to that community and harvest it. And make sure that you are really nurturing
it on a day to day basis, by responding to comments, asking questions, listening to feedback,
posting on your community tab, asking people what they want to see in your channel, doing
polls, et cetera. So not just using this as a video dumping
ground in distributing your content, but also treating it as a real community. And then also using YouTube to build your
community, like I said, on other platforms, so building your own audience, whether that’s
creating a Facebook group, which is a really great idea, creating a Facebook group strictly
for your YouTube viewers, so that you can constantly get engaged with them on a daily
basis. That’s an amazing way to further grow your
community and nurture it, on and off the platform, so that you have these two places where you
constantly have an audience who’s going to support your content, your videos, and your
channel. Step number seven is double down to accelerate. And again, I say those words a lot on this
channel, “Double down.” And what I mean by that is pay attention to
trends, on your channel, in your industry, on competitors’ channels, on influencers’
channels in your space. What are the topics that are getting the most
views and velocity and how can you use those to your advantage? How can you take those keywords and apply
them to your own video content? Or if there’s a video that is a breakthrough
video on your own channel, meaning that it gets a bigger amount of views and velocity
in the first 24 to 48 hours, can you make another video on that topic really quickly,
so that you can own that keyword and that topic because you already have picked up momentum
inside of the algorithm. So doubling down just means that you’re focusing
on the topics that are working really well, not only on your own channel but also on competitors’
channels and other people inside of your space. So really, really important to double down
to accelerate your growth. This next step is a really good little secret
that I started using last year and has paid off immensely. So live streaming has become more and more
popular on YouTube. I love going live on YouTube. I think it’s an amazing way to build your
watch time, but also to really nurture your community and be able to engage with live
with people. “We are going to be announcing the winner
of the Authority Accelerator Scholarship on this livestream.” And the cool thing about your live streams
is that once they’re over, they still rank and they still get pushed in suggested results. So using keywords that you know you want to
dominate for as a live stream, so doing a live stream on the Biggest Mistakes YouTubers
Make, I did that one back a couple months ago, and it’s ranked in the search results. And so it’s constantly bringing in traffic
for me on a video that’s like an hour long. So the watch time and the retention on that
video is super high, which builds more authority for me in the algorithm for those keywords
and gets more eyeballs on my channel and more subscribers. So doing keyword friendly live streams and
not just pre-produced videos is an amazing way to further build your authority in your
category. Step number eight and I will hammer this home
forever, is use your analytics to your advantage. You need to be paying attention to which videos
are getting you the most subscribers, which videos are getting you the most watch time,
which videos have the highest retention, paying attention to your top videos on your channel. And then from there, using those to create
more content that is similar. If you look at the top videos on my channel,
you’ll see that there are some very common themes. It’s Instagram. It’s talking about YouTube. And so every time I talk about those topics,
I know that I get a spike in my views and my velocity, because I’ve already built that
authority within the algorithm. So really, really honing in on your analytics,
I look at them every single day to know what’s working and what’s not. And that’s going to help you accelerate your
growth a lot faster. If you’re not looking at your analytics, I
feel like this needs to be a tweet, if you’re not looking at your analytics, you’re not
going to grow. I said that a lot, but it’s very, very true. The final step is something I haven’t really
talked about before, but something that we really leveraged and did last year on my channel,
which was testing. So don’t be afraid to fail with your content,
because some of my content that has the low views or low subscriber growth, it’s actually
the content that converts the best for me into my community or into our paid programs. So paying attention to what works is important,
but also testing is really important. Because if you test, you can always be innovative
with your channel and find new opportunities and new growth ideas to use on your channel. So something that you might want to try that
we try is basically doing a balance in your content. So you want to do keyword friendly topics
and search driven topics, because that’s going to help you get discovered and get more subscribers
on your channel. But you also, like I said, want to nurture
your community. So we do some deep content, is what we call
it. And basically, it’s content that’s specifically
for our community that already exists. It’s not meant to be discovered in the algorithm. It’s meant to nurture the relationship with
the audience that we already have. So a big part of winning on YouTube in 2020
in my opinion, is going not just wide, but really deep with your existing audience. Because if you can make sure that your existing
audience is super loyal to you, then you’re going to have a lot more success in the long
run. So don’t be afraid to test and do a balance
of search content, maybe one video and then one video that’s more deep, riff, thought
leader, off the cuff, kind of, content so that you can bring your personality and nurture
your relationships with your current subscribers to get even more engagement moving forward. I’m so curious, what was your big lesson from
this video? And if you haven’t grabbed it yet, make sure
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